Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 7

Carnage is the word of the week – just injury upon injury upon injury! No fun for the clubs, nor for us poor SuperCoaches too!

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2020’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


There were no major injuries that affected their rotation, but the likes of Cleary (79), Martin (63) and also maybe Whare (74) (?) may have played through some injuries. Cleary came off in the final minute with Burton (1) getting junk time. Whare also came off a bit early and Martin finished the game at right centre.

Ivan Cleary is rotating his backrowers again, with Kikau (72) and Martin sharing minutes with Burns (31).

Yeo (80) again played the full game with Tamou (49), Fisher-Harris (63), Tetevano (28) and Leota (20) getting the other middle forward minutes.


The Rabbitohs had to deal with two sinbinnings to Latrell (77) and Roberts (20); Jimmy had come on for Gagai (50) who was having a shocker, with Graham (80) moving to the wing, but then Roberts also got binned.

Tatola (52), Turgess (47) and Murray (57) took the bulk of the middle forward minutes, with Knight (33) and Sele (23) coming off the bench.

Sironen (36) also got more minutes this week as he played on the right edge after Su’A (72) came off.

Cook and Lowe both played 80 minutes.


The Storm lost Cam Munster (40) to injury early in the game, but he toughed it out for the first half before he was replaced at halftime. This saw a reshuffle of BSmith (58) to hooker and CSmith (80) to the halves.

They also had to deal with a revolving door of HIAs – first Welch (9) went off early for a HIA which he failed. This saw Tino (54) get more minutes initially. Later, KBrom (66) went off for his HIA, with Eisenhuth (29) replacing him. Then Tino went off for a HIA himself, with JBrom (44) coming back to replace him.

Once KBrom passed his HIA, he replaced Finucane (63), and then with Tino passed his HIA, he replaced Kaufusi (78) on the edge, who then ended up coming back on shortly after as Addo-Carr (76) KO’d himself scoring his try. NAS (44) also got bigger minutes as a result.


The Warriors also had their own issues to deal with, losing Lawton (15) early on when he went off then failed his HIA. CHT (65) took over at hooker for the rest of the game.

Todd Payten finally stopped mucking around with their backrow rotation (big difference to Kearney!) as he started Tohu (80) at lock, Papali’i (71) on the left edge and Murchie (62) on the right edge. Murchie was later replaced by Curran (27) in his first game of the year, before he came back to replace Papali’i in the final 9 minutes of the game.

Blair (45), Yung Maynie (43), Faamausili (42) and Paasi (30) shared the minutes at prop.


Already down Teddy and JMoz before the game, the Roosters suffered shocking losses with ACL injuries to Radley (8) and Verrills (22). Liu (22) also suffered a broken rib but played through it, albeit at lower minutes

JWH (73) and Taukeiaho (80) really stepped up, playing massive minutes as a result. This meant the rotations were all messed up and Collins (41) and Tupouniua (17) weren’t really able to interchange properly.

Hat trick hero BMoz (78) was given an early shower after his second hat trick in as many games playing at left centre for the Roosters. Friend (58), Cordner (80) and Crichton (80) played in their usual roles.


The Dragons were unaffected by injury, which allowed us to see what appears to be a normal rotation.

McInnes (80) plays the first 22 at hooker before Hunt (58) comes on for the starting lock (Merrin this week – 32) and McInnes shifts to lock.

Vaughan (52) continues to keep up his impressive PPM in decent minutes, while Lawrie (38), Kerr (35) and KSims (25) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.

Frizell played 80 minutes again on his edge, while Fuimaono (57) shared game time with Jackson Ford (23) who was a late inclusion for Host who hurt himself in the warm-up.


No major injury concerns for the Cowboys, although McLean (35) was returning from a calf injury so they may have managed his minutes a bit. This saw Lolo (70) and McGuire (61) continue to get big minutes, with Molo (33), Cooper (24) and Hola (12) getting lower minutes off the bench.

Wright and Hess both played 80 minutes on their respective edges, with Hampton (5) getting junk minutes at the end of the game playing in the middle.

Drinkwater (79) was sinbinned in the final minutes.


It’s a bit unclear but it appears Glasby (21) went off early on and failed a HIA. This didn’t really seem to affect the minutes of Klemmer (50) or DSaif (55) and maybe just bumped up minutes for Ese’ese (35), JSaif (35) and Guerra (33).

With Lachy Fitz apparently fit, he played the full 80 minutes and this impacted Sione’s minutes (59). In fact Sione came back on for the last 12 minutes to give Kurt Mann (68) (who is still managing an injury and maybe a precautionary hamstring issue this week) a break with the game out of reach.

The Knights also appear to be using Tex Hoy (44) in the middle a bit like how the Storm used Papenhuyzen off the bench last year. He took over at five eighth when Mann went off the field.


Matt Lodge (59) played big minutes but suffered a knee injury late in the game – leaving the field but without any interchanges left, so the Broncos were down to 12 men for the final 13 or 14 minutes of the game. Oh wait, they finished the game with only 11 players on the field, with Corey Oates (75) was sinbinned in the final 5 minutes of the game – for DISSENT and when the Broncos had the ball. Seriously.

Oh, that’s right, we ran out of interchanges because Seibold decided to replace his fullback for the last 15 minutes, with Niu (65) coming off and Isaako (15) coming on.

Dearden (17) also came on at hooker for Luke (63) who was clearly gassed.

And how doesn’t Payne Haas (63) play 80 minutes when you have an outside back and a bench utility/hooker on the interchange? JoeO (50), Kennedy (38) and Te’o (30) played the remaining middle forward minutes, with Glenn and Pangai both playing 80 minutes on their respective edges.


The Titans had Copley (57) leave the field early (not sure if due to injury or not) which saw Peachey (51) move to the centres, who had been playing in the middle of the field up until then.

Fotuaika (51) was sinbinned which restricted his minutes, but he still scored quite well in spite of his lower minutes and also with the -10 for the penalty + sinbin he copped. Arrow (52) continues to play low minutes, which is not good news for owners. Jolliffe (41) appears to have earned more minutes ahead of the likes of Lisone (31) and Wallace (27).

Rein (50) and Boyd (30) shared minutes at hooker. Hipgrave and Proctor both played 80 minutes on their respective edges.


N.B. there were eight minutes of extra time

The big injury news was obviously the calf injury for Mitch Moses (35); this saw Takairangi (41) coming on to play in the halves. Later, Blake (75) went off for a HIA and this prompted another reshuffle with Matterson (88) and also Takairangi swapping between right centre and the right half spot.

Stone (37) also interchanged at hooker with Mahoney (88) who would move to the middle to defend.

RCG (74) saw massive minutes as even Paulo (66) had to leave the field for a HIA, which he passed. Niukore (64) was also called upon to play big minutes, with Kaufusi (40) and Alvaro (8) sharing the remaining minutes. Not sure why he played such low minutes either, although it may have been the rotations being thrown out of whack with the injuries etc.

Lane (88) played the full game on the left edge.


N.B. there were eight minutes of extra time

Horsburgh (34) was the major injury concern, aside from the pre-game loss of Tapine which saw Young (88) play the whole game on the right edge. Papalii (61), Soliola (49), Guler (47), Havili (39) and Sutton (34) all stepped up their minutes in light of the Horsburgh injury.

Simonsson (23) came off the bench to replace Rapana (65) [UPDATE: Rapana suffered a minor leg injury which has ruled him out this week].

Hodgson and Whitehead both played the full game as usual.

Sea Eagles

There were some interesting rotations but I don’t believe anything was specifically injury-related. However, Thompson (69) came off early, as did Jake Turbo (70), and it may have just been because of the scoreline.

Fonua-Blake (60) had a monster game and played big minutes, with Taupau (38) being eased back. Paseka (26), Keppie (23) and Gosiewski (34) shared the remaining minutes.

Levi (60) shared minutes at hooker with Cust (20). Sironen played the full game on the right edge.


No major injury concerns for the Sharks although Dugan (66) left the field late in the game – not sure if that was due to HIA or whatever. Talakai (44) finished the game in the centres but spent 30 mins playing in the middle before that.

Woods (44), Uele (43), Rudolf (37), Williams (44), Fifita (32) and Hunt (22) all shared the middle forward minute (along with Talakai’s 30) in what is a nightmare for SuperCoach purposes given how equally those minutes are shared.

Brailey (78) came off a tiny bit early with the game in hand, and Graham and Nikora both played 80 minutes on their respective edges.


The Doggies copped a huge loss with Hopoate (5) suffering a syndesmosis injury; this saw DWZ (80) move into the backline, JMK (80) into right centre and Cogger (75) to hooker (although they may have swapped later).

Averillo (57) appeared to leave the field for a HIA, which he failed. This saw RFM (80) push out wider with Elliott (80) shifting to the left edge (not 100% sure on this). To’omaga (29) could also possibly have been on the left edge.

Tolman (56) and Napa (53) saw big minutes with Britt (24) and Sue (21) not getting much game time.


No major injury concerns this week thankfully for the Tigers although Mikaele (32) did appear to hobble off the field in discomfort. It didn’t really affect the expected minutes for the likes of Aloiai (50) or Eisenhuth (60), although it’s hard to predict what minutes Madge had in mind for Clark (32), McIntyre (36), Taylor (23) and Chee-Kam (14).

Talau (73) came off the field early with what appeared to be cramps, which saw Chee-Kam move to the backs and Clark got a few extra minutes at the end of the game.

Grant, Lucy and Garner all played 80 minutes in their respective positions.

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Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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Euman (@euman)
3 months ago

Am newbie. What does HIA stand for?

Ihatelovesongs (@ihatelovesongs)
Reply to  Euman
3 months ago

head injury assessment

AJW (@ajw)
3 months ago

Thank you very much WIlfred – puts it all into perspective: Will be looking forward to your podcast yet again this week, as you guys put up some very pertinent ideas! 🙂

Damien Cooked
Damien Cooked (@damienc00ked)
3 months ago

thanks as always. Bmoz 6 in 2 and massive average this year makes you wonder whether latrell was any ever good or whether it was just that left centre spot at the chooks !

Vicer - GTO Solver
Vicer - GTO Solver (@vicer)
Reply to  Catfish
3 months ago

Cheers Catfish, thoughts on TKO continuing to play 80 (or close to it) with him starting at 10 with that three-forward bench?

mid-400k, could be interesting…

Vicer - GTO Solver
Vicer - GTO Solver (@vicer)
Reply to  Catfish
3 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to reply 🙂

Sorjas (@sorjas)
3 months ago

thanks Wilfred. Any news on Stagg’s return date?

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