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Who to trade Trell to
TU – Walshy
TD – Drinky
Comment – DWZ

My H2H final opponent has Washly and the rest of my uniques are slightly better

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Only have the one trade. It is either Manu, Walsh, DWZ or left field D Brown. Most of my opponent have Manu. Not many have DWZ or Walsh. Thumps Up Manu Thumbs down Walsh or DWZ




5 trades left, 1 boost.

Was holding out for R27 for any restings, but should I use the boost this week to go Latrell/Garrick/Munro > DWZ/Manu/Nuff?


Looks good. Should be ok for next week if you have a bit of depth left.

If not is there a player to nuff out other than Munro I think he could play next week as the guy in his spot was horrible last round. Have nothing to back this suspicion.


My other option is Preston, but I have him as cover if anyone in 2RF is out next week (will already lose Hopgood)


First time today I had a look at my opponents teams. Looks like most of them have been decimated with injuries. Most haven’t set up their teams yet but it looks like some end up playing Luke and needing at least 2 trades to have 17. Bit disappointing. Maybe they have a solution if they have trades and a loop.

Temple Guard

I don’t think you will see the set up of your opponent till Kick off tonight…what you see is last weeks set up for now


Yes but when it shows 6 souths players,, 3 nuffs and Teddy – Littrell – Garrack there isn’t a lot of room left if short on trades.

It was dumb of me to say about their setup of course but some of them look to be in a hole. One literally has 6 rabbits as above.

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I was originally going to trade Gutho to DWZ, but with Hopgood moved to the bench, I’m wondering if it might be better to keep (and play) Gutho and trade Hopgood to DWZ instead (via duals).

TU: Trade Gutho to DWZ
TD: Trade Hopgood to DWZ


I hope you kept Gutho!


I ended up selling Gutho and was kicking myself after the game. But the silver lining is that I swapped the trade from DWZ to Drinky, so it didn’t end up quite as bad as it could’ve ! 

wombat stew

Hopgood or nikora for last spot in 2nd row?


Nikora with Hopgood starting from the Bench


Still think hopgood gets 55-60 v panthers but you have to like 80 mins v knights a bit more

wombat stew

Thanks all


Hopgood moved to bench

Going to play Bateman.

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Colossal Von Crumpet

Good luck everyone in a H2H final this week!


i sold Gutho for drinky, thinking Riff will keep him very quiet… and hes 90 odd at half time…then panicked as i remembered my oppo had Gutho as well….checked the app and saw that he sold Gutho too for walsh…phew




He is owed a 2nd Try Asst n LBA both of which went to simmonson.


this is the Gutho performance i expected last week !!! but i sat DEdwards instead who got the 100+


H2H grand final.
We both got Issako. Have 1 trade left and thinking of flipping him to DWZ.
Issako to DWZ worth it as a POD move?


Last R

TU: Robson


Hynes out…?


Which 2 trades would you make

Garrick > DWZ
Teddy > drinky
Hynes > DCE

Really like DCE as abit of a pod but can’t decide the other 2

Does teddy play next week? Roosters season on the line


Hynes has raiders who he isn’t that good against plus sharks may just rest him again for finals

Drinky has panthers next week who won’t rest players I wouldn’t think