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1572 … finally a great score.

now … papen to teddy?


Great score!

As to Paps to Teddy is best to look at discussions on the Trade Talk – Round 19 thread.

Personally even with Latrell’s big score I just don’t see their upcoming run being good. It’s either between Teddy or Holmes.


But will Teddy and Val get the tonnes?? that’s what Latrell can bring……when he wants to, of course


Teddy can and they (the Roosters) have some nice games coming up. Val has some nice games coming up too but I am still iffy on this one. Don’t get me wrong, Latrell is looking the goods, he’s actually active and looking for work and sprout a 100+ 3RA but look who the competition was against. Yes the Eels were there (well no they weren’t) in r16 but the 2 games since have been against the last and 4th last teams. They now have a horrid run where 4 of their next 7 games are against top 4 teams and… Read more »


Latrell (now ~700K) has a great run in the next 4 games in match ups then the last 3 are very tough. Is he good enough to overcome that? Owned heavily by 52% of top 100 & 36% of top 1000. Teddy’s run is a bit more up and down but about the same overall on matchups as Latrell so should go well too. Priced at ~680K. He was owned by 10% of the top 100 & 12% of top 1000 coming into the weekend. A POD compared to Latrell. Holmes (595K BE 17) has quite a poor run home… Read more »


1416 (Manu looped)

Really pleased with that given no Garrick or Latrell. A Fifi was my AE.

Jarvie wall bangers

1607, looped Manu. Only high from a very disappointing season. Making a very late cash h2h run (10th)


Wow you smashed it!

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