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In a dilemma. Either trading bsmith or Boyd for Mahoney , however have to use funds from trading frizell
If I trade bsmith I can get Elisea katoa if I trade Boyd I can’t get katoa and only have 405k for a 2rw ,frf, or 5/8 through duals


Who do you already have in these positions?




Given his higher breakeven, injury risk and being able to get a gun with a good draw in E.Katoa I would go with selling Brandon Smith


Agree with H99… the pickings are pretty slim under $405k amongst those positions. Katoa the better option

Temple Guard

How confident are we feeling the Schuster is the Man to have for this Rd?
TU: Great Move
TD: Stay off the Homebrew haha


Got 2 weeks to see how he goes, probably other priorities in those having their 3rd game this round


Schuster is a wait and see. Could be an ideal downgrade option in a few weeks.


TG, i am playing him tonight.
Douehi reserve.

Temple Guard

Cunning Move and could be a PoD is my thought

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TU – Kiraz for the $$
TD – straight to Garrick


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Play IKatoa or risk Doueihi?

TU: Play IKatoa, R on Doueihi, can change to Preston if not playing
TD: Play Doueihi, risk AKP as AE


Play Preston anyway, surely?


Trying to choose my last trade in, E Butcher for:
TU E Katoa + $67K itb
TD Hammer (via duals) + 148k itb


Katoa for mine. Hammer only an option if you want quick cash but don’t need him to play in your 17 each week.


Yeah, my concern is not making enough cash. Would only play Hammer on matchups where as Katoa would probably be in the 17 every week


Highly dependant on your team makeup, choose whichever position needs more strengthening. I definitely like katoa more as a buy


Going Hammer would definitely make my 2RF a bit light with Murray, Wilton and Hopgood the main 3 each week


Cheese and Luke are my hks. Cheese has to go and it’s either Mahoney or grant coming in. Obviously grant is the premium option, but Mahoney is looking good at a massive discount. Would you expect them to score reasonably close or can you justify the extra 242k for grant? One thing I’m wary of is the round 9 and 13/origin bye for grant. If I went for Mahoney I’d probably stick with him throughout the origin period

TU spend the cash on grant
TD save $ and get Mahoney


Probably chucking Captain on Hazza Grant again this week but not sure who to VC tonight

TU Hopgood
TD Turbo


Second guessing my trades.again..
TU -Hammer and E katoa
TD -kiraz and Preston.

Thanks legends


Hey everyone, what’s the best final trade?

TU – B Smith to Egan

TD – E Butcher to E Katoa

Thanks everyone!


Is Too to Garrick worth finding the money for?

Santa Claus

I’d only consider it if I had no other issues and didn’t have to make another trade just to fund it.


Sams seals

Thats my plan next week mate


Sux as i have ponghia, doohickey and patty…. most likely all 3 out. My back up reserves all play before doohickey…. so we need to know early as… you reckon we’ll know before super Saturday starts??

Santa Claus

We’ll probably know at 4pm on Saturday when the 24 hour squad cuts are made


Thanks Santa, early xmas gift , cheers

Second Year Syndrome

Talau > Hammer locked in. $35,200 left

Grant – Cheese
Cotter, Welch – Uto, Pele
Fifita, Carrigan, Hopgood – Loiero, Ford, Preston
Walker – Cleary
Katoa – Douiehi
Val, Thompson, Hammer, Warbrick – Turuva, Alamoti, AKP
Teddy – Turbo

Carrigan > Katoa?
Cheese > Reed?


Why Carrigan, very good chance he plays on Saturday night, and great Broncos draw starts then too.


Carrigan far from a sell. With the makeup of your 2rf you might have to skip on katoa. Other 2 trades are great. To free up crash and if you were feeling risky you could go ford-carty, Thompson-Chee kam or something fancy like teddy-Walsh. You definitely don’t have to boost this week.

Second Year Syndrome

Not wanting to sell Carrigan but it was just an idea to find funds to grab Reed for Cheese haha!

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The Duke

Taking a Bunt on my half choice.

PNG image.png

Anyone else just can’t see Mahoney being a top 2 hooker? He just doesn’t run the ball enough for me


He burnt me last year


Yep me too just wondering if it’s my bias against him

Sams seals

Youre not wrong mate, he has some soft opposition next couple weeks but cant see him doing much besides tackling agaisnt decent defence.


Ponga and possibly Doueihi are out this week. Need a 5/8 or halfback.

  • TU: Trindall – am I correct that Hynes is expected back next week? He could make 100K with a score of 60ish.
  • TD: Schuster

Can afford Ezra Mam ($583K) but would prefer to save some cash to strengthen my CTW in future weeks.


Hey people – was gonna trade E Butcher to Ekat, Talau to Hammer + Doorey to Preston, but Kiraz has got me with severe FOMO. What do you think about Butcher > Preston, Talau > Hammer, I Thompson > Kiraz? Means I get the cash + the upside I suppose??? Have to forego Ekat for the moment, but gives me 150k ITB to deal with Cheese, and get in Nicho soon (Got S Walker holding his spot for the time being, not doing too badly! ): Thanks in anticipation guys and have a good one this weekend! Carn the Eagles!… Read more »

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Thanks Ghost! 😉


Man, watching Fox and all the talk about Turbo makes me want to sell Teddy and bring him in. Definition of FOMO trading.


Hey legends!

Thoughts on option A, B or C:

A) Stone, Tedesco, Ponga > Turbo, Walsh, Preston

B) NAS, Tedesco, Ponga > Turbo, Walsh, Harris

C) Stone, Tedesco, Ponga > Kiraz, Turbo, Preston.

Options A and C mean I need to play Keppie.



NAS -> Tohu next week


Thanks Panther! Don’t feel Kiraz is a massive one to miss out on?


You could get Kiraz instead of Walsh if you have dual in CTW.


Trades as follows this week: E Butcher to E Katoa, I Thompson to Hammer, To’o to Kiraz. Leaves me with 200k ITB to upgrade elsewhere in the coming weeks. Didn’t LOVE selling To’o but I want to see more of how the Penrith backine works before bringing him back.


? thoughts on preferred cash play :-
Trindall or 
comments would be appreciated. 

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