Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 12

It just doesn’t get any easier this year! It’s chaos, I’m all for it. All the more reason why it’s so important to see what happened this week.

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2020’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


The Dragons were relatively untroubled injury-wise until the final minutes, when Aitken (75) went off with a hamstring issue. This saw Ford (62) get a few extra minutes while Fuimaono (22) shifted out to left centre. Then Ford left the field in the final minute for a HIA, with Tariq Sims (66) coming back on for the final minute.

It’s hard to read too much into the minutes here with Clune and Merrin out of the line-up, meaning Hunt (80) played most of the game at halfback, aside from the final 13 minutes when Sailor came on, which pushed Hunt to hooker and McInnes (80) to lock for the rest of the game.

The rest of the middle forward minutes were shared between Vaughan (61), Lawrie (45), Kerr (35) and Host (21), while Frizell played the full 80 minutes.


The Rabbitohs lost Reynolds (8) early on, which saw Bayley Sironen (80) shift into the halves and Cam Murray (80) out to the left edge. This had definite flow-on effects for SuperCoach purposes.

This saw Knight (37) come on earlier than expected at lock, while Turgess (57) and Tatola (51) both saw bigger minutes than usual. Nicholls (36), Koloamatangi (32) and Mago (20) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.

Su’A and Cook both played 80 minutes in their usual positions, while Paulo (79) left the field early for a HIA.


No major injuries for the Tigers however we still saw some interesting rotations due to the return of Twal (50) who hadn’t played for a number of weeks plus also copped a sternum injury during the game, which may have limited his minutes a bit.

Aloiai (54), McIntyre (47) and Mikaele (41) shared the bulk of the remaining middle forward minutes, with some support from Clark (20) and Blore (19).

This time we saw Brooks (20) replace Billy Walters (68) in the halves, leaving Grant to play the full 80. Walters ended up coming back on for the last eight minutes, just playing in the middle of the field to tackle.

Lucy and Garner both played the full 80 minutes on their respective edges.


No injuries either for the Warriors, aside from Lawton (48) leaving the field just before halftime for a HIA, which he passed to return to start the second half. Egan (32) shared the minutes at hooker with him.

The rotations were a bit confusing in this game, with Tevaga (52) now at lock, and Katoa (80) holding down the left edge. Tohu (61) started on the right edge, but then moved into the middle later with Hetherington (80) starting at prop but then moving to the right edge, after Tohu went off, for the rest of the game.

This meant the minutes for Taunoa-Brown (36), Blair (28), Burr (44) and Alvaro (19) were fairly limited.


The Broncos got out relatively unscathed injury-wise, with just the hookers taking turns leaving the field for HIAs, which were passed. Turpin (60) and Luke (20) shared minutes at hooker.

Haas (66) got another short rest, with Carrigan (80) playing the full game at lock.

With Pangai and Ofahengaue both playing the full 80 minutes on their respective edges, there weren’t many minutes left for Flegler (42), Te’o (20), Kennedy (22) and Bullemor (10) to share amongst themselves.


The Sharks lost Ferris (67) to a knee injury late in the game, which saw Wilton (28) move to right centre for the last 13 minutes of the game.

We saw a drop in Rudolf’s minutes this week to just 41, with Uele (51), Woods (66) and Hunt (39) all seeing an increase in their game time. Williams (28) didn’t get much time himself.

Brailey (61) shared minutes at hooker with Tracey (19), with Nikora and Graham both playing the full 80 minutes on their respective edges.  


The Roosters lost JWH (32) to a calf injury, but otherwise they were relatively untroubled injury-wise (mid-game, that is). This saw extra minutes for Taukeiaho (62) and Liu (52) mostly. Friend also played the full game, but 31 minutes of it (while Lam was on at hooker) was at lock.

Collins (34), Fa’amausili (18) and the debutant Fifita (11) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.

Butcher and Aubo played the full 80 on their respective edges.


No injuries for the Titans but Arrow (52) left the field just before halftime for a HIA, which he passed in order to start the second half.

The other middle forward minutes were mostly shared between Fotuaika (57), Peachey (46), Jolliffe (35), Stone (31) and Wallace (29). Peats (56) and Boyd (24) shared the minutes at hooker.

Proctor played the full 80 minutes on the left edge.

Kelly (70) and Hipgrave (60) both got sinbinned in this game.


The Cowboys had to deal with some HIA concerns, with the Hammer (79) leaving the field just before halftime to take his HIA, which he passed to return early in the second half.

Asiata (28) also seemed to cop another injury which is unfortunate for him given how much time he has already missed this year.

It was interesting that Lolo ‘only’ played 64 minutes given the absence of McGuire (who has been a beast this year with minutes); McLean (41), Molo (40), Gilbert (30), Dunn (30) and Cooper (16) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes, with Dunn also taking some minutes off Wright (68).

Robson and Hess both played 80 minutes in their respective positions.


The Raiders had to deal with the knee injury to Valemei (49), which saw CHN (31) debut of the club off the bench and slot straight into centre, with Scott (80) moving to the wing. Otherwise we saw Bateman’s long-awaited return, and he didn’t miss a beat as he slotted straight onto the right edge and played the full 80, just like the other Englishman, Whitehead (80).

This meant Young (46) and Tapine (34) shared minutes at lock, and the rest of the middle forward minutes were shared between Papalii (63), Lui (46), Sutton (44), and Havili (32); Havili started the game at hooker but like last week, after 25 or so minutes Starling (55) comes on to play hooker the rest of the game, and Havili spends some more time in the middle.

Sea Eagles

The Sea Eagles had more horrid injury luck, with Walker (11) going off early due to another foot injury. Croker (69) came on at five eighth for the rest of the game, meaning Levi played the full 80 minutes at hooker.

Later on, Parker (31) suffered a head knock and he failed his HIA. This saw Waddell (49) come on at centre for the rest of the game.

Finally, Sironen (76) left the field late in the game, with Keppie (30) getting a few extra minutes as a result.

These injuries didn’t really impact the usual minutes for AFB (54), Taupau (47), JTurbo (80), Thompson (80) or Paseka (33), with the biggest impact probably being Levi having to play the full game


The Panthers had to deal with a head knock for Yeo (68) who was able to pass his HIA and return to the field. Given he had often gotten a rest in recent weeks anyway, this didn’t really impact the rotations much.

Staines (27) had to leave the field after scoring his second try due to a hamstring injury; this meant May (53) ended up playing right centre with Naden (80) shifting to the wing. Interestingly though, sometimes Aekins (80) lined up in some attacking plays at centre with May chiming in as the extra man at ‘fullback’.

The middle forward minutes were shared between JFH (58), Tamou (45), Tetevano (35), Leota (38) and Leniu (22). Martin (80) played the full game as usual, while Kikau (61) continues to be unreliable for SuperCoach purposes despite a good score this week.

Koroisau (73) ended up having an early shower with the game well in hand


No injuries for the Bulldogs but some interesting minutes yet again.

Thompson (47) played his lowest minutes this season, with Napa (62) and Tolman (68) preferred. Sue (28) and Ogden (27) came off the bench with limited minutes, while Katoa (36) played some middle while also spelling JMK (52) at hooker.

RFM and Jackson both played the full game on their respective edges as usual, while Cogger (0) rode the pine all game.


The Eels only had to deal with a HIA to Niukore (45) late in the game, which saw Takairangi (9) come on for the last minutes of the game.

Otherwise Matterson’s absence again meant bigger minutes for RCG (73) and Brown (65), as well as for Paulo (59). Davey (26), Evans (22) and Kaufusi (21) provided limited minutes off the bench.

Lane and Mahoney played 80 minutes each in their usual positions.


The big news was obviously the injury to Cam Smith (28), which saw BSmith (59) takeover at hooker until he himself came off late in the game due to a free HIA interchange. KBrom (80) finished the game at hooker. Hughes (70) had come off for a HIA which he passed.

Seve (67) also had to leave the game late due to a head knock, with not enough for him to pass the HIA and return. Hynes (27) took over in the centres at the end.

This all meant extra minutes for Tiny Tino (61) and Finucane (66) mostly, with Welch (40), JBrom (36) and NAS (26) not really getting much more than usual.


The poor Knights have been through the wars, with a head knock to their fifth hooking option in Randall (37) forcing Mann (80) to hooker for the rest of the game. This saw Crossland (44) come on at five eighth.

Fitzgibbon (36) also left the field from a head knock, and he failed his HIA too. Barnett (71) shifted out to the left edge for the rest of the game, with Guerra having to play the full 80 on the right edge.

Despite all of this, Klemmer (51) didn’t see massive minutes, with JSaif (68) and Ese’ese (46) getting the bigger bump in minutes. Saulo (26) had an eventful game with him having to leave the field for a HIA, after having already been sinbinned too.

King (11) saw junk minutes in his first game this season.

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1 month ago

Thanks Catfish, always informative and a great read.

Deep Thinker
Deep Thinker (@the-king)
1 month ago

Great read mate.

Any insight as to why Tohu went off? Seem strange Heatherington played 80 too

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