Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 4

Round 4 was not fun for a lot of us as we saw more and more injuries take their toll on our SuperCoach teams. Especially those who jumped straight on to Tommy Turbo’s dodgy hamstring! Let’s dissect the impact of those injuries on our minute rotations.

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


Crichton (80) was a late starter on the right edge, with Aubo (50) going back to the bench and playing a mixture of left edge and lock when he came on the field, as well as shifting to the halves after Cronk (52) went off injured (precautionary I think) and later, back to left centre with Latrell (80) playing 5/8 again. Talk about Mr Fix It!

Tetevano (51) and Taukeiaho (51) had massive games with JWH out, although only Tetevano actually got more minutes than usual. The rest of the minutes were shared fairly evenly amongst the rest of the Roosters’ bench with nothing really noteworthy there.


Gillett (80) returned to the right edge which saw Pangai (67) start at lock. Pangai limped off around the 20 minute mark and then had his hamstring worked on, which made owners panic, but he returned just 10 minutes later and showed no ill effects.

Lodge (56) was huge in his first game back, while JoeO (40) continues to disappoint owners with his game time.

Glenn (67) left the field late with a shoulder injury which may explain some of the extra minutes for Pangai (as he replaced him via interchange) but Staggs played the last 9 minutes on the left edge with Shibasaki (9) taking over at centre.

Flegler (26) was okay but should get more minutes this week with Pangai’s suspension and the suspected dropping of Su’A. Seibold needs to work out how to give Fifita more minutes – 22 is not enough!


Blake Green (75) was given an early shower after dominating the Titans. Lawton (41) and Tevaga (49) shared the minutes at hooker, with Tevaga also playing some minutes at lock.

Tohu locked down the left edge for 80 minutes again but in concerning news, Papali’i only played 69 minutes, including the last 5 minutes when he replaced Green.

This may be due to Ah Mau (53) finally getting the start and seeing a nice uptick in minutes, or Lachlan Burr (54) being rewarded for his good form with bigger minutes – this has come at the expense of Bunty Afoa (34) who started off the year with 50 MPG but has steadily dropped.

Not much else to note, as you’d expect the minutes to change again if/when Luke or Roache are in the team instead of Lawton.


Garth Brennan’s usage of his bench continues to baffle, as he played Proctor and Carty for 80 minutes each on the edges, but decided to give Ryan James just 43 minutes in the middle. Hipgrave got 34 minutes! Wallace got 50! Boyd got 30! It baffles the mind.

Arrow at least still played 59 minutes. He also rotated Gordon (51) off and replaced him with Brimson (29) for the last part of the game, with seemingly little effect, but it meant Ash Taylor took over the goalkicking for the last part of the game.


Note: 5 minutes of golden point

Katoa played 70 minutes with Egan only getting 15 minutes of game time from the 50th to the 65th minute mark. To me this shows that Cleary still sees Katoa as the #1 hooker; perhaps Cleary sees him as the safer defensive option given the scoreline.

The Frankenstein (8) went down early with an MCL injury which saw Kikau (77) get introduced into the game earlier than expected – thankfully he scored average which means he’ll still potentially drop in price.

This saw Yeo (85) and also JFH play essentially the full game (84), and it also means Tamou’s minutes (50) more disappointing. RCG continues to have a big role off the bench (54) with Sele (36) and Leota (31) still getting a decent stint off the bench.


Note: 5 minutes of golden point

Garner (60) started this game which was impressive given his injury last week, but he didn’t appear 100% and his minutes were lower than usual. Owners will have to make a decision this week as to whether he will be back to 100% health or close to it, and get his usual minutes.

Matto played 72 minutes due to him having a HIA (which he passed). With Garner and MCK (65) playing decent minutes, Matto spent time in the middle which explains his massive base stats for an edge forward.

The rest of the middle minutes were shared amongst the rest of the pack, with Twal (53) seeing a drop in minutes despite the extra game time.

Not much else of interest here, especially given Mikaele was given the week off first grade. He still played reggies though so it’s not an injury, it’s possibly his (and Eisenhuth’s) form. 

Sea Eagles

Note: 5 minutes of golden point

Tommy Turbo (42) barely made it out the tunnel after halftime before a recurrence of his hamstring injury. He was replaced at the back by Brendan Elliott (85), which saw Gosiewski (51) – who had come on for Waddell (15) after his head knock (failed the HIA) shifting to the right wing initially with Parker (85) playing right centre and Garrick left centre, and then later on Garrick (85) shifted to right wing and the Gos was right centre. Weird huh.

The backrow (Thompson, Siro and Jake Turbo) all played the full 85 (machines!) and Fainu (51) and Koroisau (50) – with Api having a bit of a wrist injury in the first half but he had it strapped up to return in the second half – shared the minutes at hooker and we also saw Api spend some of the time as a roving middle forward (the ol’ just run around and make some tackles role).

Taupau (50) had to come off for a while due to HIA but he passed, which makes AFB’s minutes (48) a bit confusing given all the drama.


Note: 5 minutes of golden point

Tatola burned early sellers as injuries and other factors saw him play a massive 56 minutes this week, and notch up an impressive score.

Ethan Lowe (57) continues to get sizeable minutes off the bench, which is partly to manage Sutton (52) given his age, but he also filled in a bit for Surgess (75) too.

Murray (65) put in one of his more impressive base stat performances this week, although he still managed a line break his week.

Turgess (32) saw a sharp drop in minutes while his twin Gurgess (30) also didn’t get that many minutes in his first game back, but I expect this to increase in the coming weeks.

Gagan (71) also had to go off for HIA (which he failed) late in the game, and there was a minor reshuffle with Turner slotting in at left centre again (I believe this is right, not 100% sure).


Surprisingly McGuire’s minutes (55) dropped this week despite no Taumalolo still, while McLean (51) and Scott (46) also saw small drops in minutes too. Asiata (48) has been in great form and Green has recognised this, giving him more minutes on the field without any injury.

Hess and Gooper continue to get 80 but neither are overly relevant at the moment, despite a nice try for Gooper off Morgan last week.

Granville played 71 minutes as Mitch Dunn (13) continues to fill in temporarily at hooker.


No Tapine again meant Bateman played the full 80 again on the right edge, and this week Sticky trusted Sutton a bit more, giving him 56 minutes. The extra minutes came mostly at the expense of Soliola.

Aside from that, there is no interest here with Tapine’s return imminent and Papalii’s minutes basically locked in around that 50 MPG mark.


Junior Paulo maintained his big minutes, playing 57 this week but his attacking stats were lacking, bringing him back down to earth a little. The extra minutes might have come due to Moeroa’s lack of fitness after his calf injury last week (only 34 minutes, 10 less than Round 2 so assume they might be taking precautions with him) but Alvaro’s minutes were capped at 33 as well, after playing 21 minutes in his first stint and then waiting until the 68th minute to return – not sure if there was anything to this.

Lane and Niukore both continue to hold down 80 minutes on the edges.

Terepo (46) was good again off the bench, and saw big minutes as a result. Mahoney played his first 80 minute game of the year – not surprising given the bench! Not much else to write home about.


Dugan went off early for HIA, which he passed but he played just 67 minutes. While he was off, JMoz (80) filled in at fullback and wasn’t too bad actually.

Fifita ran off the field around the 20-25 minute mark in the first half and was receiving treatment for back spasms. Plenty of SuperCoaches with the armband on Fifita (including yours truly) waited with heart in mouth for Fifita to return, and he did, playing out the game for a massive 73 minutes in total.

Woods (27) broke a bone in his foot which opened up extra minutes, with Sorensen (38) getting decent minutes in his first game of the season.
The Braileys shared the minutes again, with Jayden getting 61 and Blayke 19.

Not much else to note but expect Fifita to continue getting big minutes with Gal and Woods out.


The Storm had a few late outs which forced a reshuffle, with Chambers (80) playing in the unfamiliar position of left wing and Marion See (76) at left centre. Seve left the field with just 4 minutes to go; I’m not sure why he did this as I missed this part of the game. Papenhuyzen (12) debuted off the bench and was injected into the contest late, and finished off playing on the left flank after Seve went off.

Kamikamica (26), Welch (37), BSmith (32) and JBrom (48) all played basically their usual minutes, with Finucane (54) seeing a bit of a drop, to the dismay of (new) owners.

Not much else to note, although it seems that Stimson may be out of favour with the club after interest from rival clubs could see him out the door, and game time in first grade is unlikely to happen if that’s the case unless injury strikes KBrom (80) most likely.


An early syndesmosis injury to Napa (16) cut short his tryscoring (and moneymaking) spree for owners, and opened up massive minutes for Tolman (74) and also a bump for Elliott (60). CHN (73) also had to go off the field due to HIA, but he passed to return to play.

Jackson (59) continues to play lock despite Martin (80) being named there, and Martin continues to hold down 80 minutes on the left edge and racked up the work. He’s certainly SuperCoach-relevant when he gets the game time on the edge!

Ogden (21) and Smith (17) are yet to earn the trust of Dean Pay and couldn’t get much game time despite the injuries.

JMK (59) continues to be the primary hooking option, with Lichaa (21) getting junk minutes off the bench. What a fall from grace that was…


Note: 8 minutes of golden point

Interestingly only one forward for the Knights played the full game – Lachy Fitz. Yes, that means the fullback version of #Pongibbon stayed intact for the full game, but still couldn’t find any meat for Fitzy! Sione was replaced in the 58th minute which saw Barnett take over on the right edge (can a Knights fan please confirm?).

Klemmer smashed out another 67 minutes but managed to step up his ridiculous pure base stats even more than usual. It’s a pity he’ll play Origin because that floor is ridiculous!

Glasby (52) jumped up a bit in his minutes but otherwise he’s still not an option as a mid-ranger for now – if you haven’t sold, move him on.

Levi played 75 minutes with Mann deputising for him for just 13 minutes. Not much else to note here.


Note: 8 minutes of golden point

McInnes played the full 88 minutes which means the ridiculous rotation is well and truly dead – I was worried for a little bit with Lomax on the bench (9) but he’s been given the “Mann role” from last year – outside back who runs around playing as a middle forward for a limited number of minutes. Great work, Mary.

Friz’s return saw him play 64 minutes – a real ballsy effort from him (or should that be ball-y? Too harsh?). Lawrie copped the biggest hit to his minutes, dropping to just 31. Host (69) was injured and left the field, which resulted in a low score for him too.

Vaughan (62) went hard and it was like he and Klemmer were competing for the best base stats for the game. Graham (66) played a lot but his workrate just isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. Still an absolute warrior though! Korbin (20) is crazy for playing 15 minutes with a fractured forearm.


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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    Thanks Wilfred for the info. I am looking at a POD 2RF. Do you rate Fisher-Harris? 80 min, plays rd 12, has 50+ base and DPP – a swap for Garner. Alts are Matterson or Crichton though one doesn’t play 12 and the other is playing origin.

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    Great write-up as always CF. Not that it is that SC relevant but Egan copped a head knock and went off. Prob would have played the game out otherwise.