Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 24

We have another new (old) overall leader again with Dezz a.k.a. Turbo Irvo reclaiming his position at the top which he had occupied for the significant part of the season. It would almost be fitting if Dezz managed to hold on for one more week but those right behind him certainly have the opportunity to make some moves and overtake him in this final round! Good luck to all those involved!

This will be the last Minutes wrap for the year (after all, no one cares about Round 25!) so I hope those who read weekly have gotten something out of the weekly breakdowns. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure!

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.

Matt is actually on holidays at the moment so we won’t have screenshots (yet) – they will be added as soon as the Minutes tab on his site are uploaded! Minutes are therefore taken from NRL.com so they may be slightly off from the minutes listed in NRL SuperCoach.


No major injuries however Jason Taumalolo (57) was visibly limping at the back end of the game – probably just ongoing management of his existing injury.

Bolton (47) played big minutes in his last home game as a Cowboy – although he may have injured his shoulder in this game as well. He was backed up by McLean (45). Molo (39), Hess (29) and Hola (23) played the remaining middle forward minutes.

Granville (54) and Kotter (26) shared minutes at hooker, while Gooper and Wright both played 80 minutes on the edges again.

The players with somewhat reliable minutes appear to be Taumalolo, Gooper, Wright and possibly McGuire who is expected to return this week.


No major injuries for the Bulldogs that forced someone to leave the field, however they did have some HIAs messing with their rotations. Chris Smith (26) left the field shortly after he had come onto the bench, meaning RFM (29) came onto the field earlier than planned. Smith later replaced To’omaga (23) at the start of the second half after passing his HIA.

Aside from this mucking around, Tolman (62), Napa (45) and Elliott (54) again played big minutes in the middle, with Jackson, CHN and JMK all playing 80 minutes at right edge, left edge and hooker respectively.

Cogger rode the pine for the full 80 yet again.

The only players I would trust minutes-wise this week would be Tolman, Jackson, CHN and maybe JMK.


The Warriors lost CHT (3) to an arm/wrist injury only shortly after he had come on to replace Issac Luke (67) due to a HIA (which Luke passed). This forced Tevaga (72) to spend about 10 minutes at hooker, although it gave him some extra time on ground.

Otherwise with Blair (80) and Papali’I (80) holding down the edges, Ah Mau (42), Paasi (38), Burr (45), Sao (38) and Lisone (14) played the remaining middle forward minutes.

The only players in this team whose minutes appear trustworthy would be Tevaga, Luke, Blair and Papali’i this week.


No major injuries for the Rabbitohs, which saw Surgess (48), Knight (48) and Murray (61) play the big minutes in the middle.

Sutton (72) was given an early shower at the end of the game, which gave Su’A (48) those extra 8 minutes, otherwise he shared the right edge with Lowe (40).

Otherwise, Tatola (29), Turner (25) and Nicholls (29) shared the remaining middle forward minutes, with Damien Cook playing 80 as always.

This week you have to play Cook but he’s a definite candidate for an early shower if they’re winning comfortably (as unlikely as that may be) so I’d avoid putting the Captain’s armband on him. Cam Murray’s minutes are also secure but everyone else is a bit ‘up in the air’.


N.B. there were two extra minutes of golden point in this game

There were no major injuries for the Broncos, with Shibasaki (0) not seeing the field at all. It was a mammoth effort from Payne Haas (82) who played the full game, as did David Fifita (82) and Matt Gillett (82).

This didn’t leave as many minutes left for the likes of Matt Lodge (58 – and was interchanged four separate times!), Carrigan (41), Flegler (28) and Kennedy (20).

McCullough (58) was sinbinned and also shared time at hooker with Segeyaro (34).

Haas, Lodge, DFifita and Gillett have their minutes fairly locked in while the rest aren’t able to be trusted.


N.B. there were two extra minutes of golden point in this game

No major injuries for the Eels but plenty of HIAs, with Alvaro (32) leaving the field in the 3rd minute, but he passed to return to the field later. Niukore (47) was his replacement before he too left the field after a while for a HIA. Gower (21) was his replacement before Niukore passed his HIA to return to the field at the start of the second half.

In all of that, Evans (53) and Paulo (61) played the big minutes in the middle with Nathan Brown out, and Terepo (15) barely saw the field.

Mahoney (82) and Ma’u (82) both played the full game, thus ending the Gutherson hooker rotation experiment, and Lane (73) spent some time in the middle of the field while Takairangi (28) played left edge, hence why Lane didn’t play the full game.

Ma’u and Paulo have the clear lead on minutes while even Shaun Lane has some uncertainty over his usage with BA occasionally switching him to the middle like he did this week. Gutho may even be an easier play this week against his old club, although how can you trust BA to not go back to his silly rotation with Mahoney?!


No major injuries for the Knights that affected the rotations.

This saw Klemmer (59), Glasby (43), DSaif (40), Ese’ese (38) and King (35) share the majority of the middle forward minutes, with Guerra (38) starting on the left edge before moving into the middle after Fitzgibbon (55) took over there. JSaif (20) got junk time minutes.

Barnett (72) was given an early shower given the dominant scoreline, while Watson (80) played the full 80 with no back-up hooker on the bench.

This week’s teamlist features Kurt Mann on the bench which casts a bit of a question mark over Connor Watson’s minutes. Not ideal! Otherwise, Klemmer and Barnett are the only other trustworthy options in this forward pack.


We saw Watkins (50) get hooked after one of the weakest defensive efforts I’ve seen in a long time (and this is with Bryce Cartwright in the team), with Tanah Boyd (30) coming on at five eighth and Peachey (80) moving to the centres.

Fotuaika (38) had his minutes restricted as he didn’t look 100% after a tackle, and it turns out he has been injured and is out this week. Arrow (63) saw extended minutes as a result, with Wallace (38) getting limited game time despite the injuries.

Whitbread (50) played decent minutes at prop before Brimson (30) came on and took over in a roaming Papenhuyzen-style role.

Stone and Proctor both played 80 minutes while Cartwright (21) didn’t see the field much.

Does anyone really own a Titan? I couldn’t trust anybody’s minutes aside from Rein and Peats at the moment, given not what happened this week but the previous two or three weeks after Brennan was sacked.

Sea Eagles

It was carnage this week for the Sea Eagles and obviously this was highlighted with the early injury to Tom Trbojevic (9); this saw Garrick (80) move to fullback and a reshuffle involving Gosiewski (69) move to the centres, and Waddell (71) playing on the left edge.

The Gos later left the field after a shocking hit from Chambers, which saw Koroisau (37) return to the field for the last 11 minutes. Fainu (54) was clearly preferred at hooker by Des this week.

AFB (56) shared minutes with Boyle (24) who later suffered a shoulder injury, while Taupau (55) shared minutes with Paseka (31) who also replaced Sironen (74) late in the game. Jake Turbo played the full 80 as expected.

It’s hard to trust anybody’s minutes with full confidence aside from Jake Turbo at the moment, but you’d think with the Sea Eagles needing a win to shore up a home final, they will want to play Taupau, AFB and Sironen for their proper minutes given all the inexperience they have around them due to injuries.  


The Storm didn’t suffer any mid-game injuries that impacted rotations, although Munster did aggravate a shoulder complaint which has resulted in a resting this week for him. His soul may have left his body temporarily too after Taufua cleaned him up – or “LAID HIM OUT” as the Yanks may say!

Finucane (58), BSmith (54), JBrom (45) and NAS (36) played the majority of the middle forward minutes while King (26), Tiny Tino (16) and Eisenhuth (6) saw junk time minutes.

CSmith, KBrom and Kaufusi all played 80 minutes each while Chambers (70) was sinbinned late in the second half.

Depending on how dominant the scoreline is this week, CSmith is a genuine contender for an early shower however you’d think his involvement in attack and his goalkicking floor makes him a must-play – although he may not be a standout captain option. I can see Bellamy resting any of his Origin stars in particular so the likes of Finucane, Kaufusi or the in-form Kenny Bromwich may be in line for an early shower too.


The only injury this week was to Taukeiaho (23) which meant Butcher (44) saw a little more game time.

Otherwise JWH (43), Liu (47), Radley (36 – just low minutes, didn’t need to play hooker and got an extended rest), Tetevano (33) and Collins (15) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Angus (80), Aubo (80) and Verrills (80) played the full game on the edges and at hooker, respectively.

Depending on how this game plays out, I can see some potential rests for players. With the latest news that Aubo is out, Angus looks likely to play 80 as Cordner will be rested before he does.


No major injuries for the Panthers that impacted rotations other than a HIA for Kikau (67) that forced him from the field, which he passed to return to the field.

Tamou (59) and JFH (80) played big minutes again, followed by Martin (59) on the edge and RCG (43) in the middle. Billy Burns (35) had a decent debut while Sione Katoa (34) was again… not very good, with Egan (52) preferred. Leota (34) and Leniu (21) didn’t see much game time either.

The Panthers remain frustrating to watch and aside from JFH and maybe Kikau, they aren’t that trustworthy with their minutes but both have potential upside this week against the Knights.


N.B. there were eight extra minutes of game time due to golden point.

Obviously the big talking point was Shaun Johnson’s pre-game quad issue – interestingly he had been held out of training all week due to another pre-exisitng leg (calf?) injury, with Flanagan training in his spot all week, but was ready to play this game until he injured his quad in the warm-up – that was why he was allowed to be replaced by Flanagan and the Sharks weren’t just forced to replace him with a player within the existing 17.

Either way it didn’t impact their rotation, but it did impact the likes of Nikora’s involvement and workrate in particular.

No injuries mid-game aside from a head knock to Josh Morris (76) which saw him leave the field for a HIA which he passed. Kurt Capewell (60) replaced him in the backline initially, before he left the field in the 20th minute.

Dugan (41) later suffered a head knock too and he wasn’t able to return to start the second half, and Capewell again returned to the field to play in the backs while Josh Morris played fullback.

Wade Graham (86) left the field just in the final two minutes for a HIA as well, which gave Bukuya (16) a little extra time on ground.

Otherwise Nikora and Brailey both played the full game on the right edge and at hooker respectively, with Gallen (63), Prior (61) and Woods (47) playing the majority of the middle forward minutes and Fifita (37), Uele (29) and Bukuya not seeing much game time in comparison.

It’s hard to trust the minutes of most players here with even Brailey not always playing 80 minutes aside from when Capewell isn’t available to replace him at hooker. Nikora and Graham you would usually expect the full game from on the edges while even Fifita off the bench is very hard to trust right now – although you can’t deny his PPM is ridiculous!


N.B. there were eight extra minutes of game time due to golden point.

There weren’t any injuries impacting rotations in this game as far as I am aware, with Hodgson, Bateman and Whitehead continuing to play the full game (88 minutes) in their respective positions.

Papalii (59), Lui (44) and Young (49) played the most middle forward minutes, with Soliola (35), Horsburgh (33), Sutton (24) and Havili (10) sharing the rest of the minutes – Horsburgh in particular had a ridiculously hard-working game in his 33 minutes on the field!

The trustworthy players (minutes-wise) appear to be Hodgson, Bateman, Whitehead and Papalii but obviously this week we see Bateman getting a breather, and the other two plus Papalii are prime candidates for an early shower if the Raiders get out to a dominant lead against the struggling Warriors. You’d play them but it’s just something to be mindful of as far as captaincy options go.


This game was messy for injuries and HIAs – get ready!

Firstly, Lomax (53) suffered a head knock and left the field for a HIA, which he failed. This saw Kaufusi (27) come onto the field to play on the right edge, with Jackson Ford (80) moving out to right centre and Euan Aitken (80) to the right wing.

Late in the game, McInnes (74) suffered a broken leg which saw Leilua (72) move to the halves and Ben Hunt (80) play hooker for the last six minutes. James Graham (60) also left the field in the first half for a HIA, which saw Josh Kerr (15) come onto the field until Graham passed the HIA to return at the start of the second half.

Kerr later came back to play just an extra minute or two before having to leave the field with a finger injury of some sort.

Somehow in all of this carnage, Vaughan (46) and Frizell (53) still managed to play limited minutes, with Korbin Sims (41) getting more game time along with Lawrie (36).

It is hard to trust anybody at all with even Leilua seemingly set for closer to 60 minutes than 80 minutes, but the attacking upside of Leilua makes him appealing against the Titans. Ford still seems likely and could possibly be trusted this week, but otherwise Graham may be the only trustworthy and reliable option of the middle forwards.


This game was messy for injuries and HIAs – get ready!

Injuries were kinder to the Tigers but HIAs, well, Lawrence (69) left the field for a HIA which he passed, which saw Chee-Kam (34) come onto the field and play out the game. Lawrence replaced Twal (39) when he passed his HIA.

Jennings (67) then left the field for a HIA and he was replaced by Garner (68), who had barely left the field before having to return to replace Jennings – this saw Chee-Kam play some centre during this time before Jennings passed his HIA to return to the field and replacing Garner again.

In all of that confusion, we also saw Matterson (67), Eisenhuth (55) and Taylor (47) playing the most minutes in the middle, with starters Mikaele (26) and Clark (37) not seeing that much time on ground.

Reynolds (50) came off the bench and played hooker and had quite an impressive game there.

Of the players that appear trustworthy in the forwards? Matterson and that’s about it!


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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