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Chickenwing (@chickenwing)
2 years ago

Whats ya Projected totals peeps, throw em up with your El Capitan. Mine is 971 with big FIFI (c)

freewheelin (@freewheelin)
Reply to  Chickenwing
2 years ago

Thanks to the bunnies I got 1209 projected. Still three days for it all to come crashing down

UpperEastStand11 (@uppereaststand11)
2 years ago

First year playing SC After last season giving NrlFantasy a crack
Would appreciate some feedback on strategy this early in the season in regards to making cash, and getting players that consistently score well
Am I allowed to post my team up to get feedback on what I am doing right & wrong?

oddfish (@oddfish)
1 year ago

Zac Lomax has broken his thumb,surgery tomorrow

Hamo (@hamo)
1 year ago

Need to pick one
JFH, Murray, Marty

CQ Bulldog
CQ Bulldog (@cq-bulldog)
1 year ago

I’m not sure I’ve seen a cook / smith hooker combo. Aren’t they a lock in for the season every time? Isn’t it the same as a turbo/teddy no brainer? Can you help me see what I’ve missed? I don’t get it.

jugarf (@jugarf)
Reply to  CQ Bulldog
1 year ago

with the lack of cheapies, lots of people opting to go for brailey/cook or brailey/api in the hookers to free up money for the guns in flb and 2rf.

JemRB (@jemrb)
1 year ago

Can you please open TRADE TALK – ROUND 2 – this thread still being round 1 is doing my head in

Madge (@madge-magic)
11 months ago

Bloody Siebold hasn’t got a clue! Milford is not a 5-8 and never has been, He is a FB. He should be sniffing around the tired forwards and running off the halves. Milford at FB = Katoni nightmare for opposition.

leggieblonde (@leggieblonde)
1 month ago

why does it take so long for my comment to get approved?

(Sorry the mods aren’t on 24/7 to check pending comments. Be thankful we’ve even allowed you back on here with this new account after last week)

CoG (@sandworm)
1 month ago

I have really enjoyed your site over the years however father time has said its time for me to go.
Thanks and all the best for the future

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