Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 13

2020 just doesn’t seem to want to quit; just when we think we’ve had a tough round, another doozie drops. This week was rough! Let’s check out what happened.  

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2020’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


The Dragons lost Tariq Sims (51) to a shoulder injury, which saw Fuimaono (29) take over on his edge. This may have impacted the middle forward minutes and given Ford (65), Lawrie (48) and Kerr (40) some extra game time.

The remaining middle forward minutes were split between Merrin (22) and Ellis (17), with McInnes (80) playing lock when Sailor (48) came on to play in the halves, pushing Hunt (80) to hooker for the final 48 minutes.

Frizell played 80 minutes on the edge as usual.


No major injury concerns aside from Ikuvalu (66) who came off the field for his HIA, which he passed. Hutchison (32) came onto the field to play right centre, with Manu (80) playing on the wing. Hutchison also spent time playing some dummy half/lock (alternating with Friend a bit) for the other 18 minutes he was on the field.

Liu (54) has been saying good minutes since Angus’s injury but obviously the real winner this week was Taukeiaho (80) who was a monster in the middle. I wouldn’t count on those minutes week to week though with no JWH the week just gone, and the rookies of Fifita (10) and Bailey (8) playing hardly any minutes.

Fa’amausili (31) and Collins (39) played decent minutes, while Tupouniua (80), Butcher (80) and Friend (80) played on the left edge, right edge and hooker respectively.

Sea Eagles

The Sea Eagles were already well down on troops with Thompson and Sironen out injured, and then they lost Fonua-Blake (20) to a knee injury, and then Taupau (52) to a swinging arm, which saw him fail the HIA. This saw Paseka (45) step up, with Keppie (24) and Boyle (24) still not playing many minutes. It did look like Paseka may have also had to leave the field due to an act of foul play as well.

Waddell (80) played the whole game on one edge and Olakau’atu (75) played 70 minutes on the other edge, before coming off for five minutes and then going straight back on for the final five minutes.

Levi (51) and Croker (20) shared the minutes at hooker.


No injuries for the Warriors but they did have both Lawton (63) and Hetherington (70) sinbinned during the game.

Hetherington also started on the right edge with Harris (74) playing middle. Katoa (61) curiously didn’t play the full game, and I don’t think injury had anything to do with it.

Tevaga (49) played hooker while Lawton was in the bin, and in the second half Egan (26) played hooker when Lawton was off the field, before Lawton replaced Katoa on the edge. Jazz’s minutes are somewhat concerning but his workrate is undeniable.

Taunoa-Brown (34), Blair (24), Burr (38) and Alvaro (21) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes.


The Rabbitohs only had to deal with Tatola (42) leaving the field with about 10 minutes to go, which gave Koloamatangi (42) some extra minutes late in the game. The remaining middle forward minutes were shared between Turgess (46), Nicholls (42), Knight (40) and Mago (28).

The late swap of Murray (80) to the left edge meant Sironen (57) shared minutes with Johns (23) on the right edge.

Cook played 80 minutes at hooker as usual.


No injuries concerns for the Broncos although there was some speculation that Carrigan (45) had to come off for a HIA, but it could just as easily been him being hooked for giving away the penalty that saw Tatola leave the field for his HIA.

The return of Lodge (35) off the bench and Fifita (80), forcing Ofahengaue (30) to the middle, may have also had something to do with the minutes. It also impacted Flegler’s minutes too (40) while Te’o (10) barely saw any game time.

Pangai (80) and Haas (80) also played the full game, and it was interesting to note that Pangai played left edge with Fifita on the right, which makes me wonder if Pangai moves back into the middle off the bench when Glenn returns to start on the left edge again.

Turpin (66) and Luke (14) shared the minutes at hooker.


The major news was the injury to Cam Munster (54), which saw Jacks (26) come on as his replacement for the rest of the game. Tiny Tino (71) also came off before halftime for a HIA, which he passed to start the second half.

With Finucane rested and CSmith injured, BSmith (67) played most of the game at hooker, with Lewis (13) coming onto the left edge while BSmith was off the field, and KBrom (80) played hooker while he was off. Kaufusi (63) also had an early shower which saw Tino finish the game on the right edge after starting the game at lock.

JBrom (59) and NAS (49) both picked up the majority of the middle forward minutes, with Vete (22) not getting much game time.


The Bulldogs lost Averillo (17) to injury quite early, which saw Reimis Smith (63) coming off the bench to play right centre for the rest of the game.

Katoa (57 – incorrectly attributed to the other Sione Katoa in the screenshot hah!) started at hooker with JMK (29) taking some minutes at hooker, before Katoa came back to play some lock late in the game.

Luke Thompson’s minutes (47) have evened out a little with Tolman (50) still getting decent minutes of the bench. The big winner might actually be Napa (57) who has seen his highest / close to his highest minutes all season the past two weeks since Thompson dropped to sub-50. Ogden (49) also saw a big bump, with Sue (31) not seeing that much of the field.

Jackson and RFM played 80 minutes on their respective edges as usual


No injury concerns for the Knights with them having a comfortable win over the Tigers, although Shibasaki (67) did come off late in the second half for Guerra which may have been due to cramps (not sure, please help clarify Knights fans).

In his first game as starting hooker, Mann played the full 80 minutes although he shifted to lock when Crossland (20) came on, which is a good sign for him, although he ended pushed to centre after Shibasaki went off.

Barnett (72) started the game at lock but moved to the right edge after Guerra went off, and he might have stayed on for 80 minutes if the scoreline was closer, but I think he had an early shower with King (30) getting a few extra minutes at the end of the game.

Klemmer (58) and JSaif (46) played the bulk of the middle forward minutes with Ese’ese (36), King and Jones (25) chipping in of the bench.

Lachy Fitzgibbon played 80 minutes on the left edge as usual.


Unfortunately the Tigers lost Billy Walters (11) for the year, this meant Mbye (80) played the full game, most of it at hooker, but interestingly Mbye stayed on the field when Walters came on (although this could all change next week).

Again with no Twal we saw Eisenhuth (62) get big minutes, as did Packer (55). Aloiai’s minutes (38) dropped surprisingly, with Mikaele (22) and Blore (23) not getting that much game time.

McIntyre (44) was a late swap to the bench for Lawrence (65), so he played middle until the last 15 minutes which he finished on the edge.


No injury concerns for the Panthers, with Aekins (75) coming off early to let Laurie (5) have some garbage time in his first grade debut. He played fullback for the last five minutes.

Otherwise Yeo (80), Martin (80) and Koroisau (80) played their usual minutes, with Kikau (70) on his way to 80 minutes but then he came off early, possibly due to the scoreline.

JFH (54) played lower minutes again in the middle, with Tamou (37), Leota (39), Tetevano (26) and Leniu (14) sharing the remaining middle forward minutes.


The Raiders lost Havili (47) to an arm injury of sorts, but for the first time Starling (33) didn’t really get more minutes. He was previously sharing the field with Havili with Starling playing hooker and Havili at lock; this week they only shared minutes at hooker.

CNK (76) came off a little early, not sure if injury-related or if they didn’t want to risk him any further. Papalii (62), Tapine (44), Young (41), Sutton (39), Lui (34) and CHN (24) shared the remaining middle forward minutes in the pack.

Whitehead and Bateman played 80 minutes on their respective edges.


No major injuries that impacted the Titans rotations from what I can see, it may have been an early shower for Ash Taylor (69) with Boyd (11) replacing him in the halves. This meant Peats played the full 80 minutes at hooker.

Fotuaika (43) played lower minutes, probably due to the scoreline. Jolliffe (52) saw his highest minutes of the year, with Arrow (60) hitting 60 minutes for the first time since Round 6.

The remaining middle forward minutes were shared between Peachey (51), Lisone (28) and Wallace (20), with Hipgrave only playing 66 minutes on his edge as well and Proctor playing 80 on his edge.


No major injuries for the Cowboys either, although the first time Granville (54) has played since Round 5. He came on for Robson (26) and then stayed on for the rest of the game, which is extremely weird for Robson.

It was also the first time we saw all of Taumalolo (70), McGuire (56) and McLean (42) playing together since Round 7. Lolo spent some of his game time on the edge (in the first half), which explained his lower workrate initially. This meant there weren’t many minutes available for Gilbert (20) and the debutant Pere (10).

Dunn (80) and Hess (80) both played the full game on their respective edges.


The Sharks didn’t have any major injuries to deal with, although they had Sorensen (35) go off for a HIA which he passed, and Mulitalo (67) also left the field late in the game for a HIA. It’s unclear whether he passed the gameday HIA and he will need to go through the usual HIA protocols if need be.

Tracey (13) came on for the remainder of the game at right centre, with Ramien going to the wing. The weird part was that Brailey (80) defended at centre with Tracey in the middle, and Tracey was at right centre in attack.

Rudolf (57) may have gotten some extra minutes with the Sorensen HIA, with Woods (48), Uele (49) and Hunt (35) also shared middle forward minutes, with Hilton (16) not seeing much of the field.

Graham and Talakai both played 80 minutes on their edges.


No dramas for the Eels so we saw a normal-ish rotation, aside from the fact that Matterson still didn’t play. Niukore (65) saw decent minutes this week, with Davey (15) taking the remaining minutes on the right edge.

RCG (59) and Paulo (54) played their lowest minutes for about four weeks. NBrown (64) seems to have settled into a regular rotation now as well.

The remaining middle forward minutes were shared between Evans (24), Stone (22) and Kaufusi (17), with Lane and Mahoney playing 80 minutes in their usual positions.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
2 months ago

Always an interesting read Wilfred. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

Gailes Force
Gailes Force (@gailesforce)
2 months ago

Sione Katoa mins are fixed, my least favourite player 🙂

Gailes Force
Gailes Force (@gailesforce)
2 months ago

I could be wrong but I thought Mann moved out to right centre for the last 20mins?

Serc (@serc)
2 months ago

Thanks for this one mate! Always read it each week

Thurstonville (@thurstonville)
2 months ago

Thanks allways read . Can you do the broncos board meeting minutes . Lots of swear word i reckon .

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