North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Cheese, Egan Butcher, Talau to Egan, E.Katoa and The Hammer


Egan Butcher isn’t a sell


I don’t think butcher to Lagos is a bad move based on cash, katoa going good scoring wise and roosters round 4 bye


Depends who your back row are, I’d sell him to Katoa.


anyone know what has happened to the stats page for 2023 on. Seems like round 1 hasnt been updated


Guy who runs it has been overseas.

The Beer Whisperer

The guy deserves a good holiday. What a fabulous resource he provides.

The Pretender

The rumour is the owner has been overseas and is back this week.


Cheers lads


Anyone else interested in Mam? He’s impressed me in the first 2 games and the Broncos have a great draw over the next 5 weeks.


Hes looked very good but i think most ppl have more problems to sort out then have a luxury of getting Mam in. Good POD though if you have no other areas to fix up

The Pretender

I like him, I like Walsh and I like Arey. I think I would personally go Walsh of the 3 if I had the duals, then the other 2 are around even.


Really considering Doueihi-mam but the 5/8 position is a bit space. I’m thinking I’ll end with Munster/Brown but when I get them is all up in the air. Currently running Doueihi/Katoa.


Cheese > Mahoney or Boyd > Egan


If you have no other pressing trades then maybe both? Then look at upgrading egan to Harry once his price has risen. Good luck


Anyone happened to watch the Bulldogs the last 2 weeks? Just after some astute thoughts on Mahoney and whether he looks likely to keep up the good scores and if he is taking a bit of control and not dishing out all the time? Unfortunately havent seen either of their games. Ive watcehd Wade Egan and think he will be a good cash grab but unlikely to be a keeper where as Mahoney has been one in the past. Appreciate any opinions. Thanks

The Pretender

2 years ago he had a great SC year when Parra’s halves weren’t as prominent, and last year it seemed like BA asked him to take a seat in the sidecar and let them play their game which stopped him playing his. My guess is thats partly why he left Parra.

Now with the captaincy and a license to play his natural game, he looks really good. I would say that a low to mid 60’s season average is on the cards.


Thanks mate. I thought the same last year just havent got a chance to see him this year to see if he looks more like a couple of years ago. Sounds like he is. Cheers


Just on that. Would you go Egan or Mahoney? Thanks

The Pretender

Egan would be purely a cash grab. Reed if you want a likely season keeper for 570k in rd 3 !


Keep Cleary or shaft him now ,strengthen team and buy him back in a few weeks for less.
Y OR N ?

The Pretender

Many will say keep, but if you dont have pressing issues, and you have a clear plan to get him back in after their draw softens up, id say there is no problem with selling but its likely he only drops around 80-100k, max.


I went preston egan and Kiraz in for miller, coric and cheese

The Pretender

I wouldnt sell Miller. He is averaging 50 with almost no attacking stats and with Ponga out probably becomes their focal point. HOLD.


Should I prioritise getting guys gonna fly up in cash ie hammer/e katoa for Thompson/e butcher, or fix Moale pele type fires?


Cash first at this stage, closely followed by points. The 2 rookie FR are base price and can wait.


Hok: Grant/Luke

FRF: Tapine/welch/keppie/Pele

2RF: Murray/Hopgoat/Ford/Tuilagi/

Halves: Cleary/S.Walker

5/8: Doueihi/Katoa

CTW: Val/issako/Perham/talau/AKP/

FLB: Trell/Turbo

Current trades: Tuilagi/talau for
Garrick/ Preston.

Thoughts lads? Any glaring holes?

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The Pretender

Nice trades, could consider Kiraz given Garrick has tough 5 round draw, but I like Garrick to be the highest scoring CTW this season.

I would be tempted to go Pele > Mitchell as well as a cash grab.


Thanks mate. Pele is a plodder. I just don’t want to trade bottom dollar players and keepers. I think I’m stuck with him. I may go AKP-taruva next week depending on scores. I need to find some way to bring him in.


Talau to hammer is done
TU: pele to Preston
TD: cheese to trindall
(Purely for cash generation) idk Preston/trindall job security. Thanks!

The Pretender

Why not do both? Good week to use a boost.


IMO Trindall has been outperforming Moylan, is there any chance Moylan loses his spot to Trindall?

The Pretender

Minimal, Moylan compliments Hynes really well and the Sharks have played well with them together.


Thats very true


Hammer or Kiraz? Which one will go up in value faster?


Kiraz could end up a keeper. Hammer will not. Don’t believe it would be a massive difference in cash earned. Personally, Kiraz for me but I don’t know there starting values off hand.


Getting Rid of Ponga

TU Doueihi
TD Mam


Doueihi scored 61 in a side that look rudderless with the ball in hand. If they somehow get it together he could be a 80 average player.


As much as it pains me to admit this after captaining him, I thoroughly agree. I’m holding.


Cheese, Cleary, HSS to Mahoney, Trinidal, HTF. 533.8k itb


Trading outs Cleary Pele Holmes Mitchell Turuva
The in crowd Egan Kiraz Mahoney Walsh Mam


Where you get 5 trades? Is that you Sangster?


SC site – Most traded


Here I was thinking you were telling us your 5 trades for the week haha


Your team is going great Mahoney has been good for you .


He’s been my super POD, was at 10% ownership, wont be at the start of the next round 🙁


Why Holmes out ?


I imagine most trading him out on BE and no Drinky for a while


Wow, some surprises there. Turuva? I know he’s on the bye but he looks a goer and will make cash. Surely they could play someone else for 1 week.


I’m trying to work out how to bring him in next round.


Holmes and Turuva out are….interesting choices by the masses.

Sure no Drinkwater but good draw for Holmes and Turuvua pumping out 40s without a single try or lb, bye or not that’s crazy haha.

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Must be doing something wrong . I’m holding all top 5 traded out. These blokes must have escaped all the injuries


Is that the most traded out players in your team?
The top5 most traded out overall are Cheese, Cleary, Ponga, Teddy, Boyd


Yep my major F up
Thnks Sonny for pointing that out

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I’m trying to get Val in ,have a look at the Cowboys draw


I’m set on my first trade – Talau to Hammer.

The second is a little more complicated. Thinking of boosting and doing the following (funds are low):

Boyd to Trindall
Cheese to Mahoney



I’m not up to date on when Nicho comes back but if you can get 2-3 price rises out of Trindall it should be worth it, Trindall will probably be more valuable than Boyd by then


I’m doing these exact trades, I think it’s worth the boost


Planned trades
Out – Cheese, Butcher, KP
In – Reed, Preston, Mam

TU – Yeah
TD – Nah

Open to other ideas.

Nothing in the bank.

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gangnam style

A bit lost
Grant Smith
Cotter Welch Uto Moale
Murray Carrigan Hopgood King Katoa Ford
Cleary Katoa
Douehi Schuster
Holmes Hammer CNK Alamoti Turuva Khan-pereira Warbrick
Teddy Tommy

62k itb


Team looks good to me.


Any news on frizell


i know we can get another look but thoughts on ben hunt.
didn’t get to see that game


Will always be the most involved in dragons attack.


Hunt is cool until he delivers you a score of 20-30 when he’s having an off night.