Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 16

Just like Round 12, it can be hard to read too much into Round 16 minutes given the big outs, but it does give some snapshots into which players are likely to be indefinite holds, pending a drop-in minutes or production. There can also be some fools’ gold if you’re not looking carefully enough so let’s get stuck in.  

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


No injuries for the Dragons so in the absence of all their Origin stars, we saw Lawrie (59) and Leilua (65) step up – although Leilua didn’t have much fun with Croft having his way with him on that edge.

Host played 80 minutes on the right edge again with Korbin (44) being the next highest minutes played in the forwards, followed (surprisingly) by Pat Kaufusi (40) and Robson (38).

Kerr (27), Latimore (25) and Allgood (22) got junk minutes while McInnes played the full game at hooker as usual.


Stimson (73) almost played the whole game on the right edge until a head knock sent him off for a HIA, this saw Tiny Tino (27) get some extra minutes at the end of the game.

Vete (8) went off not long after he made it onto the field, suffering a suspected dislocated shoulder.

JBrom (60), BSmith (52) and NAS (41) played the majority of the middle forward minutes, with Kamikamica (37) also seeing a longer stint than usual.

KBrom and CSmith both played 80 minutes as usual, with Papenhuyzen surprisingly struggled after just 22 minutes this week, when he had looked comfortable playing longer minutes in the middle in previous weeks.


No injuries for the Tigers however Jennings (39) went off for a HIA which he failed. This saw Chee-Kam (41) come off the bench and play at left centre. This probably helped Lawrence played the full 80, while Matterson continued his 80 minute ways as well.

Eisenhuth (71) had a big game in the middle, getting more minutes than Twal (56) and Aloiai (43).

Taylor (40) and Mikaele (30) shared the remaining middle forward minutes, with Farah (58) and Liddle (22) sharing the minutes at hooker as usual.


Taukeiaho missing this week was offset by JWH’s return, which saw him play a solid 50 minutes straight up. Liu (50) and Tetevano (42) also played bigger minutes this week, although the biggest winner (yet again) was Nat Butcher who played the full 80 minutes on the left edge.

Crichton’s new role as bench middle forward saw him play 55 minutes and get through plenty of work; he had his best game for quite a while this week.

Manu (47) suffered a nasty head cut and failed his HIA – no thanks to Esan for his wayward elbow. This saw BMoz (80) shift to fullback with Aubo (80) moving to right centre and Tupouniua (37) spending some of that time on the right edge.

Radley (78) played almost the full game with Verrills (11) taking minimal minutes.

This is all going to get messy again with Friend expected to be back this week and Cordner to also come back in coming weeks too.  


The Knights missing Klemmer and DSaif meant there were plenty of minutes on offer for the middle forwards – Ese’ese (64) was the main beneficiary but even Gavet (49) and King (49) saw sharp increases in their game time.

JSaif (31), Guerra (28) and especially Saulo (8) got junk minutes, while the debutant with one of the coolest names for a while – Phoenix Crossland (11) was thrown on with not much time to go.

Special shout-out to Fitzgibbon who played the full 80 – most of it with a dislocated elbow! Levi (80) and Buhrer (80) also played 80 minutes.


The Warriors lost Lawton (14) early to a shoulder injury, which saw Luke (66) take over at hooker for the remainder of the game.

Tevaga (58) went off in the first half for a HIA – which he passed – but also had an ankle issue which he eventually left the field for again in the second half.

Hiku (71) also left the field late in the game, as he was obviously knocked out cold in an attempted tackle gone wrong. This saw Papali’i (80) shuffle to centre and Lisone (36) saw extra minutes late in the game as a result.

Paasi (49) also happened to get sinbinned in the final minute of the game. Ah Mau (48) and Burr (40) played the remaining minutes in the middle, with Afoa (17) not able to get more game time due to the Warriors wasting interchanges on their injuries.


Gallen lasted just 24 minutes before a glute issue forced him from the field. This meant bigger minutes for Williams (55), and Bukuya (49) in particular.

Moylan (58) also went off with a hamstring concern, which prompted a reshuffle of Josh Morris (80) to fullback and Capewell (80) moving from the left edge to the left wing. Bukuya took over on the left edge for the final 20 minutes I believe (please correct me if this is wrong).

Brailey (57) was sharing minutes at hooker with Flanagan (26) but of course, Brailey returned for the final three minutes with Johnson (77) hooked.

Woods (51), Prior (43) and Uele (40) shared the remaining minutes in the middle.


The Broncos lost O’Sullivan (41) at halftime, with Seggy (39) coming on to play at hooker and McCullough (80) joining Turpin (80) in the halves. Yes, the Broncos had three hookers playing in their spine for half this game.

Shibasaki (52) went off with a finger injury which saw Staggs (80) move to right centre and Glenn (80) playing left centre. Palasia (28) moved to the left edge in his debut off the bench.

Pangai (80) played the full game on the right edge and was incredible with ball in hand; however he is still struggling badly in defence on the edge.

Lodge (64), Haas (59) and Flegler (47) were great as the starting middles and Carrigan (44) had his best game in first grade. Kennedy (26) had an okay club debut.


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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    Thanks mate, love your work!

    Quick one – Do we know if TPJ will continue 80 minute games, or has their been injuries both broncs games..
    If 80min, I have him ahead of Klemmer (just for the ceiling).. Can anyone shed some light?

    TU: TPJ
    TD: Klemmer

    Borderline keeper

    I think it’s injuries & Origin that have increased his minutes. I reckon Glenn & Gillett are the edge backrowers who get the most minutes & Pangai gets pushed back into a lock/prop role with minutes around the 50-60 mark. Kikau is a similar type player but a bit dearer, might be a better option.