Wilfred’s Minutes – R3

In one of the more topsy-turvy rounds in recent memory, with some real highs (Teddy/Turbo) and some real lows (Burns). The injuries are already starting to mess with rotations so let’s take a look at how that all affected Round 3.

UPDATE: all teams updated now

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


There were no injuries of note for the Broncos this week, which game script having more of an impact on minutes than anything else. Tevita Pangai’s 70 minutes jump out at you but don’t count on this being a weekly occurrence, due to the Broncos being behind for the majority of the game and needing him to spark some attack with his strong runs and second phase play.

Fifita started on the right edge but only played 63 minutes – not sure whether this was because he was tired or because Seibold wanted to stiffen up the defence in the second half on that right edge as Gillett (62) spent most of his second stint on the right edge.

Flegler (24) was looking solid and on track for more minutes, before two bad errors inside the Broncos’ own end in quick succession left Seibold with no choice but to sub him off.

It’s worth noting that Bird (80) played some minutes at lock at the end of the game with Staggs (7) getting some junk time in at centre. Fensom (10) barely played and Flegler owners will be hoping he is dropped first when Lodge returns this week. All the other minutes were as expected.


The big talking point was of course Widdop’s 75th minute shoulder injury, which saw Lomax (5) replace him and play out the final minutes of the game at fullback.

With no Dufty on the bench, we didn’t see any spine reshuffles so McInnes played the full 80 at hooker. Vaughan (60) stepped up for some extra minutes this week and Graham got his usual minutes at around 53.

Host had an impressive game which saw him earn the full 80 minutes, with Leilua (8) only replacing Tariq (72) who went off in what looked like some discomfort, but there’s no specifics of what he was struggling with.

Lawrie (42) started and got through a huge amount of work, but unsurprisingly Korbin’s return saw him immediately assume bigger minutes (52) although his workrate was almost non-existent at times.


Tapine’s injury forced a reshuffle and this resulted in Sutton starting at lock and playing 48 minutes, a big increase from the first two weeks. These minutes came at the expense of Lui (19) ad Havili (27) who both saw a drop.

Papalii (49) seems to be locked in to play just under 50 MPG which isn’t enough – he should be moved on.

BateGUN (80) – that is all. Whitehead is getting 80 but is being well and truly overshadowed by the other English backrower. Hodgson continues to play 80 and we saw some signs of life from him this week.

There’s not much else of SuperCoach relevance going on in this team at the moment.


Klemmer has now played 64, 63 and 63 minutes across the first three rounds, and this week there weren’t any injuries to mess with the rotations mid-game aside from a Glasby HIA (which he passed). Lock him in for 60-65 minutes each week and lots of pure base.

Glasby’s minutes went down to 30 this week, although not sure what impact the HIA had on this. Owners probably should be moving him on given the plethora of good buys on offer this week.

Fitzgibbon and Sione continue to get 80 each on the edges. Levi (59) shared minutes with Buhrer (28) who also spent some time at lock.

Not much else of interest here with little SuperCoach relevance too.


Junior Paulo with a massive 62 minutes was very interesting, however it’s hard to see those minutes continuing indefinitely given the names to come back into the line-up in the next 2-3 weeks (especially Manu Ma’u).

Terepo (41) basically played the exact minutes Gower did last week (it was 42), while Oregon Kaufusi was a late call-up due to a warm-up injury to Tepai Moeroa. Oregon played just 18 minutes instead of the 57 or 44 minutes that Moeroa had been playing in the middle.

Lane and Niukore continued to lock down 80 minutes each on the edge. Salmon played just 13 minutes as he subbed Mahoney (67), and it was clear that he wasn’t a hooker.


Friend was back this week but still with no Cronk, which meant Latrell (80) to five eighth, Aubo (80) to centre and Angus (80) to start on the right edge. Friend lasted just 33 minutes before departing with a shoulder injury of some sort. This saw Radley (54) come off the bench and take over at hooker.

JWH (45) suffered a rib injury of some sort. The injuries to Friend and JWH meant bigger minutes for Liu (52), Tetevano (44) and Faamausili (35).

Cordner played his usual 80, and Lam played just 3 minutes in garbage time at the end.

Sea Eagles

Fonua-Blake only got 50 minutes this week, which was a bit disappointing following his Round 1 haul of 63 minutes. Taupau reassuringly got 52 minutes this week which, if he maintains somewhere around there, I’m confident that he will be a top 3 FRF by the year’s end.

Koroisau (35) didn’t play many minutes but I don’t think it was injury-related as far as I am aware; it seemed like Fainu was just killing it and Dessie decided to let him play more.

Thompson (66) was given an early shower, replaced by Gosiewski (14). Waddell played 31 minutes off the bench and he looks set for a decent run off the bench as one of Hasler’s picks.

Jake and Siro both played 80 which was a bit surprising, given the scoreline.


Issac Luke (41) suffered a hamstring strain and wasn’t able to finish the game, Tevaga (51) took over at hooker which meant there were plenty of middle forward minutes to go around.

Isaiah Papali’i was a late swap into the starting line-up and he played 80 minutes on the edge, with Blair (68) shifting to the middle. Tohu got his usual 80 minutes but scored at a poor rate.

Burr (36) was extremely busy during his time on the field, and Ah Mau (41) again played similar minutes. Bunty Afoa (39) copped a sizable drop on his minutes, which was disappointing for prospective or current owners. Paasi (44) also saw a little bump. Not sure whether this was a rotation issue or something else…

Beale rode the pine for 80 minutes. Given the length of time the Sea Eagles had the ball, often scoring in a single set off a kick-off, base stats for plenty of Warriors were down.


It’s a new-look Cowboys team with no Taumalolo but also a reshuffle of their spine and outside backs. This meant the minutes were unknown, but of note is Matt Scott’s slow increase (40, 50 and then 55) as well as McLean playing 55 minutes (56 last week) and McGuire getting 67 (after 72 last week).

Granville (66) shared minutes with Mitch Dunn (14) and Gooper and Hess continued to get their 80 minutes on the edges. Let’s not talk about Hess, he was extremely disappointing against that Sharks pack. The rest of the bench got irrelevant minutes.


Moylan went off with a knee injury with 11 minutes to go, prompting a reshuffle of Dugan to fullback and Capewell to centre, and I believe it was Jayden (76) came back on as his replacement playing somewhere in the middle or right edge (not 100% sure). It looked like Blayke (15) who replaced Jayden at the 65 minute mark was going to play out the game.

Gallen (23) got hurt early which meant big minutes for Woods (46) and Williams (42), and their dominance meant Fifita (55), Prior (39) and even Bukuya (34) weren’t really needed. I wouldn’t be too worried for Fifita; if the game was closer I have confidence that Fifita would have been on earlier.


DWZ (68) spent time off the field for HIA, and there was a minor reshuffle at the start of the second half with Fuimaono to centre and I believe Whare to the wing. I really don’t know because this game was ugly to watch and I won’t lie, I wasn’t paying attention. Hopefully a Panthers fan can clarify for me!

It’s hard to read too much into these minutes as Kikau’s return is imminent, which I believe will make a big difference to rotations. Tamou got 57 minutes again which was nice, but I can’t see him maintaining the minutes once Kikau’s taking 80 on the edge as expected.

Katoa (47) and Egan (33) shared the hooking minutes again. Frankenstein (64) played big minutes with Yeo absent, and Sele (48) played his biggest minutes this year.

How bad was Dylan Edwards – surprised he stayed on the full 80. Anyway, moving on.


CS9 (75), Chambers (75) and KBrom (67) all got early showers with Welch (36), BS14 (40) and Seve (13) getting extra minutes as a result. The Storm were so comfortable in this game, it was like they didn’t have to shift out of second gear.

JBrom (45) scored a late try to salvage his score but his minutes, as well as NAS’s minutes (37), just aren’t where they need to be to make them relevant. Kaufusi (80) continues to truck on, as does Finucane (65), and Kamikamica (27) seems incapable of getting to 30 minutes on the park.


Garner (32) looked gone for all money with an AC joint injury but he got needled up, and was able to return for the last 20 or so minutes. Saved his score with a late try and a heap of work – very impressive from him. MCK was the major beneficiary, coming on and playing 69 minutes.

Fonua (64) went off for HIA, which saw Matto (80) spend time in the centres with Marsters (80) at right wing. Benji (65) later got injured which saw Matto (who was at lock at the time with Garner and MCK on the field at the end) then shift to five eighth – where he then saved his score with a late try assist to Garner!

Twal (65) was very impressive as he played big minutes, as was Aloiai (61) which I suspect played into why Matulino (30) and Mikaele (24) and Packer (27) got less time on the field. Farah got his 80 minutes as expected.


Pay continues to use Tolman (56) in an… ‘interesting’ way as he plays him for 56 minutes straight and then takes him off, and doesn’t put him back on.

With Martin a late starter, we saw him get through 80 minutes on the left edge, with CHN playing 66 minutes on the right edge before limping off with a calf cramp or some calf-related injury. Jackson played 57 minutes at lock.

JMK (57) and Lichaa (23) shared the hooking minutes, and Napa (53) got big minutes again, as well as great attacking stats. Elliott continues to get decent, but irrelevant minutes (for SuperCoach) in the middle.


Burns lasted 24 minutes before going down with leg injuries, and was replaced at left centre by Kyle Turner. Yep. It explains a bit about why Brian Kelly went large!

Cook (79) actually left the field the final minute of the first half for HIA, and passed it during the halftime break and returned to start the second half.

Tatola (42) got his biggest minutes this year, which may have also been due to Sutton only playing 61 minutes.

Surgess (80) and Murray (61) played right around where their minutes have been. Not much of relevance here outside of the above options, although Lowe (49) is probably getting decent minutes for his price tag, it’s just not enough to make him worth paying in your 17, nor is he cheap enough to buy.


Brennan finally gets his starting pack right, giving up on Ryan James (62) starting on the edge and putting him up front where he is far more effective. Maybe Brennan even realised Boyd (32) is actually more effective in short stints off the bench, running at bench forwards! James back to the middle will potentially hurt Arrow’s PPM and minutes (57) though, so I’d stay away from him as a captain option for now.

Rein played the full 80 as expected, with Sami (4) replacing Arrow right at the end for junk time. King (14) and Hipgrave (23) are irrelevant with that bench.

Of course I have to talk about the Carty Party, who started on the left edge and played the whole game there. He looked more assured in defence (can’t believe I just said that) but actually lost in attack. He still scored well though, and presents as a very, very interesting prospect for those with the cajones to take a punt! [


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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    Cheers CF. I really find this article of great benefit to me. Thanks for continuing to put it together each week.

    Rex Bannercurse
    Rex Bannercurse

    The Penrith reshuffle was all of them standing under the posts while CS9 took another shot at goal

    Borderline keeper

    How bad was Edwards though! Poor bugger was nearly as bad as Kurt Mann for the Dragons a couple of years ago. Won’t go near him in SC but he’ll bounce back from that in real life footy

    matts tigers
    matts tigers

    hey Wilfred. Lodge back for broncos. How do you see the minutes shared. Gillett on the edge? Pangai at lock?


    Excellent article catfish, great resource for super coaches, always appreciated by me each week!

    Time For Plan B
    Time For Plan B

    Hey Catfish, just wanted to point out you have Sione Katoa listed in the Number 5 for the Panthers, when he plays 9. It says he’s a HOK/2RF, just listed up with the outside backs. Great write up as always.


    Correct CF
    Fuimaono to centre and Whare to the wing to cover DWZ HIA.


    Great info Catfish; as usual. I flunked with JoeO, too.

    Carty has me tempted, especially with 80mins, ‘some’ defensive stats and a few offloads.

    Could be the cash-cow & season’s 18th-20th man we’ve all been not waiting for.

    And I just read Carlos’ final warning.