Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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IcePapas (@bevan-french-toast)
15 days ago

Cleary down to 54… Also where is Kikau’s try assist?!

The Green Monsters
The Green Monsters (@charlief1995)
Reply to  IcePapas
15 days ago

Appears he’s not getting it. No one got it for that try?! And Cleary got a Tc for it. Makes no sense at all. If Momi got the Ts, so should Kikau

rockafella (@rockafella)
Reply to  IcePapas
15 days ago

Honestly … 95-54 is ridiculous in scoring fluctuations.
Seriously something wrong with the way Supercoach does this !
No other game I play has such ridiculous swings both ways .
Just amateur!

The Green Monsters
The Green Monsters (@charlief1995)
Reply to  rockafella
15 days ago

Yeah, I mean Cleary is scored correctly now imo. But they can’t be getting it so wrong live. Problem with SuperCoach always has and always will be that it’s too subjective. A great game but certainly not flawless. There is 1 or 2 baffling scores each week. For mine, Kikau not even getting a Tc for Burton’s try is this weeks.

Dunners (@jamesdunlop3)
Reply to  rockafella
15 days ago

They use the fox sports stats from what I’ve heard so they get whatever points based on those statistics, apparently, all stats get reviewed like 3 times over the course of the weekend

The Green Monsters
The Green Monsters (@charlief1995)
Reply to  IcePapas
14 days ago

I actually can’t believe they are going to be final updates with no Ts or Tc for Kikau. Ludicrous

Mort (@mort)
15 days ago

All games have been updated. As a lot of people thought Teddy got big updates and Cleary lost a stack of points. Leniu has not been given points for an intercept? Surely he should?

Dont_blush_baby (@teddy-tiger)
Reply to  Mort
15 days ago

Nofo also owed points for an intercept. It’s like they score them for some but not for others.

smashheadman (@smashheadman)
15 days ago

Lot of money to be made from selling cleary. Few tough games coming up.

Pantsless (@pantsless)
15 days ago

So here I was talking up about how smrt (Homer Simpson reference) I was.

SWalker ended up being sat (was in my 17), and i had 2 reserves that were playing. Roberts on 83 and Ryan James still to play. I was like f yeah, trade ryan james for a dual nuff and get the roberts 83 as auto emergency, guaranteed win !

Schuster ends up not playing and i get stuck with 16 players 

Channard (@raston84)
Reply to  Pantsless
15 days ago

I’d say most Schuster owners got pantsed this week Pantsless, I luckily dodged that as I missed Sam’s out as well. Spewing as I copped Mead’s dismal effort as AE without even getting the benefit of looping Hynes. Lamenting what could have been; 1307 with Kolo and Watson scoring well on the bench :'(

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