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Oh Captain, My Captain – Round 17

There were a lot of HUGE scores last week. We had a massive 7 players hit triple figures across the round. 8 more fell just short of that with 90+ scores while a further 13 scored 80 or above. That’s just about unheard of. This of course led to a lot of big scores (and plenty of bragging in the Scores Chat section). My recommendations were Cartwright (117), Burgess (101), Walker (100), Merrin (88) and Peachey (39) for the VC plus Parker (46), Fifita (82), Teddy (67) and JTurbo (48) for Captain. If you were like me, Munster as a late out again allowed you to loop Carty’s monster.
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The SC Report Podcast – Round 17

Nick & Joe Fitz are on the pod this week, after Fitz had a HUGE Round 16, going over 1,400! We run through all the news from the week, including Munster being out and Semi going MIA. We cover all of the maybes for the NSW team for Game 3, take some questions and then the boys both get fired up in the rant of the week.

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Minutes Madness – Round 16


Panthers v Rabbitohs (28 – 26)
  Panthers   Rabbitohs
Position Player Minutes Season Avg Position Player Minutes Season Avg
Prop Latu 53 45 Prop Turgess 57 43
Hooker Wallace 80 80 Hooker McInnes 80 63
Prop RCG 46 44 Prop Brown 61 46
Backrow Yeo 80 79 Backrow Sutton 80 76
Backrow Mez 80 67 Backrow Turner 51 67
Lock Matagi 21 30 Lock Surgess 80 69
Interchange Akauola 10 18 Interchange Tasi 18
Interchange Latimore 28 29 Interchange Clark 23 37
Interchange Grevs 54 58 Interchange Siolo 11 10
Interchange JFH 28 31 Interchange Tyrrell 19 33
·         Nothing in particular to report, although Sutton and Gray both copped hits to the face/head but played on

·         Mez did his usual first 20 mins on the edge and then shifted to lock once Matagi subbed off with Grevs coming onto the edge

·         How does Tyrrell still make a first grade squad

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Where’s Par – Round 16

Well … another spread out week in terms of scores.

It seems to me that the 90 odd teams at the pointy end are those leading and/or challenging for overall.

My score ended up approx. 250 points behind Par (987) so safe to say I ain’t in that lead group … From past history, it’s around this time of year that I tend to see what appear to be teams that have given up.

However, I like to keep these teams in the Par count until after the byes before making a decision on removing them … outlier removal really is a subjective art rather than an exact science, IMO.


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