Trade Talk – Round 13

Comment section glossary:

TU – Thumbs up (voting button)
TD – Thumbs down (voting button)
ITB – In the Bank
POD – Point of Difference (player that is not highly-owned)
BE – Breakeven (the approximate score that the player has to reach for his price not to move in value)
AE – Auto-emergency (lowest-scoring reserves player above zero who is automatically substituted into your 17 scoring players if a player you have originally selected does not play)
AE Nightmare – Player who may score terribly and become a risk of a very low score if they become your AE substitution for the week
Nuff – Cheap player who is very unlikely to play any games
Dual Nuff – Cheap player who is very unlikely to play any games who is available in two positions (e.g. CTW/2RF)
NPR – Non-playing reserves (players you have not selected in your 17 for the week)
DPP – Dual Position Player (player who is available in two positions (e.g. CTW/2RF))
TLT – Team List Tuesday
The Banner – the player who features in the photo at the top of the article on the weekly scores post on the SC Talk site. Normally this is the kiss of death!
Cows – players, generally cheap, who will make a stack of cash as they ‘fatten up’
FLB – Fullback
CTW – Centre/Wing
FE – Five-Eighth
HFB – Halfback
2RF – Second row forward
FRF – Front row forward
HOK – Hooker

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Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
2 months ago

Don’t forget next lockout in 5 mins, which will be before this game finishes.

rockafella (@rockafella)
2 months ago

Go the knights ..
About time

Bryce (@bryce)
2 months ago

Grant > Nathan Brown via Tevaga & Best > Josh Papali via Yeo

AJW (@ajw)
2 months ago

Hello everyone, hope you all did better than I did this week (1158 and dropped down to 2.6K). Today I’m looking for your confirmation on some moves – have 41k ITB and this is my current team: Jazz-man – CS9 Haas – Carro – Rudolf – KK Lolo – Matto – Mcinnes – The Master (Bateman) – The Huth (Tom) – Ale Cleary – Walters SJ – Flanno Nofo – Ramien -Crichton – Yeo– Averillo – HTF – Williame Teddy – Pongs Was pretty well set on getting in Papali, DFifi, Brimson, Kelly, Rapa, and then maybe getting Angus back… Read more »

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