Trade Talk – Round 13

Comment section glossary:

TU – Thumbs up (voting button)
TD – Thumbs down (voting button)
ITB – In the Bank
POD – Point of Difference (player that is not highly-owned)
BE – Breakeven (the approximate score that the player has to reach for his price not to move in value)
AE – Auto-emergency (lowest-scoring reserves player above zero who is automatically substituted into your 17 scoring players if a player you have originally selected does not play)
AE Nightmare – Player who may score terribly and become a risk of a very low score if they become your AE substitution for the week
Nuff – Cheap player who is very unlikely to play any games
Dual Nuff – Cheap player who is very unlikely to play any games who is available in two positions (e.g. CTW/2RF)
NPR – Non-playing reserves (players you have not selected in your 17 for the week)
DPP – Dual Position Player (player who is available in two positions (e.g. CTW/2RF))
TLT – Team List Tuesday
The Banner – the player who features in the photo at the top of the article on the weekly scores post on the SC Talk site. Normally this is the kiss of death!
Cows – players, generally cheap, who will make a stack of cash as they ‘fatten up’
FLB – Fullback
CTW – Centre/Wing
FE – Five-Eighth
HFB – Halfback
2RF – Second row forward
FRF – Front row forward
HOK – Hooker

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Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Tiggies (@tiggies)
58 minutes ago

Looking to make a couple of trades this week. I’ve wanted nofo for ever and with CS9 out I can finally get him. Is this smart or are there better trades for me this week?

CS9 >> Jazz
Best (pending out) >> Nofo

$12.2K ITB
Haas Carrigan / Ale Guler
Lolo JFH Lucy / Katoa Fermor Saulo
Cleary / Walters
Flanno / Luai
Yeo Mansour Mann Best / Talau HTF Williame
Teddy / Ponga

SoapDodger (@greenybne)
Reply to  Tiggies
26 minutes ago

If Best isn’t out for too long then Hammer would be more of a priority trade. Maybe Kikau, the Cheese or Whitehead?

Last edited 17 minutes ago by SoapDodger
jettio (@jettio)
46 minutes ago

If I do Walters out and Reynolds -> Moses that leaves me with 446k for a HKR/2RF/FRF/CTW (thanks to duals) Whats the best option?

TU: Nuff to a cheapie (Randall most likely) and bank the money for a gun next week
TD: Bring in a player around 450k (Whitehead looks an interesting POD in this range)

If TD, any suggestions on players in that range would be appreciated 🙂

BB19 (@bb19)
Reply to  jettio
31 minutes ago

Only going TU because i cant be bothered to search for PODs but im sure if you had a look they’d be some enticing players in that range

jettio (@jettio)
Reply to  BB19
22 minutes ago

Yea I can’t be bothered too haha and I’m pretty set on Jazz as a 2RF keeper so I could do that next week with the ITB funds

SoapDodger (@greenybne)
Reply to  jettio
24 minutes ago

I’d look at the Cheese over Whitehead. I like him a lot but Whitehead seems to regress with Bateman in the team.

jettio (@jettio)
Reply to  SoapDodger
22 minutes ago

I was very interested in Cheese but I’m 7k short

Fungus (@fungus)
Borderline keeper
39 minutes ago

Was away and without phone range last weekend so didn’t get a chance to do the last trade to get some cash out or to get Munster in, and now stuck about what to do.

$192.9k ITB

Grant (Smith)
Haas, Taupau (Rudolf, Kolo)
Matto, Lolo, Carrigan (Fui, Davey, Fermor)
Cleary (Walters)
SJ (Luai)
Sivo, Lomax, Yeo, Nofo (Best, HTF, Eisenhuth)
Teddy (Ponga)

Could go:
Walters -> Munster (or Moses via Luai)
Luai -> Munster
Rudolf -> E Katoa
Rudolf -> McGuire
Smith -> Randall/Munster
HTF -> Staggs/Mansour

Last edited 37 minutes ago by Fungus
Krusty180 (@krusty180)
Reply to  Fungus
28 minutes ago

I’m thinking McGuire to…

stef96 (@stef96)
37 minutes ago

Hey peeps
My trades this week I’m thinking of doing
My plans were GWill>>Munster but can’t afford it now unless I Nuff someone out what are your thoughts

17 trades $206,700 itb h2h

SoapDodger (@greenybne)
Reply to  stef96
12 minutes ago

I think GWill to Flanno is sideways with Raiders draw. Hammer to Staggs depending on Best’s injury news?. Grant starting hooker isn’t ideal either. Massive cash grab in Randall or Jazz?

stef96 (@stef96)
Reply to  SoapDodger
3 minutes ago

For sironen? To either of those guys you mentioned

SoapDodger (@greenybne)
28 minutes ago

So I’m holding CS9 because I can’t see how Storm don’t have him starting v Chooks in 2 weeks. The conspiracy theorist in me says the injury wasn’t that bad at all but was a good chance to give him a rest and he is unlikely to be needed vs Dogs. First trade JTB – nuff. $311k remaining CS9, Grant Haas, Carrigan, nuff, nuff Lolo, Yeo, McInnes, Katoa, nuff, nuff SJ, Cleary Munster, Luai Nofo, Mansour, Best, Kennedy, Talau, Hammer, Lemelu Teddy, Ponga Struggling with the second trade. Best to Bateman (Best doesn’t feel like a sell depending on injury… Read more »

BB19 (@bb19)
56 seconds ago

How would you rank the following in terms of trading out?
Will get rid of 1 this week while the other 2 the following.
Currently thinking Mansour out first as i can see him being outscored by both

Epitome7 (@unbreakable)
42 seconds ago

Thoughts on Mansour?

Hasn’t scored above 64 once in the last 7 weeks, base is getting lower and lower each week.. averaging 52.8 over that time frame.

Starting to think he isn’t a keeper, might consider moving him on in the next week or two.

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