Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 6

Round 6 was more of the same from last week, with even more injury carnage for our SuperCoach teams. Plenty of injuries and reshuffles to look at, so let’s get stuck in.  

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


Nikora (80) had owners with their hearts in their mouths as he looked gone for all money (on several occasions) but he toughed it out for the game (possibly with some assistance). Capewell just keeps on keeping on, with another big base stat performance.

Fifita still played 60 minutes despite suggestions that his workload would be “managed”. Prior saw a slight uptick in minutes to 51. Uele (25) was a beast while on the field, getting through a heap of work.

Gal played the whole first half but came off in the second half after 52 minutes, showing some vintage Gal workrate while he was at it too. He took minutes from Williams (36) and Sorensen (16).


Whare (50) limped off in the second half with a hamstring injury, which saw Yeo (80) shift from the right edge to left centre, and JFH (80) moved to the right edge. Interestingly, Kikau (78) went off around the 48 minute mark and only returned to replace Whare (due to Yeo shifting to centre).

I suspect that this lead to a slight bump in new Captain Tamou’s minutes to 53. Tim Grant (40) played his first game in a long time for the Panthers and had a decent hit-out straight away.

Egan’s start over Katoa saw him play 53 minutes, with Katoa taking the other 27 minutes at hooker.


Meaney (50) left the field with a severe laceration to the hand (like, showing tendons and stuff) which saw a reshuffle of Hoppa (80) to fullback and CHN (77) played right centre for the remainder of the game.

CHN went off shortly before halftime for HIA but passed to return for the second half. Jackson played 78 minutes although the first 20 was on the edge.

Ogden (46) had another massive game and could be a sneaky option – but it depends on when Napa is back from injury. If Napa is out past Round 12 then Ogden could be a real sneaky buy. Martin (60) was benched in final team lists but came on in the 20th minute and played the game out.

Tolman had a massive game, playing 70 minutes.


Another week with no in-game injuries for the Bunnies so we saw Surgess again play 80, and Sutton (63) play more than last week.

Even though he started again, Tatola (36) stayed with his usual minutes while Turgess (25) and Gurgess (25) both saw limited game time but were perhaps more effective in that limited time.

Murray saw a slight increase in his minutes to 60 this week, and with the Bulldogs going up the middle a lot, his base stats were definitely up there while he also nabbed his customary attacking stat in the form of a linebreak assist.

Cook continues to get 80 and Lowe (50) gets the biggest minutes off the bench. Not much else to note this week.


N.B. there were two minutes of golden point

JBrom (43) and NAS (42) are now playing similar minutes, and Finucane (53) getting the lion’s share of minutes in the middle of the field.

Welch (49) provided a lot of impact off the bench, as did Kamikamica (28). Big Kami scored another try to make plenty of cash for his owners, even if his minutes are still rubbish.

KBrom (77) continues to play big minutes on that left edge. Papenhuyzen (6) replaced him at the end of the game but did very little, before being replaced just before the start of golden point.

Smith (82) continues to stay at hooker while Brandon Smith (30) plays as a middle forward off the bench.


N.B. two minutes of golden point in this game

Keary played 61 minutes before a head knock forced him off the field, which saw a reshuffle of Latrell (82) to five eighth, Aubo (82) from right centre to left centre and Crichton (82) shifting one spot wider to right centre.

JWH (59) and Tetevano (64) had big games as expected with Taukeiaho a late withdrawal and Radley (79) playing hooker again in Friend’s absence.

Butcher (53) had a massive game with his minutes helped by the aforementioned absences, as well as the debuts of Verrill (6) and Curran (15) off the bench providing very little game time.

Tupouniua (36) was massive for such an inexperienced player, especially his huge run at the start of golden point which set up the win for the Roosters in their first set.


No injuries for the Dragons but Lomax rode the pine for the full game. Vaughan (57) and Graham (52) continue to get strong minutes, with Lawrie (42) getting through his work as starting lock. Lawrie’s minutes dropped from 57 last week to 42 this week, a natural byproduct of Friz’s minutes (69) increasing and Vaughan not having his game shortened by HIA.

Frizell (69) had a big game but it didn’t really translate entirely to SuperCoach.

Lomax rode the pine for the full 80.

Sea Eagles

The first week of AFB’s two week suspension had owners expecting a bump in minutes for Taupau – he only was ‘bumped’ to 48 minutes which is still less than expected.

Waddell (48) may have been the biggest winner of AFB’s suspension, and he was great. Sipley (18) started for AFB but never returned after his first stint. Morgan Boyle (26) is no longer at the Titans and already seems to have jumped up in the pecking order of middle forwards.

Elliott (66) had to go off for a HIA, which saw Garrick play fullback and Parker (80) right wing and Gosiewski (34) right centre. Koroisau (44) and Fainu (36) continue to split the minutes at hooker.


The only interesting point to note this week was McGuire playing the full 80 in the middle, having a massive game. This probably had something to do with Bolton (24) playing his first game back from suspension, plus Molo (9) getting limited minutes.

Scott (50) and McLean (55) also played solid middle minutes, with Asiata (44) and Hess (58) filling out the bigger minutes in this game.

Granville (45) and Baptiste (35) are really sharing close minutes at hooker.


The Fus (66) went off with a rib injury and that saw a late reshuffle of Tohu (80) to right centre, Papali’i (57) to left edge, and Kata (80) to right wing.

Kearney decided to play all three of Luke (33), Tevaga (52) and Roache (24) at hooker at different stages, with Tevaga also spending time in the middle.

Burr (60) got an extra 10 minutes due to the Fus injury, but he was hooked in the final five minutes for an unnecessary offload attempt that turned the ball over to the Cowboys at a critical time. Ah Mau (47) got the minutes again but his workrate was down.


Tapine’s ongoing absence has actually correlated with a nice increase in minutes for Papalii – 57 and 58 the last two weeks. If he keeps these minutes up, he could be a bit of a sneaky POD.

No injuries this week which saw Sutton (53) and Soliola (49) get the most minutes off the non-Bateman, Whitehead (both 80), Papalii and Hodgson (80) forwards. Havili (24), Lui (25), Young (15) and Collins (16) got junk minutes.


Haas played the full 80 minutes in a mammoth effort from the young prop. Flegler (35) also saw his second highest minutes of the year and this coincided with another strong PPM. JoeO (46) also stood up a bit but still is below his best at the moment.

Roberts (34) came off the bench and replaced Staggs (46) at right centre.

Gillett and Glenn played 80 each on the edges although I believe when Fifita (38) was on he rotated at times with Gillett in attack. Su’A (19) wasn’t great and has been dropped this week.


Proctor was a late scratching which saw Fotuaika start at prop (played 32 minutes) and James on the right edge. Horrible news for Ryan James (12) who suffered an ACL tear, which rules him out for the season.

This saw Phillip Sami (68) come onto the field to play left wing, Bryce Cartwright (80) shift to the right edge, Tyrone Peachey from left centre to left edge (80), Copley (80) to right centre and Don (71) right wing. Simples!

Don also spent some time off the field for HIA, but he passed it during halftime to return. Arrow (70) played bigger minutes with the injuries, as did Whitbread (40) and King (42).


No injury issues for the Knights as far as I’m aware, with Klemmer (65), Fitzgibbon (80) and Barnett (80) holding down the bulk of the minutes.

Glasby (51) and Ese’ese (29) appeared to share most of Guerra’s available minutes, with DSaif (45) and Gavet (35) and especially King (15) see a bit of a drop.

Levi (65) and Buhrer (15) shared minutes at hooker again. Not much else of interest here.


Obviously the major issue here was Farah’s 9th minute KO – and he failed the subsequent HIA. However, what about the rotation! Mbye (80) from fullback to hooker, Thompson (80) from the wing to fullback, Rennings (80) from left centre to left wing, Chee-Kam (71) off the bench to left centre. Whew.

Garner was also KO’d later after playing 54 minutes, and he also failed his HIA.

Twal’s minutes (54) were lower than you’d have expected with so many injuries, but it may have been Madge deciding to not put such a big workload on Twal given the scoreline.

Eisenhuth (57), Aloiai (49) got the lion’s share of the minutes although Mikaele (32), Matulino (35) both saw a bump.  


Alvaro (1) was KO’d with his first carry, which saw Paulo (67) get more minutes in the middle.

Niukore (50) also went off early with HIA, replaced by Moeroa (46) on that edge. Moeroa was later replaced via HIA himself, which he passed to return to the field.

This opened up more middle minutes for the likes of Mannah (45), Terepo (42), Kaufusi (40) and Stone (36 – on debut).

Lane was given an early shower 7 minutes from time, while Mahoney played the full 80 again.


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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