NFL Game Week 6 Fantasy Preview

Can we please just go one single week without a major injury? This week it was everyone’s favourite frosted-tipped, big-play-making, endzone-shenaniganing Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. He got tackled into a very awkward position that ended up with his leg jammed underneath his own body and fractured his ankle. The result was season ending surgery. Joining him on that list was Houston defensive beast JJ Watt. I didn’t see this one, but he suffered a tibial plateau fracture. I have no idea exactly what this is (NRL Physio??) but I read that it can be worse than an ACL. Just a devastating blow to one of the league’s genuine good guys. Continue reading NFL Game Week 6 Fantasy Preview

NFL Fantasy Preview Game Week 5

What a horrible round. I mean, there were some very big fantasy scores across the board but injury wise, it was brutal. So many fantasy relevant players took a major hit this past weekend, and maybe none more so then Dalvin Cook. No, scratch that. Definitely none more so. This kid has been a top 5 running back through the first month of the season and has practically turned around one of 2016’s worst rushing offenses all on his own before falling victim to the dreaded ACL tear. I’m hoping for the very best for him and also for the guy in my league who managed to draft DJ, ARob and Cook this year. Continue reading NFL Fantasy Preview Game Week 5

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