North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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First post of the year. Great to be back.

Grant (Cheese)
Welch, Cotter (Uto, Pele)
Carrigan, Hopgood, Butcher (Loeiro, Blore, Preston)
Boyd (Cleary)
Douehi (Katoa)
Val, Thompson, Alamoti, Warbrick (To’o, Turuva, AKP)
Tommy (Teddy)

First 2 trades locked

Thompson > HTF
Cheese > Mahoney

Torn on boost decision.


Teddy > Kiraz (431k remaining – Hynes cash)


Butcher > Katoa (234k remaining)

Temple Guard

Just think about it for a minute… if Hynes does come back rd4… plays rd 5…. and than got the Bye Rd6… do You really need to save $$$ for him and weaken your team? J.A.T.

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moon the loon

Last reserve?
Uto *Tigers
Shuster *Manly

Temple Guard

Big call… I go Uto… Schuster is just an unknown at present…. yes I want him… but will he be up to it this year… hope so for the Eagles but too much uncertainty around him for my liking

moon the loon

other option is Preston

Temple Guard

Note how everybody jumped on Preston straight away there is your answer haha

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Hi guys any advice is really appreciated. So far was thinking Pele to Tohu, AKP to hammer and maybe smith to Mahoney.

1.2 ITB
Grant – Smith
Haas, Uto – Keppie, Pele
Wilton, Katoa, Hopgood – Niukore, Carty, Preston
Katoa – Cleary
C. Walker – Ponga
HSS, Sloan, Alamoti, Warbrick – CNK, Turuva, AKP
Teddy – Turbo

moon the loon

Good trades, you will need to fix up your 5/8ths at some stage, Maybe HSS to Hammer
AKP first round score will drop out after rd 4

Temple Guard

With U Moon… keep AKP move HSS on instead

Edit: I thought my CTW’s looked somewhat wanting… but yours are based on generating cash I assume

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Yeah pretty much haha just like stacking my forwards more instead


Yeah sound good cheers


Hi all, rookie to supercoach and would appreciate any advice, having a dilemma with Cheese atm

14.1k ITB

Grant – Smith
Welch, Utoikamanu – Keppie, Pele
Murray, Fififta, Hopgood – E. Katoa, Doorey, Preston
Cleary – Walker
Doueihi – I. Katoa
To’o, Holmes, Turuva, Thompson – Warbrick, Khan-Pereira, Alamoti
Tedesco – Trbojevic

Temple Guard

Darn Good Team Mate… Don’t overthink it… Most Traded in Player is Egan
Good cover in CTW’s and HB as well… are You sure U are a Newbie 😉

You just need to find 5k or so

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As i am reading your team, mate, i have just finished eating my cheese, literally.
Is there an omen in there somewhere?
I agree with TG, mate. Very good team.
GL this year.


Cheese> Egan
Thompson> Hammer
If you can afford Reed Mahoney, thats who i am going with.

Temple Guard

You are a wizard Bunny… Great suggestion 🙂


No wizard TG
I use a dartboard.
Copied of BOM. Haha.
Many years ago, when in my part of the world the weather was so unpredictable, the weather forecast was “RAIN, OTHERWISE FINE”
You could not argue with them.

Temple Guard

Lmfaooo too fun

Brick Wall

Robson – Mahoney
Cotter, Welch – Uto, Moale
Murray, Hopgood, E. Katoa – Ford, Doorey, Preston
Cleary – Boyd
Doueihi – I. Katoa
To’o, Holmes, Kiraz, Alamoti – Turuva, – Warbrick, AKP,
Trell – Turbo

Trades were:
Smith > Mahoney
EButch > Preston
CNK > Kiraz

Not 100% sure on letting CNK go and not 100% sure on Kiraz. Thoughts? Leaves me with 50K iTB

Temple Guard

Most traded in players are all Dogs besides Egan and Walsh on my Team page… wonder who they are Playing…. Poor Tigers… I do get the rush on dogs but hope the Tigers get some bite back soon to make the competition more challenging… fingers crossed

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Brick Wall

Yeah was frustrating watching them vs the Knights with the C on Doueihi. Gotta be upwards from here surely!


These r the games the tigers win


Not sure on kiraz either. Not gonna score a double everyweek. Seems a bit like chasing last weeks points to me. Been wrong before though..


He did score well without tries but just so many other options


TU: Doorey
TD: Carty

wombat stew

Whos your vc on

moon the loon

Only based on i don’t know of too many players that have tonned up 3 times in a row apart from Turbo

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I don’t think Hopgood is a VC candidate. He’s a straight C or nothing. He’s also my C


Thoughts on the following options TU: Out: S Turuva, B Smith and E Butcher, In: HTF, W Egan and B Cartwright Remaining salary: $210,000 Allows Out: J Tedesco, B Wiliame and T Boyd, In: R Walsh, R Garrick and J Schuster next round, TD: Out: S Turuva, B Smith and E Butcher, In: HTF, J Schuster (via T Boyd and I Katoa) and J Kiraz (via B Wiliame) Remaining salary: $134,300 Allows Out: J Tedesco, B Wiliame and T Boyd, In: R Walsh, T Harris and S Luke next round. Team prior to trades: HOK: H Grant, (B Smith) FRF:… Read more »


I wouldn’t trade out Turuva, he’ll be a better cash cow than HTF in the long run. 40 avg pure base is excellent at his price and playing for Panthers.


Thank you. Would your preference be to trade the likes of Wiliame and Khan-Pereira before the likes of CNK and Turuva?

Eg Khan-Pereira could be traded for To’o next round, if I go ahead with the other two from TU option with Wiliame replacing Turuva.

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I think your priority outs are:
If you can do something with that.
Egan, Mahoney. S.Walker, Trindall. Hammer. Kiraz. Issako.
Good Luck.


TU: Mahoney, Chee-Kam
TD: Wade Egan, Hammer


TU: Trade out To’o and Moale
TD: Trade out Cotter and Talau

Brick Wall

Any other more pressing trades before those blokes?


Need to trade one premium to facilitate BSmith -> Mahoney

Other option is Teddy


I have 4 players I’m keen to trade in. Who out of the following would miss and not trade in? Thanks
1. Hammer
2. Kiraz
3. Mahoney
4. Hammer


I’d say Hammer .No poin doubling down on him 

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moon the loon

the top Hammer for money the bottom Hammer for points

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My bad sorry. 4 is meant to be E Katoa. Haha

moon the loon

3 1 4 2 keeper first, i’m not convinced Kiraz is a keeper just MHO

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Kiraz miss out for me out of that bunch.
I think he is a keeper, but I need more than 2 weeks sample size of a new season to be convinced (Staggs n Coates stiil haunt me from last year) . If that cost me 100-200k to make that purchase in two to 4 weeks from now, then so be it.


TU: Kiraz + Soni Luke
TD: Egan + HTF


What do people think of Soni Luke? Minutes increasing already, BE of -20, and Penrith’s draw starts to open up after round 4. Considering holding Cheese this week, copping the price loss, and downgrading to Luke next week as the best option.

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I’m downgrading this week and using that money rather than losing it.


Would love to do that as well, but have already used my 3 trades this week, so don’t really have much of a choice

Rare panther

HI, only real way I can bring Preston in is to sell Niukore (Warriors). Is it worth the trade?
TU: Yes
TD: No


With so many players about to make big money with the first pay rise why are so many people going for players (this week) whose price won’t rise until after their next game ie Turbo, Bird, Walsh etc.


A. Points are important too.
B. They may be trading out guys about to lose money.


team is as follows
grant smith
tapine cotter saulo uto
wilton hopgood garner ford olakuat’tu katoa
cleary boyd
doueihi Ikatoa
turava perham cnk khan-pereria ithompson alomiti warbrick
mitchell drinky

thinking of trading
smith to egan
thompson to the hammer
ford to preston.

these trades are purely to make cash this week. I know egans scores are inflated with tries in both games.




Prefer to move Drinkwater as the priority


could he wait as his price will not change, was thinking about drinkwater to walsh next week


Good idea to wait on this trade as neither player’s price is changing this week (although you will miss out on Walsh’s points this week).

Keyser Soze

Been a busy work week, has there been any mail about B.Smith being a late out?
Have him and Boyd and can only trade 1 with other priorities so will be holding fire on trades until Friday


B.Smith cleared of serious injury and will be monitored. I’d wait for the 24h cut later tonight.

Tossing up selling Boyd over B.Smith as well. Less than $100k difference, and B.Smith could come good. Looking at Fifi 2021 and Tapine 2022 stats with similar injuries they both still produced ok/minutes scores – with the benefit here being B.Smith is underpriced so could just sit on the pine until he’s closer to full fitness.


Keyser Soze

Thanks mate, will definitely sit until 24 hour cut


G’day everyone- thoughts please?

Robson Luke
Cotter Welch Uto…… Keppie
Carrigan Tofu Katoa N Butcher Hopgood Schuster
T Boyd Cleary
Katoa Ponga
To’o Holmes Turuva Khan Pereia Alamoti Hammer Warbrick
Turbo Mitchell

Should I hold Cleary through the bye or go to Hughes/DCE?
Seems like Ponga will be out for a long time- best to go Douhei or Mam? OR hold?



Im trading Cleary next week to either DCE/Hughes/Hynes.

Ponga to Doueihi.


did Boyd + Ponga for Preston and Mam
Thanks all


Ponga needs to go. Mam and Doueihi are good, but maybe better to move Schuster up and get Preston. That would also free up some cash to upgrade Boyd
Personally I think Cleary is a hold. He’s not going to lose enough cash to be worth the trade out and back in, and his only byes left after this week are origin rounds


Who for captaincy?

TU – Turbo
TD – Grant


VC Turbo, C Grant?


Think the biggest question of the week.

Cheese move to Egan or Mahoney. Big call for a lot of owners. Do you take Egan and grab some solid cash or go Mahoney and get a likely keeper at a very handy price. What’s that trade worth


I have gone Reed.
No question for me.


Originally sat in the Egan camp for $$$ but ultimately I’ve flipped him to Mahoney. Very tough call though and Egan likely a pick for others that have other fires to accommodate

Karma Keg

It’s such a tough call when you also factor in Soni Luke. If you trade in Mahoney and run with Mahoney/Grant this early, you can have the HOK position potentially locked for the season and get a keeper at a $150k discount. If you have Grant/Egan you make money from Egan but could also flip him to Luke if his minutes keep growing. Then your effectively making $150k+ from Egan and probably at least that much again from Luke. HOK becomes an absolute money-making position. I’m still tossing the two of them up. Honestly not sure if there is a… Read more »