North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Daily Telegraph reporting that Pat Carrigan is ‘doubtful’ after having surgery to remove his wisdom tooth. If he & Doueihi are out I’m gonna struggle to field a full team & will have to reconsider my trades


He’s a strong boy should pull through that Carigun.


I hope not.
I have, Cheese, Doueihi and Carrigan. Urrrgh.


I’ve got the cash to go B.Smith > H.Grant but would only leave me with $900 in the bank, if I go B.Smith > Mahoney it leaves me with over $200K to play with for next week.

Already have Cook as my other Hooker.

TU: Go with Harry & no cash
TD: Go with Mahoney & 200K


It’s a tuff call but I’ve gone with Mahoney to allow me enough cash to fix other problems next week


Probable big change in value next week for Mahoney – not so much for Harry- he can wait


Last Trade in, No option of getting both has to be one or the other
TU: Preston
TD: Hammer


Preston is cheaper, and could easily outscore Hammer. He is near on a must have player, Hammer is a 2-3 week cash grab before moving on


No-one talking about job security for Preston? He could be done after this game, or at best from the bench.

Santa Claus

Comments from the Bulldogs club suggest Preston is very highly regarded.

The fact that he’s taken the edge spot off RFM is pretty telling, especially considering RFM has been shifted to a position that he’s never really played in his NRL career.

Job security looks pretty good imo, even with TPJ returning (likely as a prop/middle)


From what I have seen from him the first 2 weeks, it’s his spot to lose. Can’t see RFM back on an edge now that they are short in the middle. TPJ still a while away yet too


Talau –> Hammer
Ponga –> Schuster

Stuck on trade 3:
TU: Cheese –> Mahoney
TD: Keppie –> Preston for cash grab


or TU this comment: Reverse the ponga trade, sit on Ponga for a week (other 5/8 is doueihi), and do both Cheese –> Mahoney, Keppie –> Preston


Like this better. Sit on Schuster for a couple of weeks, free look at him and his scores


Last trade. Thoughts?

TU: Hammer
TD: Kiraz


Echoing my thoughts, cheers!


Kiraz possible keeper or easy trade to gun in a few weeks. Hammer not gun but will make some cash.

Tommy Turbo

Stuck on these trades

Option 1: CNK, Burton, Blore > Kiraz, Schuster, Preston
Option 2: Tedesco, Burton, Blore > Walsh, Mam, Preston

Could also get HTF and could also sell cleary for someone.



Option 1… I’d rather keep Teddy and it will likely result in more short term cash for faster upgrades elsewhere


Been a while, just throwing this up in case any more experienced than me have suggestions to offer, mainly because I’ve had Preston and Schuster from R1, bought pinga in last week, fail, so looking at shifting him mainly and Smith. 314k ITB. Cheers


Lol anyone…


Tofu to 2nd row mate, sorry haas Welch and uto is fine up front,


Hey waffles, pretty solid side mate. 3 gun CTWS some nice pods AJ/ Miller/ Suaali. There is a lot of cash to be made this week, I’m taking a punt on kiraz had my eye on him after rnd 1 beast base 50+ but wanted another look lol. I’m guessing cheese to Mahoney is on your mind and I’d look at tofu FRF but that can wait a week.
2nd row no fifi or Murray would be a worry for me.
Bit of a tough one mate.
Good luck with your trades

Karma Keg

I’d consider:
Meany > Hammer for cash
Cheese > Egan/Mahoney – your call
Ponga > Mitchell via Brimson


Thanks people thought my post got lost in the bulk thread chat

Silky Smooth

ponga>Kiraz via brim and turuva


Ponga to Latrell?

Sams seals

Ponga to kiraz would be the go


4 People are trading out Hopgood, why?

The First XIII

2 thoughts:
some rookies really do follow the “expert” advise, and most experts assume that you know enough that that they don’t need to actually say Hopgood is a must have, therefore some think that Hopgood is their path to Preston
They’ve been hacked by their H2H opponent


Manly fans death riding that he will get <10 tonight so they are pre-emptively trading him out


They didn’t see the – next to his BE
They accidentally traded him instead of Doorey

Karma Keg

They can see the future. Hopgood for a drop in his first carry, then two missed tackles and a send-off for a total score of -15….haha.


That is truly strange. ‍♂️


Maybe a misprint somewhere J. Hopbad.


They are insane?


Who’s more important?
TU: Talau > Hammer
TD: Smith > Mahoney


TU: Pele > Preston
TD: Blore > Preston

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Last R?

TU: W Egan
TD: I Katoa

Sams seals

Egan wont score another pie, katoa good chance to set up a few vs my knoughts


Hookers are cheese and Boyd.

CtW Holmes kiraz warbrick alamoti

Should I go mahoney and fix up me hooker or get hammer for the money





Doueihi rumoured to be out. Tough times for those running him and Ponga.

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Not very good

100K ITB Hodgson – Robson Tohu, Welsh – Uto, Keppie, Fifita, Katoa, Hopgood – Ford, Williame, Dorey Moses – Cleary Brimson – Doueihi Meaney, Hammer, Hunt, Alamoti – Warbrick, Turuva, AKP Latrell – Turbo Even though I have no depth in CTW and Second row, I want to make the following changes to stay in the top 10000. This is my fifth attempt and I am yet to achieve it. Out Cleary, Meaney and Hunt In Garrick, Kiraz, Trindall and 280k ITB. Are the goals too short term?? Kiraz – Cash but could be a keeper Trindall – Cash but… Read more »


Trindall might only be a one week cash grab with Hynes rumoured to be back next week.

Not very good

Yeah, I heard it but I think the Sharks may hold off as they have the round 6 bye.
I would not call the teams in their next two games, namely Dragons and Warriors as guns. They might be able allow him to fully recover.

Karma Keg

One way to look at it, do you want Hynes to get a few km’s into his legs at game intensity vs poor opposition? A danger I can see happening is Hynes getting a play, but only for 40-60min. Then bring on Trindal to close the game out.

If they hold him back until after the bye then he’s been out for nearly 7 weeks without a run at game intensity. I feel if he’s healthy they’ll play him, similar to what Manly did with Turbo in round 1.

Not very good

Well then most likely the safer option would be to trade in Katoa and have an extra 18k ITB.
At least Katoa looks like he has claimed the starting role.

Karma Keg

I’ve been talking myself in and out of Trindal all day. On the one hand I think even if he gets 40 he could make close to $100k and then trade out to Schuster.

On the other it’s burning 2 trades for $100k gain. If he plays 2 games and scores 70 in both he would make over $200k but there’s a few variables there. I think I’ve just talked myself out of him again haha.

Not very good

I know the feeling of second guessing yourself oh so well.
This week I have kicked Hodgson out of my team for Egan, Mahoney, Grant and even Cook but he is still in my team with six hours til kick off. The absolute joys of Supercoach.


Kiraz is the 2023 Talakai. One week and everyone’s falling over themselves. He plays outside Kyle Flanaghan. Unless I have managed to miss something, Kyle Flanaghan hasn’t all of a sudden become an attacking sensation? On the Bulldogs LHS is Burton, Kikau, JAC. Only three current internationals and probably taking up a 3rd of the Dogs sombrero. Kiraz is not a keeper and in 2 weeks anyone that’s bought him will be in a dilemma on whether to sell or hoping the 140 odd was not a fluke. I am sure someone has already bought up the record, but after… Read more »

Not very good

Certainly hard to work out this year. If I bring him in for two or three weeks, it may help be progress to a keeper. Downside, that’s two trades down the gurgler though

wombat stew

Big factor you have missed is he has a ctr and 2rf inside him that pass the ball early and when they have an overlap


Well the Storm centre was in the bin for one of his tries so unless its the Tigers attack, its a bare minimum that they should be able to draw and pass to score for the winger. You cant expect a sin bin on your side every week. And the trio of Wishart, Tonumaipea and Andonuff is the shittest outside 3 defensively since Morgan Harper and Jason Saab got together with DCE in Rnd 7 last year. I guess Dom Young scored 89 against the Tigers last week so maybe I just need to go back to my cage and re… Read more »


(Smart) players are not buying him based exclusively on his 148, they are basing it on the fact he scored all 51 pts without attacking scores in rd1. 51 pts with no TR or LB is assists for these is a pretty solid base to me.

Sams seals

Im taking the punt on trindall. Worse case he makes 100k and trade to shuster/luke next couple weeks
Best case hynes out until after the bye he makes 200k and trade then


Does the VC loophole work with players on a bye?


Yes, until the start of the last game.


Not exciting but need $20Kish

TU: Ford to Schuster
TD: Keppie to Saulo


Can we VC loop players on the bye? Heard Sangster say something in the teams podcast around putting the straight C on Turbo as no one would have non playing reserves this early in the year. Has something changed or did I misunderstand?


Not sure what Sangster’s on about. You can loop with bye players, and plenty will have NPRs like CNK etc this week anyway.


I thought exactly the same thing. Wasn’t sure if I missed the memo but Ll good


Think he really meant the AE is going to be terrible this time of year…


I think the AE is always terrible!


*More terrible 


Can I get some advice?
Thoughts are:
Ponga > Hammer
Smith > Grant
To’o > Kiraz – controversial?


TU: Kiraz
TD: E. Katoa


TU turbo
TD Hopgood