North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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I think it’s a boost trade week.

Wallah Hezbula


late Hit

The game has opened. Get those rage trades on!

Wallah Hezbula

Remaining: 85K

Api, Cheese
Haas, Paulo, Utoi, BMM
Murray, Tapine, Hopgood, Wilton, E-Katoa, Ford
Cleary, Katoa
Calker, Schuster
Val, Turuva, CNK, HSS, Alamtoi, AKP, Warbrick
Teddy, Turbo

HSS > HTF locked in leaving me with 55K. Cheese definitely on the block but also looking at Cleary depending on injury. Thoughts?

Never walk alone

Tapine looks like he will be getting 50mins, so will have a similar base to Welch. This would fund a Smith upgrade but risking the loss of Tapine attacking stats, but a Mahoney/ Grant and possibly Egan should counter this.

Sally M

The magic number used to calculate breakevens has fallen from its starting value of 10525 to 10430, making BE’s slightly harder to attain leading into the first week of price changes after round 3.

To calculate a breakeven, use the following formula

BE = ((Players current salary) / Magic Number ) x 3 ) – last two scores

e.g. J’maine Hopgood = ( ( 298800 / 10430 ) x 3 ) – 101 – 124 = -139


Absolutely it did!


Pretty simple this week I think,
Cheese to Mahoney and Naden to Hammer


Who comes in for BSmith
TU: Mahoney
TD: Egan

Leaning towards Egan with the BE

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I was the same but Egan is around 60 min and 1.5 PPM. Doesn’t seems sustainable, went with Mahoney who I think has looked pretty good and is playing 80 min


Mahoney looks to be the 2nd best hooker this year.

The Pretender

I think Cook will still be second best, but it will be a good battle between them and for 200k less, it just makes sense to look toward Reed.


Cheese/Burton/Blore -> Egan/Hunt/HTF, job done


Who is HTF?


Hamiso Tabuai Fidow, some random fullback who plays for the Dolphins




No NRL Sc stats this year?
Only option is to buy Gold?


Apparently the guy who runs it has been overseas. Should be updated tomorrow.


Cheese/Boyd/CWalk –> Egan/Uto/Trindall

Cash grab

The Pretender

I think its a bit too much of a cashgrab personally.


I think you’re right with Trindall. Cheese and Boyd have been underwhelming and there is merit to Egan/Uto the way they are playing. Walker to Trindall might be a stretch but Walker doesn’t excite me right at the minute and with a 99 BE against the Roosters staring at me it’s a decision to make. Trindall should make a couple rises before Hynes return


If Cheese is out this week with his injury, will everyone be reversing? If he’s out I’ll be holding and fix up other issues


Hopefully out with injury. 3 trades is not enough.


It will be an absolute gift if he is out this week


If he’s out it’s still under 3 week turnaround for a Rib cartilage injury. They seem to stick around for quite a while, and Robbo said pre season he mightn’t be playing 80. As an owner I think he’s a sell either way


He is 100% a sell but if he’s out this week, bye round 4, you can hold for up to 2 more weeks to fix other issues, before he drops any cash


Works if paired with Grant- not if your back up is Soni


TU: Bryce Cartwright
TD: Jacob Preston


Flip that coin! Both are fortunate by way of injuries at the minute (Lane / TPJ) and I suspect they will accommodate once those guys return. Both will likely move to bench roles when time comes

The Pretender

TPJ to play FRF from what I understand.


Wouldn’t that force RFM back out though?


Not necessarily, that could see a player wearing 14-17 dropped with either TPJ, RFM, King or Sutton taking up that vacant bench spot


Any Dogs fans care to enlighten us?

The Pretender

King will start, I think Sutton/TPJ will be the bench option there. King is quality.

franky 4 fingers

Ciraldo gave him a pretty good rap in the press conference. I like Prestons chances of remaining

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A nice big 13k red arrow this week, but I know I’m not the only one. Onto the next!


38k red arrow. If I bought Ford I would’ve had the Holey Grail of sh!t go wrong last weekend.


It’s a cruel game that we play!


Pure Rage and most certainly will change before wednesday night
First up – Blokes i’m not playing this weekend
Cleary Turuva
Uto Pele
Doorey schuster Warbrick
Drinky to Turbo
Boyd to Trindall – might be Katoa
Cheese to Levi
A staggering $665 k itb


Could be a bit late on Trindall. Hynes expected to be back next week.


Yep but i fear the milf for Katoa . Thinking time.


TU – Mahoney
TD – Sam Walker


Walker has bye next week


Who are the MUST HAVE cheapies for this week? I think I’ve covered all I can but just wanted to check in with you fellas.

  • Jacob Preston
  • Bryce Cartwright
  • Shaq Mitchell
  • Hammer

Other cheapie options:

  • Trindall
  • Isaako
  • Chee Kam
  • Loiero
  • Katoa

Thanks mate. There’s some there I haven’t considered.

Eric Cartman

dont think mitchell is a must tbh lots of souths players coming back in the rotation


Must have: Hopgood for the few that havent got him Hammer and Preston are the others that make up the top 3 in my eyes. Hammer now has the fullback spot nailed and is doing stuff he didnt do last year. Everyone has him and will play him. Too much of a risk not to have. Preston starting lock, at the price and BE -51 just buy. I dont think Id play him, but if he holds a 60 min lock position he just needs to be owned at that basement price. From there it depends on the other bushfires… Read more »


Preston is playing The Tigers! Surely you have to play him!


Fair pt. Comment was before I realised he was playing on an edge and now looks a lot more certain of big minutes.




Currently my trades are

Tuilagi/talau- Garrick/Preston.

Is Preston a trap? Will Tuilagi get minutes? I kinda want to hold onto eagles.


Surely Manly players can wait a week!


Yeah BC -play all games up to and inc 13


What are people doing with Cleary?






If Turbo turns it on as VC vs the Eels, I’ll be putting the C on Cleary


Yes – good choice! If Turbo goes wild, Cleary does too! Even if he’s only playing from the pokies’ room at Panthers Leagues Club! Could be Nathan’s best ever captaincy stint this year! 😉


Holding with the bye. Bigger issues to solve this week.


Would appreciate some recommendations for a 2RF around $500-$550k range. A lot of options but no one jumping out at me.


left field option of Jack Bird
47 mins for 70 points


Next week


Who do you already have?


Do we think trading Moale for Shaq Mitchell is worth it? Shaq has looked good and seems to be playing more minutes.

TU: Go for it
TD: Sideways

Second Year Syndrome

Cheese > Wayde Egan (Just need Cheese out…)
Talau > Kiraz (Nice 3 round draw + $$$)
Teddy > Walsh (ride that Broncos draw)

$59.4k ITB

Grant – Egan
Cotter, Welch – Uto, Moale
Fifita, Carrigan, Hopgood – Trent, Ford, Preston
Cleary – Walker
Doueihi – Katoa
Val, Thompson, Kiraz, Warbrick – Alamote, Khan P, Turuva
Turbo – Walsh


If you can make Mahoney work that’s a better option IMO. Grant and Mahoney should be the 2 best hooker options this season. Walsh can be feast or famine.

Second Year Syndrome

18k short of Reed. Will still tinker around as per normal haha! Cheers 🙂

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The Pretender

Could get HTF and Reed.


Then Teddy to Walsh next week before roosters bye if walsh looks good again

The Pretender

Thats what I would do. Walsh will look good but selling Teddy at this point is hugely risky. Roosters been decimated by injuries each game.

Second Year Syndrome

63k pre trades, unfortunately i can’t grab Reed unless I downgrade elsewhere (hence Teddy risky departure).

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