North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Benny's Jets

11 players running out for my team this round

that includes Horse (probably suspended), Manu (may not play), and Howarth (could get dropped from the bench altogether)

what a fitting way to end a season where i will most likely finish below 20k!


I’ll do you one better – I have 10 including Howarth.
What a sour way to end the year.


9 including Howarth, was in the top 100 2 weeks ago and been plummeting ever since


Wouldn’t stress mate I got nine with howarth. Everyone will cop it


Gonna possibly see a sniper team win the highest points for this round


Possibly ? Guaranteed.


Wow. 11 with Howarth and Manu. 1 trade left and I think I’ll go Ponga to Pappy for a bit of fun.


13 playing after 2 trades
This includes Howarth Luke and Moale


Time for my luxury replacements to step up (Soni Luke, BMM & B Williame!!!) after a fizzer from expensive dud DWZ (got him in last week, can you believe it???)! I will have 17 if Manu plays – team is as follows: S Luke (Grant) Tapine – BMM (Haas – Tohu) Nikora – Fifita – IPap – Piakura – Williame (Hopgood) Cleary – Hynes Manu (???) (Ponga) To’o – Marzhew – AJ – Mulitalo – Billy Smith (DWZ – Munro) Teddy – Drinkwater Leaves me full of hope, but I know the reality may be different come Sunday evening! 😉… Read more »

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Professor Fate

17 !! You will kill it


‘Many’s the slip twixt cup and lip’, Professor!
Not counting any chickens matie – as it could all turn into a giant omelette!!!

Have a good weekend! 😉

Temple Guard

If the Broncos win… I see Panthers resting more… Hope The Storms win haha


Yeah, that is still to play out too. Full strength Panthers and Cowboys listed, but may not be the case come game day.


Have 12 atm with 2 trades to go. That includes howarth williame moale

Temple Guard

Trade ins to be considered for us fortunate once that still have 1 or more?
Drinky, Teddy, DCE, cleary and Edwards perhaps… who else?


POD in Lachie Miller I reckon.
And Hammer could go really well against a second string Warriors.

Temple Guard

Hynes Tapine and Isaako if some coaches don’t own them already too…
Sharks vs Raiders playing for a home final and survival



Wallah Hezbula

After seeing team lists…


Team supporters should boycott the round. This shows no respect for the games supporters.

Don’t think I will bother watching a game.

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Temple Guard

I do agree but now it’s somewhat getting towards the Holy Grail… as a Supporter I do understand the reasoning for the restings…. Broncos Fan and may miss the Minor Premiership, but I guess they look at the Holy Grail 😉


Just give all teams a bye round

Temple Guard

My 5 Warriors are out…BOOM!!!

Tommy Smurf Sangsta

Been a few weeks since I’ve been on, but cheers to all the folks here at NRLSCT for providing us with an incredible place to chat and get info over the past 10+ years. It’s been an institution for SC and for folks like me who don’t use social media. Some highlights for me: Nick’s solo podcast. What a glorious mess. I wanted to know more about Sea World! Nick’s interview with SC God Corey Parker. I think it was a world record use of the word “mate”! Wenin’s mug very early on when he did a vlog cast of… Read more »

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kegs kings

What a disaster this is. Ranked 101 and in an overall cash comp worth $2k to the winner. I got 11 and a bloke 300 points behind me has 16.


If his other 5 will only jag 20s and 30s, you’ll still be safe


Good Luck. Your opponent may be in a similar position.


Good luck to the person who wins overall tlt crazy

kegs kings

I’m on the bloke running 8th atm


Wiliame you beauty. Finally gonna make some cash!
12 playing this week, should just make it best 13 week like the origin rounds to spice things up a bit.


15… + maybe Tino’s Bro if he gets a call up.
Quantity not quality…


I think you’re in a better spot than most mate. Good luck

deb talty

I like what the AFL does, all the teams in the finals get a week off before the finals start. it gives all the teams 2 weeks to get over niggles and freshen up. i dont know whether it would stop the mass restings, but if you look at the AFL final round there wasnt many restings compared to when they didnt have the week break in previous years. this round is worse than the origin affected rounds. if the NRL adopted the same week off as the AFL, and FOX and CH9 were so worried about having no “product”… Read more »

Professor Fate

Horsburgh guilty. Carnage Tuesday never ends


4 weeks for that. What a joke


Any one got any sit/start questions


Made me smile.

I hope to play all 10 but 2 or 3 could easily drop out.


My Outs:

Grant – Rest / Inj
Haas – rest
AFB – Rest
Lodge – Inj
Bateman – inj
Martin – Nuff
Munster – Rest
Ponga – rest
DWZ – Rest
CNK – Rest
Gagai – Rest
Kiraz – Inj
Munro – disappeared
Hopegood – Bye


A lot of mine expired a fair while ago.Only got one of your list

Ponga Egan Harris NAS Welch Preston Wilton Moses Sami Penisini


I had 21 potential players for this round a week ago.
Now I have 10 plus a trade.

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