Wilfred’s Minutes – Round 11

Sorry it was a bit late this week – I visited one of the places and also live quite close to the areas of Brisbane where those idiot girls (who returned from Sydney/Melbourne last week) went before they tested positive to COVID-19, so that was fun to have to deal with testing etc etc.

Another week, another host of injuries and head knocks. It messes around with positional changes and rotations, hence why it’s so important to see what happened this week!

Thanks as always go to the legend that is Matt Hawker and his website, www.nrlsupercoachstats.com. I borrow the screenshots from his Minutes section, which for this season you can find under the ‘2020’ tab (just under ‘Stats Table’ which is obviously the most used tab for myself). Make sure you consider donating to help him with the running costs, etc. as we SuperCoaches hammer his servers every week.


Obviously the Eels lost Ryan Matterson after just 15 minutes due to concussion, this saw Davey (51) come on to replace him on the right edge, and he played very well. He ended up going later for his own HIA, which he passed.

Takairangi (19) come on to replace Davey while he was off the field, and then when Davey passed he came back on to give Lane (78) an early shower – but then Lane came back on straight away to replace Michael Jennings (77) but I’m not sure why that is the case, I can’t find any injury info.

We saw Paulo (69), RCG (68) both play extra minutes as a result of the HIAs to the edge backrowers, with NBrown (59) not seeing much extra time this week. Niukore (32) and Utoikamanu (12) shared the remaining middle forward minutes, with Mahoney playing 80 minutes at hooker as usual.


The Tigers had some concussion-related dramas for themselves as well, with Adam Doueihi (42) failing his HIA, and the distressing images involving Chee-Kam (1) which obviously meant he wouldn’t play any further part in the game.

Mbye (80) moved to fullback, with Brooks (38) coming in to play on the left side and Walters (80) and Leilua (80) both taking turns to defend at centre. It looked like Brooks was left centre in attack too, although they shuffled fairly often.

McIntyre (65) who was playing on the right edge, also went off for a HIA which he passed. At one stage there was only Eisenhuth (53) who was fit and available on the bench. All this meant bigger than usual minutes for Aloiai (69), Packer (47), Clark (40) and the debutant Blore (45).

Grant and Leilua played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


No major injuries that affected rotations for the Cowboys, although Asi (80) suffered an injury that has now kept him out for the coming week’s game.

Lolo played his biggest minutes since Round 5, while McGuire (56), Molo (51) and Gilbert (35) shared the middle forward minutes with a minor contribution from Cooper (18).

Robson (64) shared minutes at hooker with Cotter (15) while Hampton (9) came on late in the game to try chase points, to no avail.

Hess and Wright both played 80 minutes on their respective edges.

Sea Eagles

The Sea Eagles lost Thompson (12) early in the game, which saw Gosiewski (68) replace him on the left edge for the remainder of the game.

This ultimately didn’t have any great impact on their rotations, with Taupau (45), AFB (51), JTurbo (80) all getting their usual big minutes in the middle, with Paseka (35) and Waddell (29) sharing the rest.

Sironen played 80 minutes on the right edge, while Levi (58) and Croker (22) shared minutes at hooker as usual.  


No major injuries mid-game for the Broncos although their rotation was all out of whack given the new positional changes (plus some classic Harvard genius from the coach of course).

Haas played the full 80, with support from Carrigan (68), Flegler (47) in the middle and JoeO (80) on the right edge. Pangai (51) came off after about 30 minutes for Te’o (28) despite playing on the left edge, but then when he came back on he ended up getting sinbinned for 10 minutes late in the game.

Hopoate (28) and Kennedy (12) didn’t see much game time, while Paix (56) and Gamble (24) shared the minutes at hooker.  


The Storm lost Brenko Lee (75) late in the game, which game Tino (50) a few extra minutes. Momirovski (14) was the other injury concern, although he had come on for Munster’s HIA (66) which he passed, but didn’t have enough time to return to the field.

Otherwise the usual 80 minute players of CSmith, Kaufusi and KBrom did their thing, while Welch (43), Finucane (55), BSmith (37), NAS (35) and Vete (25) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.


No injury concerns for the Warriors so we got a glimpse into a somewhat normal rotation… which can now be thrown out the window again with key players leaving and other loan players coming into the team for this week onwards.

The middle forward minutes were split between Tevaga (50), Hetherington (44), JTB (39), Blair (39), Papali’i (41) and Burr (27).

Katoa and Tohu both played 80 minutes on the edge, while Lawton (63) and CHT (17) shared the minutes at hooker.


No in-game injuries really aside from Ikuvalu (73) who left the field early with a bad case of the cramps, whereas BMoz (80) played the full game yet it turns out he had some pretty serious stuff going on with his spine and is now out for three to five weeks!

Tupouniua (80) was a capable replacement for Cordner, while Aubo (80) did likewise for Angus.

Otherwise the minutes were shared in the middle by JWH (47), Taukeiaho (54), Liu (51), Butcher (42 – but also got extra time as he replaced Ikuvalu), Collins (26) and Fa’amausili (16).

Friend (60) also played at lock for a while with Lam (31) taking minutes at hooker.


The Sharks lost Ramien (25) early on due to a hamstring concern. This saw Wilton (55) come onto the edge and Talakai (80) shifted to the centres.

Townsend (74) left the field late in the game and Tracey (6) subbed on for him at the end. Katoa (78) also left the field for a HIA late in the game, which he apparently passed after fulltime.

Otherwise we saw Woods (70) and Rudolf (59) have massive games, with great support from Uele (36), Williams (49) and especially Hunt (28) who was immense off the bench.

Brailey and WGraham played 80 minutes in their respective positions.


The Dragons lost Merrin (6) and Clune (41) to concussion, with Hunt (80) moving back to the halves with Clune went off and McInnes (80) shifting to hooker to replace Hunt.

Vaughan (58), Lawrie (54), Ford (41) and Kerr (32) all saw extra minutes in the middle as a result.

Fuimaono (71) played most of the game on the edge, while Frizell (80) played the whole game on the other edge.


The Raiders lost CNK (50) to a gruesome-looking dislocated finger, which saw Rapana (72) move to fullback for the next 22 minutes, before he had to leave the field for a HIA himself (with not enough time to return to the field). Cotric (80) finished the game at fullback from memory (please correct me if I’m wrong Raiders fans) while the rookie Smith-Shields (30) came into the backline off the bench when CNK first went off.

Papalii (59), Sutton (59), Tapine (53) and Lui (51) shared the bulk of the middle forward minutes, with O’Donnell (17) chipping in and Havili (37) starting the game at hooker but then moving to lock when Starling (52) came on.


The Rabbitohs lost Johnston (17) early on to concussion, which saw Allan (80) play fullback, Sironen (80) playing centre for the rest of the game and Johns (52) getting lots of minutes on the edge.

Murray (67), Tatola (49), Turgess (48) and Nicholls (36) shared the majority of the middle forward minutes, with Koloamatangi (36) spent some time on the edge when Johns was off, and also some minutes in the middle with Sele (15) also playing a few minutes too.

Cook and Su’A played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


The poor Knights continued to get smashed by injuries, with McCullough (24) firstly going down in an unfortunate wishbone, then Watson (6) suffering an Achilles injury shortly after replacing him at hooker. This forced Mann (80) to play the last 50 minutes at hooker, with Mata’utia (77) playing in the halves for the rest of the game… until he went off with an ankle injury himself.

Barnett (78) got extra minutes as he had to come back on to play in the middle when Watson went off, while Guerra (39) played some minutes on the edge and middle.

Klemmer played the full 80 minutes in the middle which was a massive effort. This meant JSaif (49), Ese’ese (31), and Saulo (16) shared the remaining middle forward minutes.

Fitzgibbon played the full 80 minutes on the left edge as usual.


No injuries for the Bulldogs so it was interesting to see Thompson only get 53 minutes this week, after playing bigger minutes in both of his first two games.

Tolman (65) saw bigger minutes, while Napa (49), Katoa (42), Ogden (21), To’omaga (10) shared the rest of the middle forward minutes.

Wakeham (14) replaced Lewis (66) late in the game, while JMK, RFM and Jackson all played 80 minutes in their usual positions.


No injuries for the Titans this week which made some interesting reading on the minutes. Fotuaika (52) has slowly lost minutes for the fourth consecutive week, while Arrow (57) has seen an increase the past two weeks.

Peachey (59) seems to have a sizeable role off the bench even if the minutes are a little shaky, while Jolliffe (30), Wallace (28) and Whitbread (23) shared the other middle forward minutes.

Stone (71) almost played the full game on the edge, while Proctor (80) did in his first game back from injury.

Peats (66) and Boyd (14) shared the minutes at hooker.


No injuries for the Panthers which saw Burton (0) ride the pine for the full game.

May (63) started the game on the left edge after Kikau’s withdrawal, while Yeo (78) got an early shower after playing the whole game at lock. Martin held down 80 minutes on the right edge, while Mitch Kenny (80) was impressive in playing the full 80 minutes at hooker after not having seen any NRL since Round 4.

Tamou (47), JFH (54), Leota (30), Burns (29) and Leniu (19) shared the remaining minutes.

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Catfish (Wilfred Zee) won the competition outright in 2016 and now writes weekly pieces for the Daily Telegraph.

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Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
1 month ago

Worth the wait Catfish. Hope everyone is fine and the Covid tests were all negative.

Pool Man
Pool Man (@paulo)
1 month ago

Thanks, Catfish, another great read.

Dravid (@dravid)
1 month ago


And you’re right it is late, seeing last week was week 11 😉

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