Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 9

[Apologies for the delay in this week’s Minutes – almost had a dead laptop and having to re-do the article from scratch but thankfully an IT guru saved me!]

The Magic Round was amazing and I highly recommend anybody who can get there next year to do so; it’s absolutely worth it! A lot of carnage again this week so let’s get stuck in.  

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


Shannon Boyd (12) went off early for a HIA, which he failed. This usually would have resulted in extra minutes in the middles but (maybe to no one’s surprise) Brennan decided to replace Jarrod Wallace (45), a prop, with an outside back in Jesse Arthurs (53).

He played on the left wing with Dale Copley (80) shifting to left centre and Tyrone Peachey (80) to the left edge, and finally Bryce Cartwright (69) to lock with Jai Arrow (68) shifting to prop.

So basically, 25 or so minutes of Carty on the edge, followed by about 44 minutes in the middle (with maybe some rotating with Peachey from time to time) – all to accommodate an outside back off the bench and getting more ball to Peachey so he could play himself out of an Origin jersey?!
Go home Brennan, you’re drunk!

Fotuaika (43), Proctor (80) and Rein (80) played their usual minutes.


As we all know, Fifita (7) went down early with a suspected hamstring injury but he appears right to play this week after being named to start again.

Prior (20) followed soon after and he failed his HIA. This saw extended minutes for Gallen (65), Williams (45) and also Uele (55) who was very impressive.

Jayden Brailey (67) and Blayke Brailey (28) again spent some time sharing the field together, with Jayden defending at lock when Blayke was at hooker.


No injuries for the Tigers in their thrashing of the Panthers, with Benji (72) just given an early shower.

Interestingly, Liddle (16) came on in the 64th minute for Farah (64) – was this just an early shower for Farah? It’s still quite unclear how Maguire plans to use Farah but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on for Farah owners and non-owners alike.

MCK (48) had his first game after being stood down for two weeks due to his assault charge; he came on (for Eisenhuth (51)) to play on the right edge which saw Matto (80) shift into the middle and bumped up his base stats.

Matulino (46) has played bigger minutes for two weeks in a row – it coincides with Liddle’s addition to the bench but you wonder if the bigger minutes this week was more due to the rest to Farah and Benji. Most likely irrelevant / can’t be trusted but interesting to keep an eye on anyway.


The Panthers were hit hard with injury and it wasn’t a pretty line-up going into the game. Katoa (58) came off the bench and played in the backrow, with Kaide Ellis (35) starting but getting limited minutes.

Egan (60) shared minutes at hooker with Luai (20).

Kikau (67) was in obvious discomfort and he left the field early with the game already lost.

RCG (38) was poor and his minutes reflected that – and now he’s been dropped altogether!

There is very little to be excited about in this team aside from JFH who played a mixture of edge and lock his 80 minute game again this week.

Sea Eagles

The poor Sea Eagles were already the walking wounded but this game did them no favours.

They lost Suli (20) early on with a broken finger, which saw Gosiewski (80) move to right centre and Waddell (63) play on the right edge.

Later, Brad Parker (69) went off in the first half for a HIA, which he passed over halftime to return to the field for the start of the second half. Fainu (51) went on for Parker which saw Boyle (36) play left edge and JThompson (80) play left centre temporarily.

Koroisau (57) left the field in the second half due to a calf issue, which saw Fainu play out the game at hooker.

Sipley (27) later went down with a suspected ACL injury which may explain the slightly higher than usual minutes for Taupau (47) and higher than expected minutes for Tanginoa (30) who played his first game since Round 2. What a mess!


The big news for the Broncos was of course the ACL injury to Bird (61) who was having another strong game up until the injury. Interestingly, Glenn (75) had subbed off for Fifita (24 – who replaced him on the left edge) just five minutes before the Bird injury, and he came back on to play right centre for the remainder of the game.

Haas (60) has clearly shown he is the alpha forward at the club already, with Lodge (48), Ofahengaue (51 – off the bench!) and Pangai (28 – super concerning signs although there was mention of him having some back spasms although I can’t find more detail about this) all playing less minutes.

That Flegler (29) and Carrigan (24) got minutes close to what Pangai got this week makes me very worried if there isn’t actually an injury for Pangai which reduced his game time. Turpin did a great job playing 80 minutes in his first game of the year in first grade.


Some late reshuffles saw a few changes to the usual minute rotations.

Elliott (68) started on the left edge and looked set for 80 minutes before having to come off with a leg injury. This inflated Tolman’s minutes to 65 as he came back on for him. Jackson (80) played on the right edge but also rotated into the middle at times.

Fualalo (46) picked up some of the missing minutes from Martin and CHN’s absence, while Napa (50) stepped up his minutes in his second game back from injury even if his workrate wasn’t at his early season levels.

JMK (72) and Brown (8) continue to share the minutes at hooker.


Edrick Lee (67) came off with a foot injury, the same one which Connor Watson (80) suffered however he stayed on for the whole game.

Kurt Mann (23) – who was on the field but playing in some roaming role in the middle of the field as far as I could tell – shifted to the wing as cover.

Klemmer played a season-low 59 minutes while Glasby equalled his season-high 52 minutes.

Fitzgibbon played 80 minutes, as did Barnett. Ese’ese had a massive game but he played just 27 minutes off the bench – a real case of quality over quantity there!


Tevaga (42) came off the bench and played exclusively in the middle, not at hooker, and he then had to go off for a HIA, which he passed. Tohu (65) also had to go off for a HIA, which he also passed.

Roache (61) shared minutes with Lawton (19) although the split looked like it was going to be 68/12 until Roache had to leave the field at the end due to a back injury.

Papali’i played the full 80 on the right edge, and moving forward it will be great if he can maintain that as he could be one of the interesting options for Round 16 coverage.

Burr (49) saw his minutes drop but you wonder whether the additional interchange for Roache meant Afoa (42) got some extra minutes that he wouldn’t otherwise have gotten usually.


It’s well-publicised but in case you hadn’t heard, Zac Lomax (52) was benched for Euan Aitken (28) mid-game with no particular injury concern. If you’re not sure why, just ask Wenin for more information as a proud Lomax owner and player this past week!

Lawrie (49) started at lock and went off early for a HIA but he passed it and returned to the field. Graham (67) saw a nice uptick in minutes this week, which is confusing when Vaughan only played 51 minutes, and Latimore just 12 minutes.

Leilua (51) had a big game which – again – is confusing when Host (who had been preferred on the edge all year) played just 25 minutes. I genuinely have no idea what Mary McGregor is doing each week and I do not want to own any Dragons.


Hughes (49) was knocked out by Sivo and replaced by Papenhuyzen (31) with possibly the greatest 31 minute SuperCoach cameo of all time.

Scott (59) also limped off after a foot injury which saw Croft (80) rotate into right centre in defence and attack with BSmith (41) at hooker and CSmith (80) often at first receiver.

The minutes are fairly settled it seems for the Storm for their key players – CSmith, Finucane (63), JBrom (44), Kaufusi and KBrom (both 80). The remaining minutes are rotated amongst the other players based on game script and how they are performing on the day.


Mahoney (60) came off the bench after 20 minutes and it’s safe to say that the Gutho ‘hooker in attack, fullback in defence’ plan didn’t work.

Lane (80) locked down that left edge again but it will be interesting to see what happens in coming weeks. Niukore (57) was rested at the back end with Ma’u (55) shifting to the right edge and Oregon Kaufusi (23) playing in the middle. Is this a sign of BA’s intentions long-term? Ma’u is better on the left after all…

The other forwards (Alvaro – 51, Terepo – 42, Paulo – 49) continue to share minutes with no particular consistency.

Sivo (70) was sinbinned for his hit on Hughes.


The Roosters went from having no injury issues last week to a warzone this week.

Firstly, Cordner copped a heavy head knock after just 12 minutes, sending him off for a HIA which he failed. This saw Aubo (68) come straight on to play on the left edge. Then with Latrell Mitchell going off in the 28th minute, Aubo shifted to left centre and Tupouniua (41) played left edge.

It wasn’t over yet though with Tupou (36) then going down with a scary neck injury from an accidental crusher tackle. This saw a huge reshuffle of Ikuvalu (80) moving from the right wing to the left wing, Manu (80) to the right wing and Crichton (80) to right centre, although Manu and Crichton would interchange in defence and attack. Butcher (48) played on the right edge.

Latrell (50) then rose from the dead and played the last 22 minutes, which saw Aubo move from left centre to right edge and Butcher back to the middle. It’s worth noting that he came back on due to a HIA for Taukeiaho (67) which he passed to return to the field later. TKO and JWH (59) were massive in picking up the extra minutes, as was Liu (56). Radley played 80 minutes.


Papalii played 62 minutes despite going off before halftime for a HIA, which he passed during the halftime break.

Rapana (51) went down in the second half with a knee issue, with Simonsson (29) coming onto the field as his replacement.

Hodgson, Whitehead and Young all played 80 minutes, while Lui (43), Sutton (37), Soliola (40) and Horsburgh (35) shared the middle minutes. Havili (23) also played some minutes at lock.


Kyle Turner went off for HIA in the 44th minute, with Lowe (49) replacing him at left centre for the remainder of the game. Liam Knight (42) also went off for a HIA at one point at the end of the first half but passed it to return to the field.

Sutton (55) also left the field earlier than planned due to a rib injury, which gave Tatola (50) some extra minutes.

Due to the scoreline, Cam Murray (53) wasn’t called upon to play as many minutes but he remains as dangerous as always with ball in hand, nabbing yet more attacking stats.

Cook and Surgess played 80 minutes again.


[There’s an obvious error with the SuperCoach database and also the screenshot – Taumalolo didn’t play 23 minutes and nor did Molo play 63.]

Kahu (66) went off early for a HIA, which he passed. He was replaced via HIA interchange by Mitch Dunn (73) though, with Dunn playing right centre, O’Neill (61) to right wing with Feldt (80) shifting to the left wing; Hampton (80) played fullback while Kahu was off the field.

Rotation-wise, Dunn stayed on the field with Kahu replacing Matt Scott (42) when he came back on, with Hess (50) shifting into the middle and Dunn playing on the right edge for the remainder of the game; well, until
O’Neill later went off for a HIA which he failed, and Hess came back onto the right edge and Dunn to right centre again.

Baptiste (53) started the game with Granville (27) coming off the bench but then also going off for a HIA later.

Taumalolo played 63 minutes with McLean playing 54 minutes. Not much else of interest given the inconsistent minutes for Bolton (48) and Molo (23).


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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