North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Has anyone else experienced issues accessing the Gold features on the Supercoach app. I am fully subscribed but cannot access any gold features. I have contacted the site support team twice but still no reply. A real pain when you need to access b/e’s for critical R3 trades. Cheers!

confused duck

Amazing info


Thanks mate. That was my next option. Just annoying because I am fully subscribed but cannot access it.


I’ve been having issues, refresing the page seems to help. Try clearing your cookies if that doesn’t work.

confused duck

E.Butcher > Preston
I.Thompson > Kiraz
HSS > Hammer
$73k itb

Only liability left is being stuck with Boyd
HOK Grant / Luke
HFB Cleary / Boyd
5-8 Doueihi / I.Katoa

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good trades. No liabilities until next week


HOK – Grant / Smith
FRF – Cotter / Uto / Saulo/ Pele
2RF – Fifita / Katoa / Hopgood / E Butcher / Carrigan / Preston
Half – Cleary / Boyd
5/8 – Brimson / Katoa
CTW – Val / Staggs / Alamoti / Warbrick/ Turuva / Williame / AKP
FLB – Teddy / Turbo
$130 000 in the bank

Thoughts on trades
Smith to Mahoney
Boyd to Trindall
Staggs to Hammer
Leaves about $330 000 itb


Could possibly save the Boyd – Trindall trade. If Hynes comes back soon you may not get the rises out of Trindall to make it worth it.


Thanks, I was thinking the same, but I think Boyd loses money this week and Trindall makes it. If Trindall is out next week he becomes Schuster via Katoa. Just for cash. Who knows if Hynes even returns.


TD. B.Smith to Egan

Thanks team

Never walk alone

Anyone other than CNK you can trade out? Also not sure Egan will continue with the meat pies


Traded Talau to Kiraz. Playing Warbrick, AKP and Alamoti
Too, Turuva, and CNK bench


Would appreciate any advice on this one as I’m torn on which way to go… Simple trade: B Smith / Blore to Mahoney / Preston leaves $24k ITB Cash up trade: Boyd (at HOK) / Blore / D Edwards to Mahoney / Preston / HTF leaves $330k ITB Gun trade: Boyd (at HOK) / Blore / D Edwards to Grant / Preston / HTF leaves $61k ITB Do I give up Edwards (who I started with as POD but who has underwhelmed so far), to generate cash, or to go straight to Grant who I expect to be my finishing… Read more »

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Edwards is a gun IRL but it doesn’t translate to SC. Cash up and gun trades are both good.

Karma Keg

Who’s your second FB? If you don’t have Turbo I’d do the Cash up trade but take Turbo instead of HTF.


Started with Turbo & Edwards at FB

winnies wonders

Really struggling with what to do this week, thoughts on these trades?

TU – To’o, cheese, butcher —> HTF, Mahoney, tohu

TD – To’o, cheese —> Kiraz, Wade Egan

Could also trade out butcher for the second trade to change Egan to Mahoney and then bring in niukore or chee kam


TU Teddy to Hammer (Cash Gen)
TD CNK to Hammer (Save Gun)
H2H only player

Team after 2 trades this week
Grant Mahoney
Welch Uto Keppie Pele
Dfaf Carrigan Hopgood EKatoa Preston Ford
Cleary Boyd
Douehi Katoa
Holmes Meaney Alamoti Warbrick Khan Turuva CNK
Teddy Turbo


Please talk me out of buying Egan instead of grant for a few weeks and then turning him into to grant and banking the extra cash. Being a warriors fan does not help!


Grant is a set and forget. Will save you a trade down the line.

wombat stew

Bet Egan wont score this week and scores under 57


Thoughts on bringing in Isaako over Kiraz as a cheaper option?

Guaranteed price rises as well, okay match ups, goal kicker, getting plenty of ball with Edrick Lee injured and Niu on the other wing and seems to be playing well with plenty of confidence? Already have Hammer and upgrading Khan.

Salty Former Owner

Don’t come to us looking to borrow a toaster when he lets you down. He’s on my never again list. When things go wrong for Isaako they go badly wrong, and he struggles to score at all. Two games in a row of mistakes and missed tackles and he’ll be out of the side and worth no money.
He can look great, and suddenly fall apart completely. I hope it works out for you, but I wouldn’t do it.


Another mid 40s score and cash generation will stop


Last reserve
TU Doorey
TD Warbrick


Anyone thinking of having a short term Carty Party? Breakeven of -49 and should make some decent cash even if it’s just over the next few weeks


Started with him, but wouldn’t be a buy now


Could still pocket ~100k even if he is benched with matto over next 2 weeks.


I think I need to be talked down from the ledge.

I’m going S.Luke over both egan and mahoney. He’ll make cash and it allows me to get tofu in this week.

Mahoney is a borderline keeper, Egan’s a cash generator like Luke.

Grants my other hooker and depth is good enough that he’d not be required in my 17 before melbournes 1st bye.

I guess I get tofu over mahoney or egan, and Luke where most are getting preston or Schuster who I already have??


Is Tohu that big of a priority? He can’t play 80 every week, lot of injuries have stuffed up their rotation.


No your right, but he’s got to be top 3 front rower come end of year so 100% keeper plus has the dual which very few keepers up there have.
Think you’ll need him or tino and no origin swings it.

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Has a great bye schedule and is a set and forget, maybe I just like the upside players though.


Hey Guys,

Who to play this week in my starting 13.
TU: EKatoa
TD: EButcher

Comment KTuilagi

Atm i’m leaning towards EKatoa.


Not selling EButcher?


Butchers BE is reachable against souths, then roosters have the bye. I will look at him closely this week and make a decision whether to punt him after his bye round.

King Dribble

Doesn’t he average >80 vs the rabbits


No dual FRF/2RFs so stuck with Pele for now – is Doorey for Preston a safe play? Doorey’s getting the minutes but seems to be a bit of a plodder.

Probably going to forgo Kiraz, thinking Reimis Smith to HTF for some easy $$? Not sold on Reimis until Pappy returns, though a little nervous he could be up for a good showing against Titans this week. (My CTW are Holmes, Alamoti, CNK, AKP, Turuva, R.Smith and Warbrick)

Also entertaining boosting to get rid of either Boyd or Cheese but not entirely sold on any alternatives just yet.


Prestons done enough to keep an edge at the dogs and he’s a big minute player not a bench impact player. Hoping for sc and real life TPJ comes back into the middle rotation l8ke was spoken about.


Hey feedbacker I was contemplating the same trade Doorey for Preston.. but I think Doorey is only an attacking state away from a decent score Seems a bit sideways

wombat stew

Def a luxury trade, do we have them yet? Im like you and lacedup, i will hold doorey and miss Preston. Long season and carnage has yet to come

Matty Sing

Teams in all sorts, have already got B Smith to Mahoney and drinkwater to doueihi via duals. I’ll need to use a boost but not sure who

Grant, Mahoney
Welch, uto- pele and moale
Fifi, Murray, hop – E Butch, Ford, Doorey
S.Walker – cleary
doueihi – katoa
Val, I. Thompson, alamo, warbrick – To’o, turuva, khan pereria
Turbo – ponga


Thompson or butcher to HTF or oreston. Hopefully gives you coin for 2 trades next week to fix the rest.

Cohesive Unit

Doue might be a late out, one to monitor. Mam is a popular alternative.


doiehie out is all we need,,,,,,,,


TU: Boyd, Kepple, Drinky to Mahoney, Preston, HTF…. 580,600 ITB
TD: Boyd, AKP, Drinky to Mahoney Kiraz, HTF…………. 139,900 ITB
I currently have Grant…., Tapine, D Fifita, Hopgood…. Manu, Holmes, CNK…. and Turbo in relevant positions


Am I crazy for doing Trel > Walsh?
Walsh looked unbelievably good am thinking he could average just as much as trel this year. Would mean I get to bank and extra 300k to use to upgrade elsewhere next week?

Thoughts or am I mad?

Brick Wall

Although Walsh played amazingly last game, it wont happen every game. And no goal kicking

Joe Locke

Can you move dual players when making a trade once they’ve played and locked?

Temple Guard

No, what cunning plan did You think of?


TU: Reimis > Cheekam
TD: Gilbert > EKatoa

Temple Guard

If That is your biggest issues…. I say Neither… HOLD


I wish I could, but I need the cash for my other two trades 🙂

Temple Guard

Gosh I hate that… Gilbert is doing ok and I love DPP’s…
I vote reluctantly get CheeKam


Yeah was leaning that way too


I think we’re screwed with the new 11 day stand down for Cat 1 HIAs. Gonna hurt in trades we will have to make, especially towards the end, so gonna have to save tradesmore than ever before. Byes and HIAs … the new norm


Or build a bigger squad of players. The days of 4 nuffs come end of year is a goner.

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With the byes & concussions, you will need depth in your team & probably only a couple of nuffs at the end of the season as well as trades up your sleeve. I’m thinking you can only finish with a CTW nuff & 2RF nuff.

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