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Hey guys- keep getting msgs my posts are awaiting moderation ???! After coming here to see why this could be im assuming it means iv done something wrong/posted something i shouldnt have ?! I can only think of one thing it may have been … sorry – maybe frustration got the better of me – that was hrs ago tho … and didnt swear (well i used !@/@$!# to make my point … ??! maybe that was it and frustration got the better of me ? Sorry – in no way did i mean to or would i try offend… Read more »


You’d be hating the Ware downdates about now….


Howdy there guys. I have changed my profile pic through Gravatar and deleted all the other old pic’s, but in the ‘Recent Comments’ it still shows Semi’s head for some reason. I have logged out and back in again, but hasn’t changed anything. Have deleted the pic’s from my NRLSCTalk profile also…..please help 🙂


So serious question am I allowed to contribute or have I been cut off. Steely

(Depends on whether you’re going to continue making inflammatory and baseless comments about the integrity of players regarding the HIA. Your posting privileges are restored for now)


Hey lads. Looks like we are being invaded by bogus “Guest” posters with bogus posts containing possibly untoward links. Case in point, Guest poster in the Pimp My Team – Team Picker edition thread.

Seems to be only in old threads, saw a couple last week in the Week 3 Podcast thread.

Not sure if you were aware so thought I’d bring it to your attention. 🙂


hey guys just notcing the images you are using as the header for your posts are stretched out badly. the images you are uploading are 650px x 350px where as the actual size is more like 893px x 352px. tell your designer to setup at 893×352 to fix the issue


Hi guys! I know you are extremely busy but could you tell me when the “last score” will be updated on the Price Change Calculator? Cheers and thanks for all your efforts!


Thanks guys for fixing the issue. Much appreciated!

Sharky Pete

Is an updated bye planner available? I’ve looked but can’t find.
Love your site.


Hey lads few more of the external links slipping through resurrecting old threads. Not sure if there is anything you can do about it, but thought you’d like a heads up. Below is an example:


Hey guys. As a newbie , are there different rules for finals in H2H? I read somewhere they start from R23 with fewer players and less money? cheers


Ha, Fitzy and I confused again. 🙂


We need a mystery reveal to prove that Fitzy =/= Surgebuster haha

Bruce Bannercurse

Howdy admins,

Haven’t gotten a response from an email I sent in 2 weeks ago.

Thanks in advance


Hi, could you please resend and I’ll touch base with the boys to keep an eye out.

Bruce Bannercurse

Done, cheers.


Can u at least tell me what iv done wrong??!
Instead of just deleting everything i say ?!!

(Don’t presume it’s just about you, there were others involved in the thread that was deleted but they aren’t complaining. Nothing good was going to come out of letting that conversation continue, please drop it)


Thanks moderators.


Sorry, and thanx !
Guess its a topic that gets to me … maybe too much
Thanx for the support


Sorry, fair enough & I agree ! Thanx


Are you still looking at going to Caxton for a beer after the footy on friday night ? A couple of us are going to be there from central west nsw and would like to catch up…any chance of giving us a mobile to text you when we are there…by all means email me


Hi Guys, I can’t access the site from a desktop. Other desktop users might be having the same problem. Have sent through an email outlining problem (my ISP has a theory). Cheers and thanks.


any comments on this team,cam smith,havilli.rjames,mscott,mlodge,buele.taumololo,jtrbo,sburgess,leilua,martin,magoulias.cleary,munster,bcartwright,lcroker. nofoaluma,vunivalu,tmilne,vholmes,leleseua,skatoa,zlomax. ttrbo,cwatson.. 60k left over.

Jeremy WJ

Hey team, have been a classic player for a while and have jumped in a few of the leagues, but am looking to get involved in draft this year. Wondering if there are any new leagues (whether for newbies or otherwise, prepared to have a go!) to join through SC Talk?

Thanks guys, love the site!


Any chance of putting a comment section for the PODCASTS? First two for this year have been excellent, with Catfish on fire with his research, stats and personal insight.


hi all,
just a quick question about the supercoach website. Is there is a “notes” section as there was in last years edition? thank you


Yep, on the the “team” page, there is a section on the right called “My Team Tracker”. Use the right arrow to move to “Notepad”.


is there going to be a 2018 mega guide this year?


Hey Guys, I can’t seem to find the team previews for the Panthers, I’m thinking Trent Merrin could be in for a good year but penrith do seem to have quite a few 2nd rowers, Really love this site, Thanks