Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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jonamco (@jonamco)
5 days ago

Hurts watching this as former bmoz owner. He could of kept a 100 average all season with walker and teddy feeding him

boonkgang (@boonkgang)
5 days ago

S Walker looks to have sustained an ankle injury in last nights match and left the ground in a moon boot. If he’s ruled out more then 4 week, do we reckon Walker to Hughes is a sneaky play and will only cost 100k or so?

Markus10 (@markus10)
Reply to  boonkgang
5 days ago

Hughes could be sneaky pod – Papen back might impact him but with storms draw he could keep it going

Last edited 5 days ago by Markus10
Captain Footy
Captain Footy (@captain-footy)
5 days ago

Would you loop Cleary if it meant dropping Kelly and probably getting Sam walkers 26 as auto? Or captain Fifita or Turbo

Thumbs up loop
Thumbs down captain one of the other two

moorey (@moorey)
4 days ago

In the raiders knights game. Once young and tapine came on the raiders attack died in the ass. Those 2 would get the ball and never pass. The amount of times I saw young or tapine get the ball 3rd and 4th tackle and hit it up, never looking to pass. Raiders scoring stopped during this time as well. Once they went off, the ball made it out to the edges again, by this time it was to late. Considering all the rumored chaos there, who is to say these 2 colluded and did this deliberately. The sc scoring reflects… Read more »

Last edited 4 days ago by moorey
JJJonny (@jjjonny)
Reply to  moorey
3 days ago

Umm Tapine scored a try so scoring didn’t actually stop and the reason for Canberra to lose was because they lost 2 players to injuries and the forwards were exhausted. Their whole team was. Well that’s what I saw might be wrong though

The Duke
The Duke (@the-duke)
3 days ago

Just an update on Sam Walker. Apparently the moon boot was just a precaution.

zen (@zensboys)
21 hours ago

Just putting it out there, could this round of trades be all about getting both Matto & Gamble.

Reason, both will definitely play R13 bye round.

hoof hearted
hoof hearted (@hoof-hearted)
7 hours ago

Ponga out for 2 weeks .


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