North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Magpies4Eva007 (@magpies4eva007)
22 hours ago

Gagai returning to Knights next year.

Magpies4Eva007 (@magpies4eva007)
22 hours ago

Interesting comment from Catfish on his Champions Podcast this week. He was having a discussion about how interest in both real life NRL and Supercoach was waning because of the blow-out scores due to the 6 again rule and the resultant huge scores now prevalent in Supercoach. He ended by saying that Sangster & Co were aware of the issues and are proposing some changes to the Supercoach format next year. Unfortunately he couldn’t go into any details. Perhaps some changes to the way the game is scored?

TrainingTheHouseDown (@jbw1983)
Reply to  Magpies4Eva007
21 hours ago

Gotta make the forwards relevant again

Dravid (@dravid)
Reply to  Magpies4Eva007
20 hours ago

Sangster was one on of the Champions Pods a few weeks back and flagged there would be some changes (but said he couldn’t go into it more).

Adam (@am35254)
20 hours ago

Who should I trade out Turbo for?
TU: Johnston
TD: Holmes

OnTheBus (@samardo)
20 hours ago

who would you trade in this week between ted and Paps? don’t care about BE

paps a chance to start tonight looks a decent pod pick

nrl (@nrl)
20 hours ago

Who to play
TU l Crocker
TD braily

Benchy Marshall
Benchy Marshall (@domsantaguida8)
20 hours ago

11 Trades/ 186k ITB/ h2h Cheese – Watson Ipap, Haas – Thompson, Leinu Angus, Matto, CHN – Harris, Burbo, KMilne Hughes – Burton Walker – Schuster Hynes, AJ, To’o, Ramien – Roberts, Suaalii, Anderson Turbo – Gutho Harris > Dfif pretty much confirmed, will leave me with 21k Unsure what to do with AJ at this point and dont want to make a call on him just yet so will hold for now. Considering doing nothing in my CTW and just coping AE from leinu as I look likely to win my match up regardless. Thoughts on moving Roberts >… Read more »

broncomania (@broncomania)
19 hours ago

Thoughts: Juicy POD thoughts?
Tohu –>
TU : Olakau’atu
TD: Silly trade

Comment for other….

BroncosGirl (@broncosgirl)
Reply to  broncomania
18 hours ago

I’m looking at either him or Lucy.
Question marks and concerns with both though ….
Lucy~ hasn’t been in that same great scoring form from last yr but has had a few pretty good scores and last 2 pretty good and tigers great run home after this week.
Ola~ concerned about mins with schu now returning to fowards and also jurbo back although ola has been playing very well lately …..

Last edited 18 hours ago by BroncosGirl
jerryg32 (@jerryg32)
18 hours ago

TU: Hughes
TD: Hynes

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