Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 17

Things were still pretty messy due to players resting after Origin or getting reduced minutes, but there are still plenty of things to dig through so let’s get stuck in.  

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


Liam Martin was a pre-game withdrawal which saw Yeo (76) start at lock and Winterstein (45) start on the right edge.

Obviously we all know about the toilet dramas which saw Kikau play just 52 minutes, with Egan (51) replacing him after 28 minutes. This prompted a reshuffle of Kenny (48) to lock, Yeo to the edge and Egan took over at hooker.

Later, Jed Cartwright finally made his first grade debut when he replaced Winterstein, playing just 16 minutes though before Kikau was ready to return and take over on his left edge again.

Yeo was given an early shower with Cartwright getting an extra few minutes, and JFH (79) left the field in the final minute with Leota (17) replacing him at the end.

Tamou (49) and RCG (47) played the remaining middle forward minutes with only Leota really losing minutes from Yeo being at lock.


Copley (17) went off early in the first half from a bad head clash, and he failed the subsequent HIA. This saw Matthews (63) come on and play on the left edge, with Cartwright (80) moving to right centre.

This was until Jacks (61) went off injured, which saw Carty shift into the halves, with Matthews taking over at right centre.

Fotuaika (54) had another big game but he ended up on the left edge for the last 19 minutes, with Peats (50) defending at lock and Rein (49) playing hooker at the end.

Wallace (67) played massive minutes as expected, with Stockwell (60) being the surprise benefactor of extra minutes. Boyd (31) and Whitbread (28) filled out the remaining middle forward minutes.


Kurt Mann (47) went off the field in the first half for treatment on a suspected sternum injury, which saw Tautau Moga (53) come on at left centre for his first game in 2019.

Mann returned to the field in the second half and played hooker while Levi (68) was off the field, before finishing the game in a roving middle forward role when Levi returned for the final 9 minutes of the game.

Klemmer (45) played less minutes off the bench as he backed up from Origin but still scored at a high PPM and should be back to his usual minutes and workrate next week.

Buhrer and Mata’utia both played 80 on their edges, while Ese’ese (35) was given much less game time given his massive minutes last week. Glasby (48), Saifiti (45) and King (27) played the remaining middle forward minutes.

Gavet (22) was sinbinned in the second half.


Aiden Tolman (19) left the field early on with a suspected rib injury which left him in considerable pain, and he was unable to return. Sue (8) replaced him but he would soon go down himself with what has now been confirmed as an ACL injury in horrible news for the prop.

This resulted in massive minutes for Napa (69), Elliott (60) and probably more minutes than planned for To’omaga (36), who was good in his time on ground. Smith (31) got his usual minutes.

Lichaa (69) had another impressive game at hooker but he also shared the role with JMK (29) with one of them defending at lock when both were on the field at the same time.

CHN and Jackson both played 80 minutes each on their respective edges.


No injury issues for the Bunnies but Britt (56) went off in the first half for a HIA, and was replaced by Sironen (16). Britt passed his HIA to return to start the second half.

Wayne Bennett’s rotation of his forwards was interesting to say the least with the likes of Su’A (50) and Turner (29) sharing minutes in the middle and then taking some minutes on the edge away from Sutton (68) and Britt.

Tatola (50), Knight (57) and Murray (51) held down the main middle forward minutes with Amone (23) continuing to get limited game time (typical Bennett rookie forward minutes).

Cook played 80 minutes as usual.

Sea Eagles

No major injury concerns for the Sea Eagles but Cust (71) left the field late in the game after a bad head knock, this saw a weird reshuffle as Fainu (74) was off the field at the time and Croker (13) was playing hooker, so Boyle (7) replaced Cust and Sironen (80) moved to five eighth temporarily before Fainu returned to the field for Boyle two minutes later, and then Croker moved to five eighth for the remainder of the game. Des then put Boyle back on for the final six minutes of the game, replacing Fonua-Blake (49) – so Boyle was put on, taken off, then put on again in the space of 9 minutes! Nice work Des!

Taupau (54) got more minutes than AFB again, and Jake was a monster as he played 80 minutes at lock again.

Waddell (26) continues to struggle for game time after AFB’s return from injury mid-season, and that has also coincided with Paseka (26) earning more of Hasler’s trust and getting an increase in minutes from earlier this year.

Joel Thompson continues to play 80 minutes as well.


N.B. there were 10 minutes of extra time

No injury concerns this week however there were an extra 10 minutes of game time due to golden point.

Haas (65) and Lodge (70) continue to be base stat beasts as they soak up huge minutes in the middle, with Flegler (37), Carrigan (37), Joe O (38) and Fifita (31) all given decent minutes.

Fifita also played the last 8 minutes on the edge after Pangai (82) was taken off early as he was gassed after he spent a large portion of his remaining energy on what he thought was a 1-on-1 steal and a race for the tryline – he was staying ahead of RTS for about 40 metres which was an impressive (but ultimately wasted) effort!

Glenn played the full 90 minutes on the left edge and Macca (49) and Seggy (41) shared the minutes at hooker.


N.B. there were 10 minutes of extra time

The only injury concern for the Warriors was Maumalo (54) leaving the field for a HIA which he failed. This saw CHT (40) – who had just come on for Luke (86) not long ago and was playing hooker – shift to left centre with Hiku (90) moving to the left wing.

Blair and Papali’i both played the full 90 minutes on the edges, and special mention has to go to Tevaga who played the full game at lock. It can be hard to tell if he was meant to play the full game but given the concussion for Maumalo, it’s hard to know as they would have had to use an extra unplanned substitution to take him off the field.

Burr (49), Paasi (45) and Ah Mau (43) played the other middle forward minutes with Afoa (29) and Lisone (14) seeing limited game time.


Cam Smith obviously played the full 80 in his 400th game, and did typically Cam Smith things.

All the Origin stars backed up and that made Kaufusi’s 80 minute stint all the more impressive. Finucane (50) and Welch (38) both played lower minutes as a result of the scoreline and the Origin factor.

KBrom played the full 80 as well with Stimson (16) taking over on the left edge at the end and KBrom finishing the game in the middle.

Hughes (74) was seemingly given an early shower with Papenhuyzen (12) not getting much game time at all this week, and spending the last six minutes at fullback.

JBrom (48), NAS (43) and BSmith (39) played the remaining middle forward minutes.


Moylan was a pre-game withdrawal and then Dugan, his replacement at fullback went off after 23 minutes with a hamstring injury, which saw Josh Morris (65) move to fullback and Kurt Capewell (80) – who was already playing left edge for the injured-Graham, move to right centre with Bukuya (57) taking over on the left edge.

Later on, a bad head clash between JMoz and Olam saw Xerri (80) shift from left centre to fullback, and then Nikora (80) went to right centre and Capewell back to left centre, and I believe it was Williams (51) who finished the game on the right edge.

The absence of Gallen and the unexpected usage of Bukuya on the edge meant more middle forward minutes on offer for Fifita (57), Uele (54), Woods (52) and Williams. Prior (41) is a clear last place as far as pecking order goes at the moment.


Jake Friend’s return of 58 minutes off the bench caused a big shake-up in the minutes this week, with Radley (72) starting at hooker for the first 22 minutes but then still playing 50 minutes at lock.

With Aubo (80) and Butcher (80 – and will be Cordner later) holding down the edges this week, that meant minutes went missing from Taukeiaho (33 – and also seemed to not be 100% after what looked like a potential head knock that wasn’t taken off for HIA), Liu (32) and Crichton (37), as well as more drops in minutes for Tupouniua (22) and Faamausili (18).

JWH was the only middle forward who got close to their usual minutes with 48.

With Radley and likely Butcher demanding minutes in the middle moving forward, that doesn’t bode well for the middle forwards at the Roosters.


The Cowboys lost Jordan Kahu after 45 minutes to an eye injury of some sort, which saw Hess (35) come off the bench and play left centre.

The four forward bench was always bad news for Lolo but even with Hess playing centre, the remaining three middle forwards still meant bad news for Lolo’s minutes, restricting him to just 58 for the game.

We saw McGuire (58 – great effort after his efforts at Origin), McLean (46), Scott (34), Bolton (22) and Molo (22) playing the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Granville, Cooper (in his 300th) and Wright all played 80 minutes in their respective positions.


No injuries or HIAs this week which makes some of the decisions all the more confusing. Maguire can’t seem to decide how he wants to play his middles, with constant fluctuations in minutes for Eisenhuth (50), Aloiai (31), Mikaele (39) and even Taylor (49).

Even his usage of Lawrence (66) and Chee-Kam (22) keep changing, as does his usage of Farah (57) and Liddle (28), with Farah sometimes playing lock for a bit too.

Twal (58) and Matterson (80) continue to be the most consistent forwards in this team.


No injuries or HIAs this week so we saw what could be a fairly normal rotation – both edges in Lane and Ma’u playing 80 minutes, Mahoney playing 80 minutes barring injury (came off at 74 minutes for an early shower), Salmon (as utility) playing nothing if there aren’t any injuries (played 6 minutes for Mahoney’s early shower), and Brown (65) and Paulo (53) getting the big minutes in the middle.

Gower (43), Evans (37) and then Niukore (27) and Moeroa (15) get the remaining middle forward minutes.


Latimore (20) suffered a knee injury in this game which meant bigger minutes for the other middle forwards. Leilua (51), KSims (47), Lawrie (45) and Robson (44) got the most with Vaughan (42) slightly restricted after Origin and with him managing an ankle issue.

Aitken (66) also went off for a HIA, and he was replaced at centre by Host (25) who then came back on late in the game for Frizell (69) who was given an early mark due to backing up from Origin. Host also took the conversion attempt late in the game, but missed!

Hunt (71) was given an early shower as well with the game lost, and I think Leilua actually finished the last 9 minutes in the halves!

McInnes played the full 80 at hooker as usual.


Cotric (59) was obviously sent off (if you hadn’t heard already) so the Raiders played the last 21 minutes with only 12 men. Interestingly enough, the score was 26-10 when it was 13 on 13, and 10-4 when it was 12 against 13 – both scorelines in the Raiders’ favour!

The only injury concern in this game was for Hodgson, who left the field in the 72nd minute with a knock to his foot – it didn’t seem that big of a deal though. Havili (20) finished the game at hooker.

There were two HIA concerns with Whitehead (64) going off initially (but passed to return to the field) with Papalii (50) coming on as his replacement as he came off the bench post-Origin.

Croker (78) then went off for a HIA just before halftime, but passed over the halftime break to return to start the second half. Bateman (80) filled in at left centre briefly with Tapine (48) on the right edge.

Otherwise Lui (44), Soliola (40), Horsburgh (36) and Guler (28) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes this week.


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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    Thanks Wilfred and congratulations on the big score last round great to see your team of Pods moving forward