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Hey guys need to win my cashie to stay in contention for semi spot
So which 3 make the R S for this week out of
Ming. Talalki. Mam. Hastings. Kiraz
B Smith


First 3


I’m playing Kiraz over Ming… Talakai and Mam are locks for me


Mams been lucky Goodluck riding his luck again


agreed. id play him last, especially against the cows. his good scores have been more arse than class


I see Mam as a play if Reynolds is on the field. Reynolds will manage the game and Mam can just do his thing without any pressure.


Nice flatly




Talakai Ming Hastings

Benny's Jets

bit stuck this week fellas with only 20k ITB

Cook (Robson)
IPap, Klemmer (Lolo, Ming)
Matto, Ola, Angus (Tago, Fermor, Burbo)
Cleary (Mam)
Munster (Brown)
Graham, May, Mulitalo, Talakai (Kiraz, Tass, Anderson)
Hynes (Koula)

thinking To’o is great value this week so have Tago, Burbo > To’o, Nuff as a leading contender but that doesn’t get me any round 17 players. any other ideas?


I’d be getting rid of Koula or Tass before Tago. I dont see Tass making the team now that Latrell is back.

Build the bank up for Papy.

When the time comes sell Fermor – move Talakai up to 2RF and get a 2RF/CTW nuff like S.Harris or use Burbo (risky) and get a 2RF/FRF nuff to move Ipap and Lolo around if injuries strike.


Pole at the Tigers is bottom $$ and should play Rd17, he could drop out of the team at any stage too.


Grant (Luke)
Lolo Klemmer (Molo Nuff)
IPap Ola Crichton Talakai* Tago* (Piakura)
Cleary (Mam)
Brown (Munster)
Mulitalo Lomax May Tupou (Kiraz Anderson Nuff)
Hynes (Koula)

Last two reserves:

TU: Mam and Kiraz
TD: Include Anderson or Koula for either above


Hey guys. Snookered myself last week by having Cotter and Jazz as my hookers. I got an AE for Cotter last round and flipped Jazz to To’o. But I’m left without a starting Hooker this week. The plan was to bring in McInnes for bye coverage but not loving his mins, the return of Finucaine or the 4 forward bench. I’m actually thinking about getting Grant back this week feeling like he could be up for a big one tomorrow night and is the Hooker I want for the run home but it still leaves me vulnerable at Hooker for… Read more »


Considered Mahoney? 10% owned, plays 17 with a nice draw coming up. I believe he will score more points from this point on til the rest of the year if Cook/grant get rested for a game.


I was having a look at him. I like his next 3 games. I actually started the year with him this year and he was just so poor lol. The other concern is that he has played 14 games this year with a season high of 84.

Just doesn’t seem to be going large like Cook and Grant can, or like he was last year….


57 average too is very ‘meh’. couldnt finish the year with him confidently


If he plays 8 games with a 57 ave he scores 456. If Grant/Cook play 6 games with an 80 ave it is 480. If you had cover it wouldn’t be an issue, but if you are running low on trades it is a safer play


What about selling Munster?


Risky but definitely a zag move.

Going to Burton looks interesting.


to paps?


How long is he out for?


Not really in my plans. There is only three 5/8s that could break 100, he is one of them. If there was great options outside him then maybe, but I have Brown already. If I didn’t have DB, then I would consider it.

The First XIII

If I sell Tass for G Anderson I only get 69k (and close the super small chance I get Tass for the bye)
If I sell Koula I get 183k but miss Koula’s price rise this week
TU: Sell Tass
TD: Koula


Guru saying that Taas playing left centre this week.

The First XIII

Thx all – settled on selling Koula now


Hold onto that slim hope Tass plays rd17, I am!


i planned on finishing the year with cook and grant in HOK but have neither atm (currently mcinnes and cotter). i know souths have a rough run home but cook seems to score well regardless and is still the number 1 hooker in SC.

can anyone talk me out of running him and grant to finish? ill grab one this week, either Grant to match my H2H or cook coz his BE makes more sense to do now

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I’m actually in the same position as you mate. I’m leaning towards Grant as I just think he is the better option for the run home. I know he has a big BE but he is always a chance to go 100+ in any game. And represents good value at 650k. In regards to rd 18, both he and Cook play the late Sunday games and seem to be part of a 2 Hooker system in Origin. Hopefully that makes them more likely to back up, although Grant more likely than Cook to be rested. I also think that South’s… Read more »


yeh its a tough one! agree on the smaller mins in origin being beneficial. both could backup in 18 and play big mins. grant is definitely coming in to my team, be it this week or round 18, i just dont see a great 2nd hooker option i can rely on apart from cook. originally i was going to run cotter and grant, but i can see cotter being eased in, and he needs big mins to be relevant. i try to think of players who i hate going against in H2H and cook is definitely one of them. i… Read more »

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You also have McInnes as a handy back up. So I think it is a question of who scores more this week.

Grant v Eagles
Cook v Eels

Weather seems OK for Northern Beaches tonight before deteriorating over the course of the weekend, if it makes a difference.

Sally M

Squad reductions and changes

Sea Eagles: Still 1-17, B.Trjobevic & de Luis remain reserves

Storm: Munster OUT, Papenhuyzen IN (fullback), Meany (five-eight), MacDonald & Wishart remain reserves

Sally M

Further change for Storm: Eisenhuth OUT, J.Grant IN (bench)


What do people think about selling teddy to gets paps in.


sideways. gotta give papy a week at least. see if he gets through unscathed first


Taas to come in and play left edge and Graham moved to right edge this week. (Heard on Rugby League Guru podcast)


Bye numbers are coming together. Let’s now see Hynes and Talakai dropped from the Origin team next week too lol


Hopefully Moses and Parra carve up Taas so he misses Rnd 17 for non-Taas owners! Demetriou seems like the ship captain with a leaky boat moving guys around trying to fill the gaps. Guys are critical of Kevie at the Broncos for swapping halves but there hasnt been a huge amount of criticism of the revolving back 5 circus at Souths. Sure Latrell injury didnt help but a lot of the circus is self inflicted. Graham and AJ carve up Titans, then get carved up by Dragoons, ok, lets change it up again.


It is more the injury to Josiah Karapani has caused issues in the Souths backline. Karapani is a 20 year old centre on a development contract that was meant to debut in round 12 but he has an injury which has ruled him out indefinitely. I think this week, the switch for Graham is to combat Sivo, Milne or Tass on Sivo’s side is scary while Graham is more of a definsive centre

Professor Fate

I would have thought Milne was defensively very good.


When he makes a tackle, he hits hard and that’s fine but it’s his decision making out wide and lack of speed when beaten which is poor. I think he is more suited to a middle role, he actually looked good at lock in the internationals last weekend.

Karapani is the one I am disappointed in, was looking forward to seeing him in first grade, he looks great in the lower grades and has a long term contract with the club. Unfortunately copped an injury at the wrong time and I don’t think we will see him again this season.


That left edge has finally been working well and they are going to change it? Crazy, Demetriou has been poor all year with his choices.


Forget about their left edge attack, did you see their defence last game? It would have more to do with Graham giving Ilias some help on his edge in defense


Was it just the right edge – I thought there left looked even worse? The Dragons blew holes through them left, right and centre. AJ was made to look like a goose for one of Ravalawa’s tries and Lomax destroyed Graham in the first half. Walker is a defensive liability for Souths. Maybe they see Graham is just better on the right. Either way if Parra turn up Jason will be back to the roulette wheel for Round 17 selections.


Last reserve



Any advice on trades?

$309.7k ITB
13 trades remaining

Grant Cotter

IPap Tauma Hass Taunua-Brown

Tago Crichton Talakai Burbo Nuff Nuff

Hynes Mam

Calker DBrown

Lomax Graham May Garrick Mulitalo Tass GAnderson

Hynes Savage


Savage – Cleary


savage 437,200
CITB 309,700
Total – 746,900

Cleary 772,300


JTB to Pole frees up an extra 100k and a Rd17 #

Afro Monkey

You have Hynes listed twice…im moving Haas out this week blokes running broken atm.


TU: Buy Harry Grant this round
TD: Wait till after origin incase of injury and play Aitken and hope he scores a pie against the Tiger’s in Auckland

Last edited 1 year ago by Dragon

im buying only to match my H2H opponents at this stage


Tago&Munster OUT
DBrown& Klemmer IN
Any news on how long Munster is out?

Mr Perfect

munster should be fine for origin 3 and then possibly back up r18. should be back to normal r19 if no more injuries occur


Hey guys do we get 3 trades next week?

kegs kings

4 if your lucky



Who should i replace for Munster?

  1. Mam
  2. Hutchison

I have both on the bench

Thank You


i’m receiving thumb up but not sure to who? i can only select one of the 2


You gave 2 options. Thumbs up is always first option (Mam) and Thumbs down is always second option (Hutchison). In other words we are all telling you to play Mam.


Thank you for the explanation, didn’t know this rule


so what is TU & TD

Example below coach, he is asking

last reserve
TU: Mam
TD: G.anderson


is Pole a decent downgrade (dont have the DPP positions to get Anderson with my trades)? Will play 17, but not sure if he hangs around long and becomes an AE nightmare?


Sure is a round 17 number but if intending to use loophole at any point he stinks of ae nightmare


yeh thats my concern. do we know if he is just covering any injury? i assume he is in because twal is out long term and lucy has left. no-one else to come back for tigers that could take his spot?

Sally M

He’s a prop so with Utoikomano also back this week he probably holds a spot until Twal returns. From what I’ve heard he’s a prop that has been playing good minutes in the 2nd tier competition, is prone to miss the odd tackle. Probably a slow burn which isn’t what you want from a cash cow at this stage of the season but should be a number for round 17.


Who to sell
TU Haas
TD Tago


i had the same query. went with haas. playing with 3 injuries and not having the same impact

The Pretender

That and Tago lining up on Momirovski this week, and guaranteed to play 18 with potential for origin stars to rest, says keep Tago.


Won’t tago line up against manu? Who i rate as one of the best defensive centres


manu is playing 6


My bad, wasn’t aware of that


Where did you find out about that I can’t source it anywhere? Good news cause I wasn’t going to play him this week but I will now


Great news, thanks for that ledge


haas to tapine?

or save some bank to get paps next week


having the funds/plan for pap would be the priority


Last CTW
TU Kiraz
TD Anderson


Only coz ando is on tonight