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sgi steelers

Hey guys. Is there a way I can change my user name? Cheers

Temple Guard

Not sure… but have you tried logging out and than log in again…. changing ID? that could maybe work

sgi steelers

I usually log out & then back in again each time. I haven’t noticed a change ID section. Thanks for your reply TG


I’d like to know this too. I can see a settings button, but tried in there and can’t find a way to change name.

Temple Guard

Sorry just realised… this is the more appropriate page to tell You about them Trolls…

Not sure how everybody else feels about Trolls…. But I am really jack shit off them….
They don’t contribute anything or give us information that would be helpful to improve our teams….
They are just a pain…. The 3 Amigos that down vote me on anything…. are as followed:
the_ointments Creambuns munsters_doughnut
If any of the Admins could check them pieces off shit out and kick them off the forum I would really appreciate it!!!!

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Help Needed with trade. Im a newb to supercoach and cant find how to move my players around within my team. I picked a double positional player as my backup half who is also a 5/8. Now im trying to trade my back up half out and make him my back up 5/8, which as a DPP i thought i could do. I want to bring in a half back as my bench player. So in essence Current Bench 5/8 OUT Current Bench 1/2 to Bench 5/8 as he is DPP Trade IN new 1/2 Is this doable in a… Read more »


Hey mate, I answered a pretty similar question on the trade talk page, I’ll paste my answer below hope it helps

“Definitely can be done. When you trade someone out, if you look at your current team list there should be an “S” for swap on players with the right duals. On the app this is in the trade out tab, or on the desktop its just on ur team list. If you hit the S on the players you mention, you then should be able to go to trade in and bring in a CTW.”


Thanks I was trying to do it on web browser on phone not through app and i couldnt work it out. Went on the desktop and sweet…thanks for the help!!


Hi All

Does anyone know how I can have my name put in instead of ‘guest’ when I comment in the TU/TD section. Thank you.


Hi guys. Do I now need to log-on just to read comments. Been a regular on here for past 5 years but not keen to have to log-on every time I visit the site. Hope this changes back to the way it was.

Matty Sing

What does TU and TD mean


Hey yung legends, I’m too old to be called a rookie. But I’ll take it as a compliment

All about the right PODS

Is there going to be Guide written this year? Always find it extremely valuable when selecting my team.


Is there a website that let’s you check how many trades coaches have left.I came across it last year but can’t seem to find it now.Can anyone help?

Temple Guard

That would be a breach of privacy… that should never be disclosed to anyone!

Temple Guard

There is a way… but it’s a painful task if you want to be really that desperate… you need to start rd1… write down your opponents team… than do the same for rd2 and so on… add up his trades and than you know

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Is there a Mega Guide this season?