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My 2015 Targets – Backs

- by Johnson101

Typical of a true Supercoach player my 2015 season started exactly 15.732 hours and a train ride after the final minute of this year’s grand finale. I managed to snag a satisfactory top 600 finish this season which I’m happy with being only in my third year of SC and this being my first year of overall, but 2015 shall be bigger and better. Hopefully. Corey Parker had better play 80 minutes each week.

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NRL 2014/15 Off-season Chat

The off-season is now officially here, and it’s going to be a lean few months until things start to ramp up again in the new year.

We will be around sparodically during that time, posting some off-season analysis articles. If anyone would like to have any input during the next few months please just send us through your write-up ( and we’ll upload it.

The best place to keep track of the off-season moves is Zero Tackle, so make sure you check that out

Otherwise feel free to discuss anything you like in this post


Wacko’s Whispers – Grand Final Edition

Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs

Rabbithohs will be without Issac Luke due to suspension with Api
Koroisau set to come in and start at hooker, he hasn’t played for
approximately 8 weeks so it’s doubtful he would play 80 with Sutton
expected to spend time at hooker due game, no other late charges

Bulldogs will also be without their hooker Michael Ennis due
to foot injury, it’s expected that Mose Mbye will come into side and
play hooker and could possibly swap with J.Reynolds at times during
game, no other late changes expected. Lafai will kick goals due to
Hodkinson knee injury which he is rumoured to have dislocated in Sea Eagles game

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