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It’s with a heavy heart that we here at NRL SuperCoach Talk announce that this season will be our last in running the website as it currently operates, and also the last season we will be podcasting throughout the year.

It has been a massive road paved by plenty of the NRL SuperCoach community ever since this site was just a twinkle in the eyes of Wenin and Nick who realised there was a massive void that existed in the fantasy community to provide both podcasts and unofficial analysis. There have been so many posters and contributors who have come and made a huge impact on not only the site but the availability of free information to so many. Look at some of them now!

  • NRL Physio is an absolute superstar and cut his teeth with some very early injury analysis on this very site.
  • Wilfred (Catfish) has won a comp and has a fanbase many influencers would be jealous of.
  • Joe Fitz (Surgebuster) has been on the official NRL SuperCoach podcast with Sangster and the boys (a fact Wenin will never live down).
  • Alex Christie (Rugby League Realm) and Carlosthedwarf (Rugby League Eye Test) operate great social media sites with terrific content going out to an audience far beyond just the fanatical SuperCoaches.
  • Stilesy has amassed an army of followers who now hang on his every Twitter word for their weekly news. His commitment to getting the late mail up despite being in a crowded pub and a fair few refreshments deep is a testament to the professionalism (I guess) of the man.
  • Wacko (of Wacko’s Whispers fame) also devoted countless hours to gathering weekly intel for all SuperCoaches and has had a pretty handy platform for himself for a long time

And Wenin, Nick, JT and Lakey…are going good as well. Though we’ve never managed to jag an overall win, we’d like to think our podcast curse has contributed to the downfall of many, many promising seasons for guests we’ve brought on. And that’s something…

And of course through your support with the site, the pods and the MegaGuide, for years we have been able to raise plenty of money for a cause close to many of our hearts in Movember. Thank you again!

From Then…

We’ve had articles about weather, Fantasy Premier League, injuries best bets, trade talks, banners, weekly roundups, 10 Commandments of SuperCoach, MegaGuides, meetups and if you really dig into the archives, the unfortunately short-lived ‘Babe of the Week’.

Always Elite Content.

We’ve had blowups with Gus Gould on Twitter about the benefits of fantasy footy to the overall landscape of sport (no prizes for guessing who was on what side of that argument).

We’ve had podcasts with NRL players (hope Corey Parker enjoyed his Beats by Dre headphones we had to bribe him with to come on), Daily Tele writers, members of the community, former winners and random mates who just wanted to jump on and talk some absolute dribble.  

We’ve prided ourselves in never taking the role too seriously – so much so that the great blokes at Welders’ Dog even gave us a sponsorship one year on the podcast because they felt sorry about JT and Wenin’s challenge of having to find the worst beer to drink every pod. Still attest that the Wakachangi Lager was an underrated beverage followed closely by the warm mango beer I found in the cupboard one time.

“Varying states of professionalism” on the SC Report.

To Why Now?

It’s fairly obvious that as the NRL SuperCoach community has continued to grow from its humble beginnings, the quality in the content available to all of us players has skyrocketed. There are so many resources out there, so many Facebook/Instagram/Patreon/Discords and so many great contributors with tremendous content. More podcasts than we can count. It’s impossible to keep up and we feel that both the site as it stands and the podcast has had its day, although we’ll forever be proud of being somewhat of the pioneers of this kind of community-driven material.

We’ve also battled through rising costs for a few years now but we just aren’t able to keep up. As we grow older with families and responsibilities (well, not JT), our time becomes a little too precious and the costs and energy involved in keeping the site alive just become a little too high.

What about the MegaGuide?

We remain hugely proud of the MegaGuide that we release in the pre-season each and every year and are going to continue to keep on producing this and releasing every year. I’m sure we’ll also jump on the airwaves as the excitement builds to the Round 1 kickoff. We’re looking to make it an even more easily-accessible piece of key content and will be busily working on the format of this throughout the offseason.

What will NRLSuperCoach Talk look like moving forward?

We’re looking into streamlining the site so that it can be self-sustaining for those out there who still want to avoid the social media platforms and have a place to throw up trade questions to a tight-knit community who (for the most part) offer civil, helpful advice to those in need. This will also be where we host the MegaGuide so that it remains an easily-downloadable source of information for all your pre-season needs. Unfortunately we won’t be carrying the same content (teams analysis, buy sell hold, late mail), but the best value is in the brilliant community that has stayed around through all these years. So while our plan is for the site to remain under the same website name, we’re still ironing out exactly what it will look like, and how long it may last into the future.


A massive thank you to everyone who has jumped onto the site, listened to the pod and just been a part of our little community. It’s been a fun ride and one we won’t forget. We’ll be staying strong until the end over the next month of articles and pods as we say farewell to NRL SuperCoach Talk as it currently stands.

We would love to hear you reach out and share any of your favourite memories of the site or podcast and what small part it may (or more likely, may not) have helped in your journey along the little rugbaleeg fantasy game we all love.

May there long be Magic Round shenanigans amongst the SC Talk community!


Few of the pioneers.
Few of the ringins behind them.


North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Gunna miss you guys and the site, but we understand.

Going to isa the Banner but most of all the pre season rush to join the SC talk leagues

good luck for the future

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sgi steelers

Thanks for all the great work over the years SC talk team.
This site will be sorely missed..


A million thanks to all involved in running the site and writing/posting the articles, and to all of the participants. Although I’ve rarely posted over the years, I’ve been an avid reader, and the information freely given got me to a top 30 finish a few years back.

Don’t know how I’m going to scratch my OCD itch by replacing the many hours I spend perusing the site every week! Best of luck and Bravo!


This site is part of my life for 9 months of the year. The content and contributors have provided informative and essential SC content. Thanks for all your efforts over the years. Late mail and teams analysis is compulsory reading in getting our teams set for each round. You will be missed.

The Beer Whisperer

It’s sad to see but keeping the site open as a forum for people is a great big silver lining.

Enjoy time with your families, we’ll be fine. A great big thank you to you all.


thanks and dam that sucks. thanks for everything over the years fellas, really enjoyed the pods was always good to listen to while doing other things. saved a lot of time and gave a lot of options, real shame you guys didn’t get picked up buy someone as the effort and time you put in was deserved, and i wouldn’t listen to anyone else’s pod casts discords etc all best in the future and i hope you keep doing the pods even if its just you guys catching up having a beer with ya mates talking trash.


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I’ve been listening since the early 2010s. Thanks for your role in building up the SC community and the analysis and laughs along the way.


Thank you all for creating this page and the ongoing contributions. Been around here for a while now and still have fond memories of the live chat whilst watching games. Its been a ride


Hey guys and girls the NFL season just around the corner, I’ve created my annual NFL Dreamteam 20 person free league (NRL SC but for NFL) for anyone who is as addicted as me to NFL in the link below: https://sportsdeck.com/nfl/dreamteam/?action=join-league&code=144702 League Code: 144702 Also big shout out to all the NRLSCTalk crew Nick, Wenin and Joe Fitz the OGs, Wilfred, Wacko, Stilesy, NRL Physio, Carlosthedwarf, Alex Christie and everyone else involved in the site. I have very fond memories listening and reading your content over the years, it’s a huge shame this terrific website will be ending it’s unfortunately… Read more »