Unpopular Opinion of the Week – Round 3

Previously a segment on the weekly SC Report podcast, we’ve decided to bring in a bit of left-field, controversial thinking to our weekly lineup of articles. Who better than a Manly fan to deliver this one! Welcome aboard Matt West for the first Unpopular Opinion of the Week. This one’s designed to stoke the fire, so don’t be afraid to fire back!


The Captaincy Loophole needs to be your 18th Man in 2022

With much lower scores than last year, any huge scores will be the difference between you and the rest of SC players basking in your wake. Do you want to miss it??

If you are looking to jump HUGE rankings and top your mini league, then the captaincy loophole is more of a must do strategy this year and should be considered EVERY round as opposed to once or twice in the byes.

Plus, it’s fun! Isn’t that what this is all about???!

The once maligned “hole” has shot up into contention this year with lower scores being the norm in the first 2 rounds.

With only 5 players in the entire game scoring above 90 in both first and second rounds, even a modest Turbo vs Dogs 2021 score of 170 repeat in 2022 will rocket you above other mere non looping mortals.

Tom Trbojevic runs the show as Manly dismantle the Bulldogs
It’s Turbo Time!

The loop may also help with a COVID captain. The Daily T has helped us all with more trades and a more flexible trade system, but you never know who’s going to be COVID impacted on the DAY of the game. Harry Grant is out this weekend, but what happens if he is diagnosed with the Spicy Flu 5 min before kick off? Loop!!!! Give yourself that second chance.

“But what about the players on the pine” I hear you yell?

Well, if you are like a lot of us who have a ton of budgets in your team, you are only swapping 1 low scorer if you play it right.

Did you play:

  • Randall in a winning team?? 37 Points. 57.1% owned
  • Bullemor? Last weeks match up top scorer? 20 Points. 50.1%
  • Tuilagi? 32 points. 47.3%
Knights hooker Chris Randall vows to establish himself as a long-term NRL  player
Bench Him!

Sit these chancers down!

We all own these cows that we have to play SOME of every week. Why not use them for a taste of glory?

The play would be, go for a SUPER solid (boring) Captain that’s going to POTENTIALLY get you that 70 – 80 plus score, then get creative with the VC. Look for form and match ups and take a ride on the Loop Rollercoaster.

Could you miss out on 20 points? Sure! The low scoring first few rounds means that won’t hurt you too much. But if you hit that Monster score, it’s eggnog Supercoach Christmas.

Risk vs reward baby, risk vs reward 😊

Good Luck all.


Once 28th in Supercoach, out to claim past glories. Singer songwriter for Science Rockets ie " The best band in the world." Occasional SC Talk contributor, WWFC, Manly Sea Eagles and resident of the best place on the planet: Newcastle NSW.

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I rate this take highly


Really wishing I looped Grants 92 last week

Phill Mansfield

Love a good loop hole


Great blog, Phil. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
Better to love a good loop hole, than a good hole.


this is pure gold!!

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