North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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nugget (@nugget)
11 days ago

Fuiamano to Wilton worthwhile? Only 30k made from him but can’t see much more been made unless he scores

epon (@epon)
7 days ago

Going Riki and Niu to Condon and Kelly.
Gives me 145k ITB to upgrade some rubbish CTW next week.

JBrailey, Liddle
TKO, Tino (Utoik, Leniu)
DFif, Angus, Barnett, Capewell, RJ (Condon)
Cleary (SWalker)
Watson (Schuster)
To’o, Kelly, Laurie, Staines (DWalker, JRoberts, Simonsson)
Paps, Teddy

Good plan?

StormWarning (@stormwarning)
7 days ago

I’m betting the ranch that Matto is a late out once again. They play a very physical pack in Canberra and then have a six day turn around. My guess is he comes back against the Broncos Friday week – at the earliest.

Seeing Ipap on the pine just does not look right. It’s not happening. It’s not happening. It’s not h…..

Last edited 7 days ago by StormWarning
StormWarning (@stormwarning)
7 days ago

The depth at Wests Tigers must be pretty ordinary. Roberts should not be playing 1st grade anymore. He wasn’t so much a passenger last week as an out and out liability.

The Jet….

StormWarning (@stormwarning)
Reply to  StormWarning
7 days ago

I can’t believe he’s only 28! He’s playing like a 34 year old.

jnrglover (@jnrglover)
Reply to  StormWarning
7 days ago

That’s an insult to players like Benji and the Morris Bros.

HC92 (@hc92)
6 days ago

Hey Fam once again

Im thinking of captaining off the bat this week. To be slightly different im leaning towards 2’o. Yes i do have Cleary but would i be stupid to captain 2’o this week?
TU: 2’o
TD: Cleary
Comment: Neither

willshillbillies (@willshillbillies)
6 days ago

$277 ITB
Brailey / Liddle
TKO Tino / Uto* Leniu
Gus Fifi Barnett / Riki Gos Fui
Cleary / SWalker*
Schuster / Watson*
To’o Capewell Laurie Niu / Mead Saab Simo
Papy / Teddy*

Currently trading
Liddle> Luai (via Watson)
Big Balls POD play Saab
Thoughts or suggestions please.

Last edited 6 days ago by willshillbillies
Salford Red Devils
Salford Red Devils (@salford-red-devils)
6 days ago

Can’t reach To’o thoughts on Kelly as a POD?

the_stiffmeister (@the_stiffmeister)
5 days ago

Hey Team,

Who do I slap the C on this week?

TU – Fifita
TD – Cleary

Thanks in advance ya legends!

jerryg32 (@jerryg32)
4 days ago

TU: Loop Cleary
TD: C Fifita?

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