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Talakai getting picked for SOO off the bench makes no sense to me. We have no front row on the bench. QLD are gonna kill us.


junior paulo. plus talakai can play prop, he has before it’s just that he’s shifted into 2rf centre


It’s a very similar bench to Qld’s


Tago, Fermour or Staggs > Tapine?
Feels risky as Sticky could do anything with his minutes but Staggs has lived up to the hype and Fermour/Tago are safe for solid points but not really shown the ability to break the ceiling


honestly staggs and fermor. hold tago as he has the ability to go big. go for another 2rf or nuff to get papi?

Sally M

This weeks magic number has dropped again from 8633 to 8498, making breakevens harder to attain.

To calculate a breakeven, use the following formula

Breakeven = ( ( Players salary / Magic Number ) x 3 ) – last two scores

eg Nathan Cleary = ( ( 772300 / 8498 ) x 3 ) – 106 – 103 = 64


How do you work out what the magic number is?


Tago > Tapine
Cobbo > To’o
TMM > Ganderson

Before these trades I have 1k itb with 15 trades and 1 boost. I also have Cotter and will probably trade him next round to fund Papi or Cook.

TU: Looks good
TD: Try something else


How many trades does everyone think we want from round 17?


8-10 trades would be handy

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It’s how many keepers you have that matters.
If you are like me, no amount of trades is enough. New flavours of the week keep appearing (nobody wanted Tapine, To’o or Joe O three weeks ago). If you are the person who can resist the hype and keep who you have, then 10 trades to cover injuries is plenty.
Think of who you desperately want, and allow two trades for each. If I spend two trades to get Pappy again, and he gets injured again, I’m giving up.


Is Shaun Lane a keeper if you bring him in next week?


Negative, bought him in two price rises ago and will be holding for 17 but moving onto a more premium option soon after

bally bear

hi guys,
need to get papa back next game, unsure which way to go with trades. Cotter will go but not sure who for. Have 14 Trades and 97000 in the bank. team is:
Hok: Grant, Cotter
FRF: IPap, Lolo, Ming, Momo
2row: Tapine, Kik, matto, crichto, tago, burbo
Half: Cleary, Mam
5/8: Munster, illias
Ctw: Manu, mulitalo, To’o, Lomax. May, Kiraz, Anderson
FB: Hynes, Sualli

Any help appreciated.
Thanks Bear


If you nuff Cotter to Garlick you can use the DPP later to sell from just about anywhere and get someone good at backup hooker.
You don’t have anyone screaming sell at CTW so maybe best to wait for 1 week to pick up Paps at a possible discount.
You could possibly make Illias to Papi work if you have a booster left and sell Cotter and Tago to fund the move.
Good luck


Hey guys coming first in a cash comp ranked 5k overall I’m low on trades with only 12 would you hold tight or make trades thank you

12 trades 105k itb h2h


Great team except for 2RF which has weakness. Which Butcher is it – E or N? I think you need one of Tapine or Matto. Tago in for one of them and nuff Butcher to get the cash you need (and leave some more in bank) – could always move Anderson up and buy a cheap CTW nuff/R17 too. You’re H2H only really given you are 5k overall. Check out your opponent for R17 and see how it’s looking. Also if comfortably in 1st place then you could simply sit and wait 1-2 games. Top 2 is really all you’re… Read more »

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Hey man thank you for your reply appreciate that it’s n butcher, it’s pretty close there is 3 of us on 22 points then 2 on 20 points I’ve had a brief look at my opponent he goes pretty hard out on bye rounds he has 6 for 17 will most likely make trades for that round and also Anderson isn’t dual position

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bally bear

Cook is a wait till after origin I think. But definitely need for the run home.


he won’t get much cheaper


He’s only coming off the bench in Origin so should be reasonably fresh and with Grant, my Hkrs are in place for the run to the judge. Plus Trell is back so the old firm is together again, perhaps kick start a Bunnies revival.

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Have you seen their draw, 179


Aye Bunnies, that I have. I’m only concerned with R20 on as that is my H2H finals and his 70-75 av against those opponents of late, will do me just fine. I can’t replicate those figures with Cotter, Api or the like.
Then again, I’ve been wrong before, 1969 if memory serves.
My Panthers guys draw with 4 away games in that period is a major concern.

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I think you can play your panthers against any team.
I have 5, but i think Tago might have to go.


For the run home
TU C Walker
TD D Brown


What about Hughes over them both?


diff position. safe to say he’s looking for a 6


I can switch mam to either to get brown or Hughes as I’ll eventually turn mam to papy with either Hynes at Fb or Drinkwater at 5/8


brown or hughes i reckon. walker has a very tough run home and is out of form. cant go wrong with either


I think you can start throwing Burton into that mix…


d brown for sure, but use duals to get hughes?


I’m looking to run home with Cleary/hynes for HB, Munster/D Brown at 5/8 and eventually papy and drinkwater at FB so Hughes doesn’t really fit unless I go him at HB and use drinkwater to papy later on?

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