Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 3

Round 3 was absolutely shocking for me personally, but there’s a lot of interesting rotations to dig into – let’s get stuck in!


Alex Glenn (40) suffered a calf laceration which saw him miss the second half. He was replaced by Bullemor (40) on the left edge.

Farnworth (25) replaced Arthars (55) on the right wing – not due to injury, but Arthars just got hooked I believe.

The minutes remain impossible to predict, with Haas playing the full 80 minutes while the likes of Flegler (47), Carrigan (55), Ofahengaue (33) and Lodge (25) shared the middle forward minutes in unpredictable fashion.

Hopoate (80) played the full game again but he had a bit of a ‘mare.


No worries for the Eels as they spent so long with ball in hand that some forwards got to rest while on the field.

Mahoney (75) and Lane (69) both got early showers, while Matto (80) kept going the full game, including him netting some garbage time junk attacking stat too.

Paulo (56) was a monster and RCG (53) played plenty of minutes (but without much impact).

Niukore (51) had a mixed night and the remaining minutes were shared between Evans (38), Terepo (25), Stone (20) and Takairangi (13).


No injuries of any relevance for the Cowboys however Mitch Dunn (70) and Coen Hess (78) were both sinbinned (Hess was in the final minutes too!).

Lolo (59) beasted as usual, McGuire (67) played an interesting number of minutes, while McLean (49) got his usuals.

Interestingly, Granville (26) started but Robson (54) played most of the game at hooker after coming on (and looked far better too).

Asiata (26), Wright (9) and Molo (30) shared the remaining minutes.


The Titans were already reshuffled with their new-look spine, which then got another new look due to injuries (for the final team list).

Only some HIA concerns for the Titans, with Arrow (61) having to leave the field for his HIA (which he passed). Fotuaika (56) had a massive game, while Lisone (47) got a fair bit of game time too.

Boyd (21), Whitbread (37) and Wallace (41) shared the remaining middle forward minutes, while Peats (58) and Clark (22) shared the minutes at hooker.

Hipgrave (80) played the full 80 on the left edge without any major brainsnaps, and Proctor (57) played on the other edge.


No major injury concerns for the Roosters aside from Taukeiaho not even being named in the 17 this week, and Aubusson had some family matters to attend to.

This gave Crichton (80) the chance to start on the right edge, with Cordner (62) not making it through the whole game due to HIA. Tupouniua (18) filled in when Cordner went off.

Radley (67) had another big minute game at lock, scoring appropriately, while JWH (52), Collins (43), Butcher (41) and Liu (37) also saw decent minutes.

Friend (63) and Verrills (17) shared minutes at hooker as usual, although Friend did leave the field for a HIA which he passed.


The rotation was an absolute mess due to the number of HIAs they had to contend with. Tatola (52) was off early for a HIA which he passed, which saw Nicholls (38) come on.

Tatola then replaced a struggling Knight (32 – and five of those minutes he was hobbling around trying to walk off a ‘knee in the balls’ and was in obvious pain!), who later came on as a HIA replacement for Sironen (11) and then within the first minute he had to leave for a HIA himself, which he passed to return to the field late in the game.

Turgess (49), Amone (32) and Lowe (57) saw bigger minutes as a result. Su’A (58) didn’t play 80 this week and it’s seeming to be impossible to predict why.

Murray (71) appeared to move into the middle at times but not consistently – it may just have been due to the HIAs. Cook held down his usual 80 minutes,


Hiku (26) suffered a rib injury which saw him unable to continue. He was replaced by Lawton (54) which meant Egan (80) was required to play the full game.

Boom rookie Katoa (68) left the field for a HIA which he passed (thankfully!). Tohu (80) and Papali’I (72) played big minutes, although Papali’i may have gotten extra minutes due to a HIA for Vuniyayawa (33).

The other boom rookie Taunoa-Brown a.k.a. JTB a.k.a. Yung Maynie played only 39 minutes but his workrate was top notch during this time.

The remaining middle forward minutes where shared between Blair (54), the King, Paasi (26 – affected by HIA) and Murchie (28).


McInnes (80) is an absolute monster, coming straight back into 80 minutes at a high workrate. Frizell and Tariq Sims also played 80 minutes on their respective edges.

Aside from Vaughan (50), the rest of the middle forward minutes were spread very evenly between Korbin Sims (38), Lawrie (40), Kerr (40) and Graham (28), while Fuimaono (24) and Aitken (20) were given limited minutes in the middle off the bench.

Not much excitement here aside from maybe Frizell…


Fifita was a late scratching due to a calf injury, but it didn’t’ really seem to benefit anybody except the latest “ball playing lock”… Matt Moylan (46) – yes, John Morris used Moylan in the middle of the park and it just… didn’t work.

Townsend (67) also went off late in the game due to… *ahem* a hamstring injury – not hooked (!) – which saw Moylan fill in at five eighth a bit too.

Rudolf (41) got the start but somehow played less minutes than Moylan. Woods (51), Williams (39 – ew), Sorensen (32), Uele (29) and Magoulias (15) all copped a drop in minutes due to the presence of Moylan. Like, seriously?!

Graham, Nikora and Brailey all played the full 80.


No major injuries for the Tigers, and a first up 57 minutes for the boy wonder, Harry Grant, was extremely encouraging. Walters (23) was also very impressive off the bench and made a real impact when he came on.

Aloiai (47) and Mikaele (44) saw decent minutes as starting props but of course the real eye-popping number was Twal’s 80 minutes at lock. Beast!

Garner and Lucy swapped sides but churned through 80 minutes each, while Clark (33), the debutant Seyfarth (24) and Lawrence (12) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.


No injuries of note so we saw Cam Smith play his usual 80 minutes, as did Kaufusi although Kenny Bromwich (74) was subbed off late (but I can’t find any injury-related news so maybe he was just hooked).

Finucane (62), Jesse Bromwich (53) and Brandon Smith (45) played the other bigger minute roles in the middle, with NAS (31), Welch (27 – glad he’s back!), King (18) and ‘Tiny Tino’ (10) getting the remaining minutes.


Also no major injuries to note for the Raiders so we saw Hodgson, Tapine and Whitehead all get 80 minutes as usual.

Papalii (51), Horsburgh (50), Lui (42), Guler (37) and Soliola (34) shared the remaining middle forward minutes while Havili (22) and Oldfield (4) didn’t see much game time. It was good to see Rapana running around again!


N.B. there were 10 minutes of extra time

Isaah Yeo, you are a beast! 90 minutes at lock was ridiculous enough, but his base PPM during that time was off the charts. This man is in career best form and I hope for his sake it continues (even as a salty non-owner who didn’t trust his minutes or body to hold up… hah!).

Kikau (75) left the field due to HIA so yet again, it’s unclear what the minutes’ situation is here in this backlogged backrow. Capewell (83) had his first hitout as a Panther and went straight into the big minutes, only leaving the field due to a HIA interchange replacement (when Kikau returned to the field). That’s also without Liam Martin in the team – yuck!

Fisher-Harris (66) played lower minutes (relative to what he used to play) at prop, while Tamou (32) got much lower minutes than usual however I can’t find why he went off early in the game but never returned until the 64th minute (only to leave the field again).

Tetevano (47), Leota (35) both got more minutes than he did, while Burns (22) was only on the field while Kikau was off and Capewell was off for those seven minutes.

Lastly, Api Koroisau (76) had 14 minutes off the field while Kenny (14) was at hooker!


N.B. there were 10 minutes of extra time

The Knights were smashed by injury – losing Pearce after just five minutes (knocked out) which saw Watson (9) fill in for a few minutes (with Randall coming straight on at 9 and playing 77 minutes in his first grade debut – impressive!) before he too was struck down with injury (of the syndesmosis too it seems).

This saw Mann (90) take over at halfback with Sione (90) being his halves partner. Brodie Jones (81) came on and took over on the right edge. Guerra (90) played big minutes after only having a bench role the last two weeks.

Klemmer (65) churned through his usual truckload of work; DSaifiti (68) and Glasby (58) also played massive minutes. Ese’ese (42), JSaifiti (45) also saw higher minutes than usual due to the loss of Watson and Pearce.

The Knights were incredibly brave all things considered!

Sea Eagles

The only injury for the Sea Eagles was the loss of Dylan Walker (69) late in the game, which saw Lachlan Croker (18) play the last 11 minutes at five eighth. He had been on for Levi (77) at hooker but Levi came back on at the end once Walker went off.

Jake Turbo (65) was given an early shower with Waddell (15) taking over at lock, while Taupau (45) and Fonua-Blake (50) played slightly less than their usual minutes due to the scoreline.

This saw Keppie (38) get a little more game time, while Paseka (27) was eased into things on his first game back.


The Dogs lost Elliott (12) early in the piece, which saw Tolman (72) and Sue (49) play extra minutes as a result.

Averillo (20) initially replaced Marshall-King (78) at hooker but a head knock for Smith (62) saw Averillo move into the backline and JMK back on at hooker.

Britt (74) played big minutes on the edge while Jackson (80) and Napa (54) got their usual game time.

Faitala-Mariner (31) and To’omaga (28) played the remaining middle forward minutes.

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Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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    Magpies4Eva007 (@magpies4eva007)
    1 month ago

    Cheers CF, very much appreciated!

    The Pretender
    The Pretender (@the-pretender)
    1 month ago

    Quick comment on Api – when he went off Penrith looked hopeless (not pointing at Kenny, who looks a good prospect maybe more of a lock) and as soon as he came back they raced up the middle set after set but Burton could not seal the deal.
    Penrith look immensely better with Api on and he should be playing 80 with or without Kenny.

    RIP Donkeys: 1988-2020
    RIP Donkeys: 1988-2020 (@nrlsupercoach00)
    Reply to  Catfish
    1 month ago

    I’m glad you’ve finally come around to Api, Mr. Catfish. 

    WoolyScore (@woolyscore)
    Borderline keeper
    1 month ago

    Thanks Wilfred, I see you missed a few games

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