North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Chiefs luck

Pick one to play
TU: Walker
TD: Harris
Comment: Hopgood


comment for a safe 60

Temple Guard

Hopgood, can’t believe you have the luxury to leave any of them out, well done


$713k to buy either a CTW, 2RF, or FRF. They look like this for me

Dfif/Nikora/Tapine/Murray/Bateman (getting traded)/Nuff
Manu/Gagai/Isaako/Garrick/AJ/Munro (getting traded)/Howarth

Who should I be getting?

Temple Guard

How many trades left after you do that?



Temple Guard

Honestly You don’t need to trade… FRF 2FR Ctw’s look great… injuries will happen over the next few weeks… don’t force it


What’s going to happen next year is this site going to be totally gone!?
I will have withdrawals!


I think just Trade Talk and Team News, Scores and Chat will remain.


I hope so. Conversing with everyone on this site is very enlightening for trades etc. It is, IMO, one of the better if not the best site. Everyone is nice to each other and there are no egos.


Anyone know how long Lomax will be out?


Last reserve out of these blokes..?

Temple Guard

Got 3 of them Harris for me resting the rest myself… don’t own Bateman for a reason 😉

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If anyone saw my post last week about hopgood needing less and 71 to win my h2h, I scrapped through so next round of elimination and need some help on what to do.

Have 7 trades so happy to use both this week.

$144k it

Grant jmk
Haas tapine moale baby tino
Fifita carrigan Bateman howarth williame nuff
Cleary Johnson
Ponga Munster
Marzhew Issako farmworth graham Garrick mulitalo munro
Edwards Walsh



Good stuff mate! I was keeping track of it and thought you might of got the W.
Not too sure about your trades this week, but I did hear a murmur that walsh has a bit of a niggle.


Yeah ending up winning by 3 pts after all the updates.

If I make it through this week I’ll have carrigan farnworth and Walsh on the bye next week


I’d be looking at setting yourself up for next week and get a win this week. Walsh and farn out. Trell and gagai in? Something along those lines anyway..

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I wanted to move edwards to trell but with Walsh in doubt then the bye he makes more sense. I have marzhew and ponga, so don’t know how many knights is too many


Attention Luigi. You asked about Hughes on the previous page and it was rightly quoted at the time that he has been included in team lists. The latest mail is “he has to pass a final fitness test but is in considerable doubt”. Probably doesn’t help your situation but best to know the latest news.


Who gets the VC?
TU: Cleary
TD: Latrell

Temple Guard

VC is a free stab… C is more important really…. from what I heard Ponga is like 70% Capt. pick which seems like a safe choice…. dare to pick a different C could be the game changer if you have the carriage 😉


Who to play
TU Garrick
TD meany


Trade in
TU Edwards


Who to play
Tu horse vs storm
Td nikora vs titans


Moved back to the cusp of the top 400 again last round thanks to a 1438.

Ideally no trades and side as attached. Any changes I should be considering in regards to the four reserves/17?

Still holding onto that final trade and hypothetically if I was to use it on a non injury, which player/position is in most need of trading/upgrading (bear in mind the measly remaining salary)?

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I’d play meaney or even garrick over harris

Temple Guard

I wouldn’t but you are entitled to your opinion 😉

Temple Guard

Hard to upgrade with 12k itb… hold trade for injury is the smart move


Garrick giving me the finger, by being on 60 odd before halftime. I out a TU/TD between garrick and isaako. Isaako was the clear winner…so garrick is giving me the finger.!!!! Ps Penriff playing poorly


Probably my last trade to get me into the H2H final (and hopefully win that one too)

Paseka & Tago > Drinkwater & Joe O (or nuff)

TU: Go for it
TD: Can do better