North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Team is such:
Hass, dsaf/moale, Pele
Murray, Wilton, ebutch/hopgood, blore, Preston
Val, talau, i. Thompson, turava/ alamoti, akp, warbrick
205k itb
Was thinking of making these trades
Pele-shaq Mitchell
Talau- htf
Not necessarily greatest upgrades but would leave 475k itb for next week and upgrade cheapies to ones who should actually make some $. Any other ideas would be much appreciated to hear


Thinking of doing the exact same trades just not sure whether to go hammer or Kiraz


It’s interesting, hammer has been very involved last 2 weeks, doubt either is a keeper but kiraz has more of a shot at being the surprise keeper like sauce a couple years back, where as I think hammer will make more $


Is it ridiculous to do this boys need opinions

Burton/Boyd/Thompson > Mahoney/Kiraz/Preston

They are all going to make money and get some but do all play for the dogs


Looks good to me. Honestly i think just picking players from whichever team has the Tigers in their next game every week is a very viable tactic.


dogs first bye is round 13 – don’t see a problem with it


Thoughts on who to trade Talau for

TU – Hammer
TD – kiraz



My trades this week:
S.Kris > HTF.
Teddy > Walsh.
Cheese> Reed.
Leaves me $374k ITB.


Big call getting rid of Teddy


I agree, stormers. All my previous years i would have kept him.
When you look at Walshs performance, plus the Broncos draw, i think its worth the risk.
Besides, i have promised myself to stop following the crowd this year. Already at 27k ranking.


Do you even need to trade Teddy to afford the other trades?


LOTE, just had a look.
I can do the other 2 only. $92k ITB.
Can go T.Talau to J.Averillo $34k ITB.
Decision decison.


I feel like I’ve traded Teddy out every year within the first 5 rounds only to come running back to him after he starts tonning up


Thats exactly my argument, Jarvo. Roosters traditionally slow starters, and Walsh can be Teddy for a while.


HOK: HGrant, BSmith*
FRF: SUtoikamanu, CWelch, SKeppie, FPele
2RF: DFifita, CMurray, JHopgood, EButcher*, JPreston, VFifita
HFB: NCleary, SWalker*
5/8: ADoueihi, IKatoa
CTW: HTabuai-Fidow, VHolmes, JSuaalii, STuruva, PAlamoti, AKhan-Pereira, WWarbrick
FLB: JTedesco, TTrbojevic*

Thinking of Cheese, Teddy, AKP > SLuke, Kiraz + Walsh.

In 2 minds coming off 1075 C Teddy, Teddy been crap but last week there was the 10 mins of beauty with multiple chances for a try, has bye upcoming and have had lots of injuries. SLuke obviously trading into a bye week. Would love some thoughts


I don’t like the Luke trade for many reasons including the bye (but other trades are great). Good luck


Need a large downgrade at Hooker to fund other trades, not many other options this year. Hodgson might work (haven’t checked) but imo SLuke > Hodgson

moon the loon

Good chance Cheese won’t play this week (injury) or next week (bye) not urgent and are you chasing money or last weeks points with Kiraz.I can;t talk you out of the Teddy trade but everytime i have traded him out early season to avoid losing/gain money i have regretted it.Pele might be a good move on for money if you want

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I’m not super keen on kiraz. I know that against the grain. I just don’t see him as a keeper as of yet. I think he’s got a few 20’s in him.


I don’t love the idea of reading Teddy to Kiraz but seems like a good 150k with Walsh i nice draw. I’m not sure ….


Is nrlscstats no longer being updated??


Oh, splendid…..was panicking


Same lol. Amazing resource.


Eli Katoa with 331k left for trades next week


Preston with 542k for another boost next week.

Teddy > walsh
Cheese > mahoney
E.Butcher > ?

I know some people think e butcher is a hold but I’ve watched the last 2 roosters games closely and I don’t think he is.


I say the same as above. Do you even need to trade Teddy to afford those trades. 570k seems like too much to have in the bank


Firstly, thanks for the response. I wanted to start with Walsh this season after his trial against the titans. I feel broncos have a great run coming up and he’s in a potential top 4 side now. Other fullback is turbo Roosters are decimated by injuries. Have a bye coming up and their draw is pretty tough for the next 5 weeks counting bye. Plus I have 2 major issues next week with joliffe and talau need upgrading Do you think I should forgo mahoney and go to grant instead? I just figured grant won’t get much more expensive whereas… Read more »


Yeah Mahoney v Grant is a tough one. They could easily score similar. The only thing with Teddy to Walsh is I always want to give someone like Teddy another week


Cleary on the block as I have Boyd as backup and I think I can do better with DCE and the extra funds this trade creates over the next while.

Risk is I have too many Manly players – Garrick, Turbo, Schuster and now DCE.

Too many players from one team comes up from time to time as not being ideal – great if the team is scoring/playing well, but the opposite is also true.

So…Thoughts on Sam Walker over DCE? I don’t have any Roosters in my squad currently either, since Cheese is also being punted this week


Walker has souths this week, the bye next week, into parra then storm then sharks. Tough run and the roosters haven’t exactly set the world on fire so far.


Ah yes, the bye. Thanks for reminding me. Strengthens the DCE case for sure.

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Manly’s next bye is rnd14 so I don’t have an issue with getting DCE. Also as much as I hate to admit it I think Manly are in for a sneaky good run to rnd14


DCE scored 119 with 3 trys and a try assist. What does Cleary score with 3 trys and assist?


No trades used 7k itb
Garrick/holmes/to’o/turuva/reimis smith/alamoti/warbrick

Thinking frizell-katoa

And maybe boost reimis -hammer
Or any other trades you may think
Think cleary is a keeper


TU: Cheese to Egan for a 2-3 week cash grab then get Cook
TD: Cheese to Mahoney and just keep Mahoney for the foreseeable future if his scores keep up

ZZ Top

have the same dilemma.

Mahoney is a season long keeper IMO. Dogs don’t have a bye until round 13.

Egan is a cash grab purely and the Warriors are inconsistent at the best of times.


Yeah its tough isnt it. Dogs have a good next 2 games but then have Cowboys, Souths, Parra, Sharks. He just put 75 and 90 on Manly and storm i guess so maybe a tough matchup wont matter?


Definitely keeper.
Hooker will be Grant Mahoney n Robson by year’s end.
Mahoney is also matchproof, imo.
He plays 80 minutes so if the game is tight, he makes 50plus tackles and a few dummy half runs and he is close on 60pts vicinity, and if he jags a try assist, ur looking at 80+.
The game they either win or lose in a landslide he will be involved in attack.


Egan currently $498k
next 3 weeks projections78, 68, 65
price change $104k, $52k, $16k (+$172k)

Mahoney currently $574k
next 3 weeks projections75, 68, 60
price change $65k, $43k, $4k (+$112k)

All about the right PODS

Egan didn’t play the full 80 minutes last week.


Egan has a try each game, surely he can’t keep that up

ZZ Top

$125k ITB, 46 trades left

Grant BSmith
Cotter Uto BMM Moale
Murray Wilton Hopgood EButcher Doorey Blore
Cleary TBoyd
Douehi Burton
Holmes Turuva CNK Thompson Warbrick Alamoti AKP
Tedesco Turbo

Thinking of these trades:
BSmith to Mahoney
Burton to Schuster (if named tomorrow)
CNK to Kiraz

advice appreciated.


Thinking trades this week are



moon the loon



Team of


23k itb

Thinking of moving Cheese and Talau to HTF and Trindall/Egan. Thoughts about moving Cleary on to someone like Hughes/DCE? And is Preston a must buy this weekend? Cheers

moon the loon

Cheese is not a urgent trade , unlikey to play this week and then bye. i’ve had Preston from the start and he will make money this week and next with his first rd dropping out. If Talua is not playing he is in the same boat and it good to stagger trade outs of cheapies

The Duke

Using my first boost to trade out

Trading In

Leaves me with 190k to cover any other disasters.


What’s the better luxury BOOSTER trade?
TU Hodgson to Mahoney
TD RFM to Fifita

Salty Former Owner

You are brave to trade in D Fifita. He is no different this year to last year, and, if anything, Gold Coast are worse on the evidence of last game. He is the worst player to watch in League. Fermor’s absence doesn’t seem to have made any difference. They still go right more often than they should, when their best player is on the left.
I’d love to get rid of him, but I can’t at this point.


How is he no different? His base seems much better. 60 with no big attacking stats is a much different Fifita


He’s signed a contract. Can be as lazy as he wants now.



Just need find a way to get these in with 3 trades.

Dogs v wests without Papali’i looks too good to turn down.


Ring up Sangster.
He could do it for you, Sheldon.

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Walsh can wait a week. Hybes expected back next week. Grant can definitely wait another week. Which Katoa?


Cheese // Grant
Welch Cotter // Moale Pele
Murray Carrigan EButcher // Hopgood Doorey Preston
Cleary // Walker
Doueihi // Katoa
Holmes Thompson Turuva cnk // Warbrick Khan Pereira Alamoti
Teddy // Turbo

11k itb

Butcher > Katoa
Thompson > hammer

After that can’t afford cheese > Mahoney so weighing up Egan v Soni. Any thoughts on that or different options?

moon the loon

Egan for the cash grab, don;t mind those trades

moon the loon

Can you do Doorey over Butcher? more job security


Happy with my team, have already made 2 trades. Thoughts on boosting for Teddy>HTF? High BE for low BE, better fixture this week and no bye next week. For context I’m more focused on H2H.
TU- get that $
TD- not worth a boost.


Hkr- B Smith, Boyd
Fr – Keppie, Utoikamanu, Pele, Moale
2rf – Murray, Fafita, Hopgood, Ford, E Katoa, Cartwright
Hb – Cleary, Walker
5/8 – Doueihi, I Katoa
Ctw – Holmes, Meaney, Too, Turuva, Alamoti, Khan Perara, Warbrick
Fb – Mitchell, Trbojevic

234,900k itb

what trades should i make???


Everyone seems to be dumping Cheese, so you could follow the lead. FRF is a bit on the thin side too, but maybe wait for TLT. You got lucky with the Uto try though! Ford might find his way to the bench, and become a nuisance for your team also.

moon the loon

get rid of Boyd, Cheese is not a priority if he doesn’t play next two weeks can u get Mahoney?


For the people that are strong on holding teddy

Lay it on me, what’s the go? What are you seeing that I’m not? Besides the old never trade out a gun.

Are roosters about to get a few players back?


I believe radley and JWH are back.


Im with you, titlover.
I really believe Walsh can out score Teddy for the next 6 or so games with that bronco draw.
Then if he is not a keeper, we go for the next best FB.

Temple Guard

You don’t want a Rooster in Your Side when they vs your Bunnys 😉


I hope your right, TG


He’s a proven keeper. The way I see it Turbo is a must. It’s a toss up between Trell and teddy. They’ll be the top 3 scoring FB’s. Never trade keepers.