Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 21

Another week in the history books and we’re well and truly at the business end of the season now. Head-to-head finals start and of course, the overall race is really heating up with three teams well and truly jostling for the top spot. All the more reason to make sure you’re all over what’s been happening each week!

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


No injuries for the Cowboys that forced anybody from the field, although apparently Gela-Mosby (80) suffered a collarbone injury that has ended his season. Scott (32) also left the field in the 76th minute for a HIA, with Asiata (48) getting a few extra minutes as a result.

The big issue was again Taumalolo’s minutes – just 56! – with this four forward bench (even with no McLean), with McGuire (67) playing the biggest minutes although he spent 20 minutes at hooker while Granville (60) was off the field. This in turn meant Bolton (24), Molo (21) and Hola (12) played junk minutes.

Gooper and Wright both played 80 minutes on their respective edges.


No injuries for the Broncos in-game, with Alex Glenn missing out pre-game and Shibasaki (80) getting 80 minutes at left centre. Hopefully for the last time… with Pangai and Fifita holding down 80 minutes on the right and left edges respectively, this limited the middle forward minutes again.

Haas (62) continues to be an absolute machine, with Lodge (53) still scoring well in lower minutes. Ofahengaue (42), Flegler (30), Carrigan (40) and Kennedy (13) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.

Macca (53) and Seggy (27) split minutes at hooker again.


No injuries mid-game but Blair (67) was sinbinned late in the second half.

Papali’i played the full 80 minutes on one edge, while Burr (73) was given the extra minutes as he filled in for Blair on the edge while he was off the field.

Tevaga (62) shared minutes at hooker with Keighran (29), while he also spent some time playing as a middle forward too.

Ah Mau (53), Paasi (41) saw the biggest middle forward minutes after Burr and Tevaga, as did Sao (39), while Afoa (23) didn’t get much time on ground. Lisone (0) rode the pine for 80.

Sea Eagles

Brad Parker (21) went down in one of the more curious injuries of this weekend (he tapped the ball after a penalty and then went down), which saw Dylan Walker (80) shift to left centre initially, and Sironen (74) to the halves, but then later on they reshuffled to have Waddell (54) play left centre and Siro back to the right edge.

Siro later left the field early with a leg injury, which saw Koroisau (36) come on for the last six minutes. He had only played 30 minutes before Fainu (50) took over at hooker for the remainder of the game.

The injuries opened up big minutes for Fonua-Blake (69) and Taupau (54), with nominal support from Paseka (29) and Boyle (13).

As usual, Jake Turbo and Joel Thompson played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


No injuries this week aside from a HIA for To’o (70) which saw him off the field for just 10 minutes, with Yeo (45) getting some extra time on the field in the backline while To’o was passing his HIA.

This rotation was weird yet again, with Kikau only playing 72 minutes for no apparent reason, Liam Martin getting the full 80 as well as JFH playing the full 80 too.

Tamou (52) continues to be the alpha prop aside from JFH just beasting it all game, with some support from Leota (38) and RCG (33). The rookie Leniu played 10 minutes and Katoa (0) didn’t make it onto the field.


Matt Prior (7) went off early with a rib injury, which then meant big minutes for Gallen (57), Woods (49), Fifita (45) and Williams (39).

Fifita also went off with eight minutes to go with an aggravation of his chronic knee issue, and is missing this week as a result. Surprisingly Uele only played 28 minutes – not sure whether this was just due to the unexpected interchanges being used on Prior so early, etc.

Jayden Brailey, Wade Graham and Briton Nikora all played 80 minutes at their respective positions, and Capewell (15) got junk minutes.


We saw Pat Kaufusi (64) get his first start on the edge in this game, playing big minutes but then also leaving the field with a leg injury late in the game. He has been named to play this week.

Tariq (72) also left the field early, presumably due to the scoreline but also it came out afterwards that he had played all season with a groin injury suffered during the Charity Shield (in the preseason!). He has now gone for season-ending surgery which opens up some potential opportunities for the rest of this year.

Graham (67) and Vaughan (65) both had big games again, with Frizell (45) getting less minutes with the result in no doubt.

Leilua (32), Korbin Sims (22), Latimore (13) and debutant Jackson Ford (20) played the remaining minutes in the pack. Korbin may have gotten more minutes but for the fact he had to leave the field for a HIA, which he passed.


The big news was obviously the return of Jai Arrow, however he was managed to just 52 minutes in this game. Interestingly, Whitbread (58) still played the most minutes of the middle forwards, ahead of Fotuaika (54) and Wallace (50).

Stone (61) shared the left edge with Carty (19), while Proctor (80) and Rein (80) played the full game on the right edge and hooker respectively.

Brenko (13) and Latu (13) played junk minutes.


No injuries this week aside from a HIA for Niukore (40) who passed it to return to the field.

Ma’u, Lane and Brown all played 80 minutes in this game which is very interesting in particular for Brown. This meant less minutes available for the other middle forwards, with Paulo (54) getting the most minutes aside from Brown.

Gower (32), Alvaro (25), Terepo (17) and Moeroa (9) barely saw any minutes, with Terepo only being on the field when Mahoney (63) was off for a breather.

BA continues to persist with the Gutherson rotation, again killing Gutho’s SuperCoach production after he was beasting it from fullback.


No injury concerns but a few HIAs, with Levi (50) going off in the first 20 minutes and Watson (39) coming on at hooker. Levi passed the HIA and replaced Watson again, before being replaced by Watson again 20 minutes later. Levi came back one last time when Glasby (44) left the field for a HIA.

Klemmer (56) saw less minutes this game but was just as hardworking as always, with DSaif (43) getting closer to his usual minutes. Mata’utia (38), JSaif (30) and Guerra (20) played the remaining middle forward minutes, with Fitzgibbon and Barnett holding down 80 minutes again on the edges.  


No injuries this week or even HIAs, so it was another simple rotation.

Tolman (65) and Napa (60) saw big minutes again, with Smith (39), Fualalo (35), To’omaga (20) and RFM (19) sharing the remaining minutes.

CHN and Jackson played 80 on the edges as usual, with Lichaa (37) and JMK (43) sharing the minutes at hooker again. Nice and simple from Dean Pay.


It wasn’t as simple of a game for the Tigers with Mbye (9) suffering a quad/hip flexor injury in the warm-up and tried to play, but didn’t last long before having to leave the field.

This pushed Chee-Kam (80) to left centre, and Lawrence (71) came on to play on the edge. Garner (70) was sinbinned but otherwise he was playing the full game on the edge.

Farah (24) only lasted the 24 minutes despite suffering his leg injury in the opening 15 minutes, playing on bravely before succumbing to the injury. This saw Taylor (56) take over at hooker for the rest of the game.

All the changes meant massive minutes for Matto (76). Surprisingly, Clark (53) and Mikaele (45) were entrusted with the bigger minutes at prop, with Twal (35) and Eisenhuth (31) not seeing much game time. This will be something to keep an eye on for the rest of the year.


No injuries but Croker left the field in the 78th minute for a HIA.

Despite the lack of injuries, it was an interesting usage of the bench by Sticky with Tapine (61) seeing another big minute game at lock, and Papalii (54) and Lui (42) seeing the bigger minutes at prop.

This left Soliola (37), Sutton (26) and Horsburgh (19) to share the remaining middle forward minutes, although Soliola got an extra few minutes as he replaced Croker.

Havili (3) barely saw the field, while Hodgson, Bateman and Whitehead all played 80 minutes as usual.


Verrills (40) suffered an injury in the first half and didn’t return after halftime; luckily for the youngster he was cleared of any serious injury and has been named to play this week. Radley (80) took over at hooker in the second half after playing the first 40 at lock.

Manu (72) left the field briefly for a HIA, which he passed over halftime. Aubo (80) filled in at right centre while Manu was off the field. Crichton (80) played the full game on the left edge and proved himself to be quite dangerous yet again.

JWH (47), Tetevano (44), Liu (36) and Butcher (51) shared the bulk of the middle forward minutes, with Tupouniua (18) and Faamausili (12) not seeing much game time.


There were no injuries that forced a reshuffle in this game, although Adam Reynolds (80) was struggling in the last 10 minutes due to back spasms.

With no Surgess, Britt (68) and Lowe (80) held down the edges with Murray (60) also seeing big minutes at lock. Sutton (48) came off the bench to play on his usual left edge.

Knight (45), Tatola (37), Nicholls (32) and Turgess (30) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.

Turner (66) was playing left centre and was taken off at the back end for Allan (14) to score just 1 point in his time on ground.


Olam (21) left the field with a concussion/broken nose which forced a reshuffle of Chambers (80) to left centre and a mixture of Croft (80) defending at right centre but Stimson (59) playing at right centre in attack.

Kaufusi (70) was sinbinned early in the second half. Finucane (71), JBrom (58) and NAS (45) all played bigger minutes than usual, with Kamikamica (35) and Tiny Tino (29) also getting bigger minutes off the bench.

CSmith and KBrom played 80 minutes in their usual positions, while Billy Walters (2) was given a few junk minutes at the end.


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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