Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 13

In one of the most frustrating games of the round, we saw some pretty crazy rotations from some of our ‘favourite’ NRL coaches! Let’s get stuck in to the review of the minutes and leave this round far behind us as soon as we can.

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2019’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


We saw Cook back up from Origin and play 68 minutes, but his workrate was significantly down and he also made some uncharacteristic errors. Brittain (12) filled in at the end of the game once it was out of reach.

Tracey (53) the rookie wonder from Round 12 came crashing back to earth, and was hooked in the second half with Sutton shifting to five eighth and Lowe (29) playing the remainder of the game on the edge.

Murray was the other Origin player backing up and we saw him play 56 minutes but again, his workrate was down and he also made some errors.

Turgess (63) had a huge game (especially since he was sinbinned), as did Knight (48). Surgess (70) was sinbinned for his part in the most exciting part of the game, and Gurgess (32) went off for a HIA late in the game which explained the low minutes for him and also some extra minutes for Knight. Tatola (29) had an unusually low number of minutes and he should be moved on ASAP.


With no Klemmer for the first time this year, Glasby (53) and Ese’ese (36) saw a decent jump in minutes and Buhrer (23) also played in the middle as well as spelling Watson (74) for a short time only. Buhrer may have spent more time playing hooker if it wasn’t for a HIA to Mata’utia (42) – yes, another one! – which he passed.

Buhrer also came on for the last two minutes when Barnett (78) went off for a HIA, so keep an eye on him as he will need pass the usual protocols to play this week.

Fitzgibbon (70) and DSaif (44) were both sinbinned for their parts in the little push-and-shove. Saulo (2) was given just the last two minutes in this game.


The Tigers copped a few injuries in this game – Fonua (44) went off for a HIA early on which saw Lawrence (69) make an early entry into the game and MCK (80) shift to the centres.

Fonua passed his HIA to return to the field and that pushed MCK to the backrow and Matto to the backrow (and then into five eighth) when Benji (40) wasn’t able to return due to an eye injury.

Fonua then left the field in the 59th minute with a foot injury, which then saw Farah (65) coming on to play in the halves so that Matto could go back to the edge, and MCK into the backline again.

All the shuffling around saw bigger minutes for Twal (58), Mikaele (39) and also Liddle (32) with Farah needed in the halves later in the game.


Papalii (40) got less minutes backing up from Origin, which in turn saw bigger minutes for Soliola (40) and Sutton (64) primarily.

Havili (55) went off for a HIA shortly before halftime but passed it to return to the field in the second half; Starling (25) shared the minutes at hooker as expected.

Cotric (71) and Whitehead (76) were both given early showers with minor reshuffling to accommodate – nothing really to note aside from Bateman (80) spending the last 9 minutes at right centre and Tapine (40) on the edge.


No injuries for the Warriors aside from the pre-game resting/dropping of Herbert due to his quad issue/being late to training. Paasi (47) did leave the field for a HIA but he passed it to return to the field.

Tohu and Papali’i both continue to get 80 minutes, although note that Tohu has been withdrawn from the representative round to manage a knee injury that he has been carrying and playing with.

Blair (62) had a surprisingly decent game for the Warriors, although it didn’t help their cause in winning, but it explains his bigger minutes.

Ah Mau (49) and Afoa (39) got their usual minutes while Burr (27) continues to drop game time while coming off the bench. Surely he’s been sold by now…

Luke (61) kicked goals and shared minutes with Lawton (19).


No injuries for the Storm aside from a head knock for Addo-Carr (75) which saw him leave the field just before half time, but he passed it to return for the start of the second half. Croft (28) was taken off the field for ‘concussion’ but the jury is still out on whether that was all it was, given his horrid start to the game. Papenhuyzen (52) came on for him which saw Hughes (80) shift to the halves and have a blinder of a game there.

Munster (76) had an early shower since he had backed up from Origin, and Kaufusi (62) was also rested with the game comfortably in hand.

This may in turn explain some bigger minutes for Finucane (70), while Stimson (23) replaced Addo-Carr in the first half and then Kaufusi in the second half. Welch (35) was sinbinned which restricted his game time.

BSmith (47) has since a bit of an increase in minutes lately with two consecutive weeks of 47 minutes, although last game was due to Finucane’s 7th minute head knock.


No injuries for the Sharks aside from Jayden Brailey (74) who hyperextended his knee late in the game, I’m not 100% sure but I think Capewell (46) filled in at hooker for the last few minutes.

We also saw the return of Wade Graham, who played just 32 minutes but had a massive impact. As expected, he took Capewell’s spot on the left edge with Nikora (80) playing the full 80 as usual.

Gallen (52) and Bukuya (28) continue to share the minutes at lock, and given the scoreline Fifita (46) and Prior (46) played less minutes with Williams (40) and Uele (34) getting more time on ground.  


The major issue for the Eels was Gutho’s 2nd minute head knock which saw him leave the field and not return, this saw Will Smith play fullback and David Gower (78) play five eighth – classic BA! It’s not like there’s a few guys in his actual backline who can play fullback, and some of his backrowers that can play centre…

Anyway that opened up bigger minutes in the middle for the likes of Paulo (57) and Nathan Brown (44) in his first game back from a pectoral injury suffered in round 1. Niukore (40) is spending more time in the middle although he got a few more minutes on the edges this game due to Ma’u (68) leaving the field for a HIA (which he passed) and when he returned, Lane (75) went off for the final five minutes for an early shower given the result was in no doubt. Ma’u appears set to maintain 80 minutes on the edge but there’s a big watch on those minutes as he needs to maintain 80 to have the base to be an indefinite hold.

Mahoney made it through another 80 minutes.


McLean (37) suffered a hamstring injury which saw the Cowboys finish the game with 12 men for the final 12 or so minutes. The other injury for the Cowboys was to Dunn (66), which saw one of Hess (70) or Wright (31) playing centre.

Lolo smashed out another 80 minute monster while McGuire had only 49 minutes given he was backing up from Origin. Molo (21) had massive impact in his limited minutes, while Bolton (34) didn’t get that many minutes either.

Granville (69) shared minutes with the debutant, Cotter (11).

Sea Eagles

No injuries for the Sea Eagles this week and we saw AFB (51) and Taupau (48) get more normal minutes, with Des back to his habit of barely trusting his bench players given Boyle (11), Paseka (21), Gosiewski (19) barely played. It’s worth noting that the Gos was also sinbinned.

Koroisau (65) also played the majority of the minutes with Fainu (15) barely getting on the field.

Jake Turbo smashed out 80 minutes post-Origin – what a machine! Siro and Thompson played their usual 80 minutes on the edges.


The Broncos had Tom Dearden go down with a serious ankle injury after just six minutes, forcing a reshuffle of Turpin (80) to the halves and McCullough (74) off the bench to hooker.

Fifita (67) started on the right edge and spent the majority of the game there, before being subbed off for Pangai (56) in pursuit of points. Glenn (80) played the whole game but actually injured his MCL and will miss some time.

Haas only played 47 minutes but he is just a physical freak. Lodge (58) played bigger minutes as expected, as did Pangai although Tevita still had three shorter stints for his time on ground. Carrigan (39) played his highest minutes this year in JoeO’s absence.


The Titans had Jacks (80) and Peats (45) come in for Ash Taylor and from injury, with Rein (35) relegated to a bench spot immediately.

Wallace (59) and Fotuaika (56) played bigger minutes as expected, with Arrow only playing 42 minutes given he was backing up after Origin.

Brennan persisted with Peachey (56) off the bench, while Whitbread (40) saw decent minutes as well with Stockwell (7) barely seeing the field. Hipgrave (60) is a walking penalty and error case but somehow gets bulk minutes. Garth Brennan, eh?


More moving parts for the Panthers with Kenny (62) getting the start at hooker, and Egan (32) playing off the bench. Not sure where they each played when they were both on the field at the same time, as Kikau (80) played the full game on the left edge, Martin (80) on the right edge and the rest of the middle forward minutes were shared between JFH (70), RCG (53), Tamou (50), Leota (23) and Winterstein (23) briefly. Luai never made it onto the field.


The Roosters rested Crichton and Latrell in this game, as well as having JWH suspended, so the starting line-up was already interesting but then the bench was weird with Ikuvalu (8) playing off the bench and replacing Aubo (72) who was left centre.

Verrills (76) played almost the whole game at hooker in his first start, with Radley (58) coming on off the bench to play in the middle mainly but also substituting for Verrills when he was off the field.

Cordner backed up after Origin (as did Teddy) and both worked hard for the full 80 minutes they were on the field.

Butcher (61) had a great game off the bench which saw him play big minutes, and restricted Tetevano (32) and Liu (31) despite the fact that they started the game. Tupouniua (62) also played big minutes and of course, Taukeiaho (63) played big minutes as expected with JWH out. Collins (17) replaced TKO when he was off the field but overall, these rotations were a mess and I wouldn’t worry too much about them.


No injuries for the Bulldogs aside from Cogger (25) getting knocked out by Tariq Sims. This saw

Rhyse Martin (55) coming on and playing in the halves. Classic move, Dean. Tolman (53) was underwhelming in his time on ground and he needs to be sold as he just isn’t getting the minutes he was earlier this season with JMK now a bona fide 80 minute hooker.

Napa (46) played decent minutes after not many minutes on Wednesday, and we saw Elliott (80) playing the full 80 minutes with RFM (65) and Jackson (61) also having decent minutes in the backrow.

Sue (43), Fualalo (27) and Ogden (25) played irrelevant SuperCoach minutes again


No injuries for the Dragons with Hunt (75) having a big game as he backed up his 80 minute effort in Origin – huge! He did get a 5 minute breather with Field (5) coming onto the… field… for the final five minutes.

Host (80) played the full game but this may have been due to managing Frizell (52) and Vaughan (51) after Origin as well.

Latimore (17) barely played though, while Robson (40) had a decent number of minutes yet again.

McInnes again played 80 but had less work to do with the Dragons very comfortable on the scoreboard for most of the game.


Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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    Thanks Catfish.

    Mmmmm to hold Capewell for 16 or not?

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    Thanks CF
    Kenny played a bit of lock when Egan came on.
    He has played a little bit of lock in the lower grades in the past.
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    Good sledge on the Warriors!

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    Living on the edge

    So Robson didn’t affect McInnes? I heard McIness was moved to second row. Is this true?

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    Pot Luck

    McInnes took 2 hitups in that match I believe. He was at dummy half for 80 mins. Robson didn’t affect him at all.


    Gower at 5/8th wasn’t the worst choice by BA. The 34 year old Gower seems more likely than most of our players at consistently throwing decent passes. The rationale behind Will Smith at FLB was probably to mitigate the big Sharks forwards targetting him in the defensive line but so much for that plan since those forwards squashed past Moses instead sad