Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 9

As each week passes things just get crazier and crazier in the 2020 NRL season, let’s see what Round 9 had in store for us.

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2020’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


Val Holmes (41) was the biggest issue that they had to manage, as he re-injured his ankle. That meant Hampton (39) came onto the left wing and it resulted in an absolute massacre by the Roosters’ right edge.

Hola (22) left the field for a HIA but passed it. The minutes were otherwise not entirely out of the ordinary, aside from Lolo (59) not being put on the field much with the game out of hand. McGuire (71), Molo (38), Cooper (30) and Gilbert (20) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Robson, Hess and Wright all played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


The Roosters lost BMoz in the warm-up to a groin injury, which saw Ikuvalu come in to score a bucketload of tries.

In the game, they lost Jake Friend (24) to concussion when he failed his HIA. This saw Lachlan Lam (56) come on to play hooker for the rest of the game.

JWH (30) played low minutes again, and I’m not sure if this was due to injury or not. As a result, Taukeiaho (68) had another massive game.

Tupouniua (38) also had to leave the field in the last 15 minutes of the game (with not enough time to pass and return to the field). Butcher (46) still didn’t get the minutes (although he had a great workrate), Collins (41) and Faamausili (17) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Aubo and Crichton played 80 minutes on the right and left edges respectively.


No major injury concerns aside from Taylor (63) who failed his HIA. This saw Boyd (46) move to five eighth for the last 17 minutes, as he had been on the field already at hooker while Clark (51) was having a breather.

The middle forward minutes were shared between Fotuaika (58), Arrow (50), Peachey (56), Jolliffe (36), Lisone (27) and Wallace (22).

Stone (80) played the full game on the edge, while Hipgrave (68) was given a rest.


The Warriors didn’t have any major injuries mid-game but they had to reshuffle a few things with Karl Lawton playing 80 minutes on the edge and Tohu Harris being named at lock to start the game, and playing 80 minutes as well. Murchie (48) and Papali’i (32) shared minutes on the other edge.

The minutes at prop were shared between JTB (39), Blair (38), Hetherington (32), Tevaga (32) and Paasi (19).

Egan played the full 80 minutes at hooker.


The Rabbitohs lost Liam Knight in the warm-up due to an Achilles issue, which saw Nicholls (11) sub in at the last minute. Otherwise no injury concerns aside from Graham (68) leaving the field for a HIA, which saw Sironen (36) get some extra minutes while Graham was off the field.

Murray (67) played good minutes this week but his workrate was still a bit down, although he was the one who moved to centre why Graham was off the field.

The other middle forward minutes were shared between Tatola (49), Turgess (49), Sele (30) and Mago (10).

Cook, Lowe and Su’a played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


The Tigers only had to deal with losing Garner (63) towards the end of the game as he was taken out due to foul play from Latrell Mitchell, which saw Chee-Kam (25) take over on that edge for the rest of the game.

The rotation was confusing and a bit muddled due to the acts of foul play giving the Tigers some free interchanges. Marshall (30) originally replaced Grant (67), which pushed Reynolds (70) to hooker, but then Grant replaced Garner which meant for 7 minutes we had Grant back at hooker, Benji in the halves and JRey possibly just playing as a ‘floater’ in the middle, before Reynolds ended up going off anyway.

Eisenhuth (70) saw massive minutes at lock, with Aloiai (48), Mikaele (41), Taylor (35) and Clark (31) sharing the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Lucy played the full 80 on the left edge.


The Sharks had to deal with several injury issues this week, with Fifita (13) going down early with a hamstring issue, Talakai (15) not lasting long before having to go off for a HIA (which he failed), Goodwin (60) leaving the field for a HIA which even though he passed, he spent 20 minutes off the field which was really weird; and he then replaced Katoa (68) with the free interchange (presumedly with the game out of hand and Katoa struggling a bit with his ankle).

Woods (55) was also sinbinned too, which impacted his minutes. All of this meant Rudolf (48) and Williams (60) got more minutes, while Uele (41) and Hunt (30) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Graham, Nikora and Brailey all played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


No major injury concerns for the Panthers, with Tamou (51) leaving the field for a HIA which he passed. There were a few interesting rotations but it’s hard to judge what was going on with the scoreline so comfortable.

But Koroisau (71) came off around the 54 minute mark for May (25), but then came back on soon after for Yeo (64) who had a very early shower.

Martin (69) also finished his day early, while Burns (30) had come on for Kikau (61) earlier, but Kikau then replaced Martin for the end of the game.

JFH (57), Leota (24) and Leniu (18) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.


The Broncos lost Alex Glenn (54) to a bad knee injury which saw Teo (26) come on and Oates (65) move to the left edge, until Pangai (49) replaced Oates for the last 15 minutes of the game.

As expected Pangai at prop meant limited minutes but it is 100% high octane stuff while he’s on the field! Interestingly we saw Carrigan play the full 80 minutes this week, with Haas playing just 62 minutes. No need to panic though, Haas only averaged 63 minutes per game last year on his way to a 78 average then.

Flegler (44) and Hopoate (20) were the other forwards with Luke (46) and Paix (34) sharing minutes at hooker.


No injury issues to affect rotations so it was very interesting to see Luke Thompson immediately playing 60 minutes at lock right out the gate, which in turn meant Tolman (55) played less. Napa (53) still got plenty of game time while Sue (29), Ogden (23) and To’omaga (20) shared the scraps.

JMK (59) and the other Sione Katoa (21) shared the minutes at hooker, while Jackson and RFM both played 80 minutes on their respective edges.


The Raiders have been cursed with injuries this year as they lost both Hodgson (28) and Simonsson (55) for the rest of the season.

Havili (52) took over at hooker while Simonsson – who was also sinbinned at one stage – left in the final 15 minutes. Rapana (20) was on for Tapine (50) initially and playing in the middle, before shifting to the wing for the last 15 minutes after Simonsson went off.

Papalii (62), Lui (58) and Sutton (45) all had to step up while the rookie O’Donnell (20) only played the first 20 minutes before sitting on the pine for the remainder of the game.

Whitehead and Young played their usual 80 minutes on the edge.


The Storm had their own injury dramas with JBrom (20) going down early with a knee injury. This meant bigger minutes for Finucane (67) and Welch (57), as well as for BSmith (52) too.

NAS (31) and the debutant Schonig (13) – who had come in very late with Eisenhuth pulling out with a hamstring injury – didn’t see much game time.

Nicho Hynes (2) played just the final two minutes for Ryley Jacks (78), while CSmith, KBrom and one-week starting backrower ‘Tiny Tino’ all played 80 minutes.


Quite a few HIA-related dramas and some bad news injury-wise for DSaif (38). Ponga (75) went off for a HIA just before halftime, with Hoy (22) coming on for five minutes. Ponga passed and played the rest of the game. Hoy later came back on late in the game as ‘floater’ in the middle of the field, somewhat alternating with Mann at times.

Saulo (23) also went off for a HIA, which he passed to return to the field. Klemmer (56) didn’t really play extra minutes with the DSaif injury; those went mostly to Ese’ese (58) and JSaif (49).

Guerra (68) shared minutes on the edge with Jones (11) while Fitzgibbon played 80 minutes on the other edge.

McCullough played 80 minutes at hooker as usual.


The Eels had to handle JPaulo (23) playing limited minutes due to a back spasm; this saw Nathan Brown play the full 80 minutes as well as bigger minutes for RCG (63).

Dylan Brown (67) also had to leave the field for a HIA, which he passed. Takairangi (33) played five eighth while Brown was off the field. Mahoney played 80 minutes at hooker as usual.

The rotation was all a bit weird, with Lane (74) coming off early for Niukore (38), but then going back on for Matterson (76), while Gower (20) didn’t see much game time.

But the best was when Sivo (79) came off in the final 15 seconds so that Stefano Utoikamanu (1) could debut for all of 15 seconds and make one single hitup!


No major injury concerns for the Dragons, but just a new setup with Ben Hunt playing the full 80 minutes at hooker and Cam McInnes only making it through 68 minutes at lock before having a breather. Arguably it might have been an ‘early shower’ with a fairly comfortable scoreline but it’s not the most encouraging sign regardless.

TSims (66) was given an early shower too with Fuimaono (14) sharing minutes on his edge. Frizell (73) also came off early.

Vaughan (54), Lawrie (40), Kerr (30), Merrin (29) and Ford (26) shared the remaining game time.

Sea Eagles

Only minor injury concerns with Boyle (22) leaving the field early and not returning. There may also have been some early showers for the Sea Eagles but not in a good way, with the scoreline having blown out. Taupau (44) came off early, as did Sironen (76), and if the game was tight it was unlikely they would have come off when they did.

Paseka (35), Keppie (34) and Gosiewski (29) also shared the rest of the prop minutes, with JTurbo playing 80 minutes at lock as usual.

Levi (49) and Croker (31) shared minutes at hooker, while JThompson played 80 on the left edge as usual.

Jorge Taufua (70) was sinbinned.

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Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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Damien Cooked
Damien Cooked (@damienc00ked)
2 months ago

hey mate, thanks as always for your work on this.

Wondering as a fellow Katoa (sharks variety) what your read on him going forward is? Do we think he stays RHS with ronaldo coming back? Also do you know anything more about the ankle? i had not realised he was injured

LOTE (@oscar-stgeorge)
2 months ago

It seems like both Taka and Goodwin had a HIA at the same time. So Sifa had to do his 10 minute HIA and then you have to add on Goodwins as well.

Pool Man
Pool Man (@paulo)
2 months ago

Great work as always Catfish.

knights_ftw (@knights_ftw)
2 months ago

One of the most underrated articles every week. Even if I watch all the games, sometimes I forget

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