North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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A week where you start hoping the storm play Jack Howarth 🙂


Last week was rough. Next looks like a problem.

I needed 2 trades and a boost last week to just field 17. I trade left and fairly deep so hope to scrape 17 depending on who gets a rest.

Jack Howarth – Possible.

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Just reading talk that Broncs may rest up to 9-10 and Storm probably Meaney, Munster, Hughes, Grant… + maybe more… and Howarth looks a fair chance of a call up! Classic… I get 2 more wishes from the Genie yeah???… 🙂 A ton from a fit Joey Manu please…

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I hear you loud and clear and never thought I would hope that Schuster and Val TW got recalls

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Yep just based on a foxsports article today. Ponga out. Harris out. Horse to fight a 3 week suspension. Garrick and manu pushing to play. carrigan and reyno to miss this week. Walsh with a niggling injury but will play. Total chaos


I feel your pain Justin. I just used up my last 2 trades in round 26 (got Drinky back in and tried a punt on high-flying DWZ!) – unfortunately I have Ponga and Manu in my 5/8 possie, but have blokes like Soni L, BMM & Piakura to ensure a few points off the bench – tbh Soni Luke scored as much as Brian To’o did, so things are looking up!!! 🙂 After a brief stint in the top 1K (904th spot), I dropped to 1,317th place – and maybe I’ll make it back in after round 27 – I… Read more »

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Good Luck.


Thanks – You too mate! 🙂


When you posted this I was thinking that’s tough now it is looking pretty good. May TLT be kind to us all.


1 trade left. Can bring in almost anyone ? Who goes the biggest in R27 ?

Most of the likely high scorers seem to have tough matchups.

Suspect Ponga is the trade out giving a bit over $1.1 Mill to spend. TLT obviously makes a difference could be a few games of touch footy played.


I’d say DCE and Tino to finish the year with a bang.
But take my advice with a lot of salt as my last couple of decisions have been average, literally.


Yep DCE for the match up and ceiling


Went Hynes to DCE last week. Had to after the C went on Manu.

As poor as the Tigers have been the have weeks where nobody scores against them too. The FB for them could be an answer if they belt the Tigers.


Yeah Koula a good option if so. Even if Garrick plays I doubt it will be FB. Sea Eagles are a different team at 4
Pines Parks. Day game would be better but DCE said after the bulldogs game that they want to throw the ball around now that they have missed the finals. The tigers forward pack is solid but Manly could easily beat the them by more than they just beat the dogs…


Yes true or maybe not. Throwing the ball around could play into the tigers hands. Still it looks about the best bet.

Titans / Newcastle also.

Like DH2O if the panthers do rest everyone and the cows go full strength.

My superskill seems to be bringing in Gun players for their failure.

Last week I brought in DWZ and captained Manu – broke them both.

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Please tell me who you are bringing in as I’ve got 1 trade left also


Just wanted to confirm something. A guy on Facebook said they calculate next year’s salaries based on season average X a magic number around 10,000? Eg. If Fifita has averaged 82.3, his salary would be expected at roughly 823,000? Also, what happens to guys who didn’t play or guys who will play two games like Paps? Cheers in advance.


Players returning from injury etc get a discount, not sure if it is formula driven – it seems to be random thumb in the air type guess but who knows.


1 trade left, can bring in anyone. Eager to see TLT to see who is the most likely biggest scorer this week

Temple Guard

I think anybody that has a trade left or more will be thinking that too… that 1 trade could be worth a few ranks, fingers crossed 😉


Big chance people may be forced to use it just to plug a hole.

Temple Guard

Who do we think will play out of Cleary Hynes SJ or Munster


Gee I hope the answer isn’t none of the above.


Hynes is the high probability since Sharks are outside the top 4


Broncos to rest stars walsh, mam,staggs,herbie and haas. And possibly capewell. Just keeps getting better…
Source : channel 9


Why I am here?

I’ve got no trades left.

Can’t even ask a sit v start question – all I have is a bunch of footy players with the week off.


(What he said…)
No fun without any trades left.


You can stand in line for that one. LOL. I like to come here and see what is happening with everyone else.


Rank 1211 thinking I was a chance of sneaking into the top 1k then boom KP, Walsh, Manu, Garrick, Hynes, Munster, Tohu, Haas, Grant and possibly Cleary


Why did you list my team ?


Hahaha, good call. Are there really any doubts concerning Haas and Grant?


Might have to use super subs Soni Luke and BMM this weekend! 🙂


Broncos have announced they are resting pretty much the whole side and storm resting Munster & Grant


It is starting to look like no way I can field a double figure number of players.

Considering I have 21 in the list that is a lot of outs. TLT will tell the story.


Oh.bollocks! That’s a truckload of missing players mate! But as you said, TLT will reveal the bigger picture! Where there’s life there’s hope! 🙂


Reckon the Roosters should give Turpin a run again.
While we’re at it – Knights – Myles Martin’s been keeping my bench warm for so long he deserves a go, and I’m pretty sure Bailey Hodgson’s shoulder is actually OK.
And Storm, just give fan favourite Howarth a run this week.
Thanks, much appreciated.

Temple Guard

Haha… you got the same Nuffies as I got 😛

Wallah Hezbula

Just waiting Viliami Fifita to be named


Storm tweeted Howarth is in the squad haha who would have thought he would be such an integral part of SC

Temple Guard

RE-Posting from Polarbear
NFL H2H DreamTeam Leagues 715346, 701916 8 spots in each if anyone interested

Reed Baloney

With Haas rested, I’m stuck with Soni Like or Lolo as my last Reserve
TU- Luke
TD- Lolo


u have reserves? how good


Last week I thought I had reserves too.


Is Ponga to Sonny Luke a decent trade ?

Joking I have Harrison.


Soni Luke likes a Pongy finger


Looks like people with bad teams are going to be rewarded big time.

Who would have believed that to be a viable tactic for the last round ?


Storm resting 10 all up
My FRF has copped a hammering – Tohu Welch NAS


How long before the last round of the season becomes best 13?


Just thinking that about 20 mins ago Dravid.
Only other thought i had it would be taken from your entire squad (25) as many positions are blocked out. Unlimited ae’s could solve this

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Someone else has mentioned SC ends in round 26.

Have both final h2h’s, and final counted round, in round 26 instead of going to 27.

Does not seem fair to those at the pointy end, and trying to win SC for the year, to be penalised because all their players are rested for the round before finals.


Maybe better to allow free trades for rested players in the last round.

Temple Guard

Big Papa out for Raiders… Tapine will be Big Minutes is my guess

Professor Fate

One hour til Team lists Black Tuesday…. Oh the humanity!


My son has a boost and 3 trades left. Auction begins at 4.01pm. lol

Temple Guard

Hahaha… Love It!!! 😀


I have 1 trade left but intend to boost it.

Da Panfer



holy smokes i’ve just seen team lists. My thoughts are with each and every one of you.. Help.


Thought you were gonna say, ‘My thoughts are with the fallen….’!
Hahaha – we’ll all be limping to the line on Sunday (except for those canny wee players who saved a couple of trades for the last round – bloody squirrels!)
Cheers! 🙂

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