North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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R.Cotter Cheese

Hoping I can make it through this week without using my last trade.

Who wins out of
TU: Hors, AFB, Harris, Hopgood, Cook & Hynes (opponents Pods)
TD: Tapine, Nikora, Bateman, Meaney, SJ & Trell (My Pods)

If need be, I’d go Holmes to Hopgood and bench meaney


I think you will win as the two most likely players to go big are in your side, SJ and Trell.

The Pretender

I would say the bottom wins, bit its really really close – heavily reliant on SJ and Latrell. Who are you not playing over Meaney?

R.Cotter Cheese

only my AE nightmare baby tino.
Caught myself out with too many nuffs this year

The Pretender

Hold the trade then, I think you need to take the risk of playing Meaney. 1 trade isnt enough to make it through imo.


It looks fairly even but your team has a higher ceiling (SJ & Trell), especially if you make that Holmes to Hopgood trade.

R.Cotter Cheese

Might see how SJ does before deciding on the trade.

Would love to save my final trade for r 26 to go Trell to Teddy or Drinky if possible


Love to hear people’s thoughts on what rider they rank the following players for the run home:

DWZ, CNK, Bizza, Tago, Gagai

Temple Guard

You know the Panthers still got a bye coming up, right?
But based on week by week and match up to some degree…
CNK, Gagai, Bizza, CWZ, Tago,… last 3 I can’t really split

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When is Penriths bye?

Temple Guard

Sorry resting Rd27… Cleary been doing it for years… Tago on extended bench doesn’t mean he will play, “bigeagle” may shine a light on that for us


Yeah well aware of Cleary’s resting them in rd 27. Playing H2H so not worried by that.

Temple Guard

Great bunch of players you got lined up… how many are you aiming for to have for the run home?


Only looking at bringing one in.. maybe two, but was curious how people ranked them. I like the look of all them and finding it hard to split them. Gags is killing it and it feels wrong not having any backs from warriors or Penrith (apart from Cleary).

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Temple Guard

I am with you LB… Warriors and Knights run is tempting


The mail on monday was that Hosko would be named centre and Tago, close but given another week. As a Tago owner seeing him on the reserves has given me hope

Temple Guard

Thxs Bigeagle Great insight info as always 🙂


I can’t see too many Panthers getting a rest, they have been well rested over the Origin period


+ Cleary has been having a rest of sorts while recovering from injury

The Pretender

If they are locked into 1st come round 27, they will rest guys. Its as simple as that – they wont rest before this but Panthers and Storm have shown that once their ladder position is set, they prioritise health for the finals.


My order would be CNK, DWZ, Gagai, Bizza, Tago.


To get in Latrell
Manu / Lomax / Garrick or Tago?


Definitely not Lomax


Manu now that he is back at Centre.


Probably Manu out of them. He is unpredictable at centre, he can score well or just go completely missing. I think the floor of the rest of those are higher.

Brick Wall

6 trades. 1 boost. H2H.

Thoughts on
Manu > Trell &
Bateman > Matterson?

Matto now named on left edge and banks me 40k


Does anyone have any inside info on the titans. They look to be a much better team with JC at fullback.. any whispers if he might start & brimson might move to centre/halves at all? Seems too obvious not to happen


Fans screaming for aj to centre and Campbell to fullback and just let aj roam the middle in attack but it just never seems to happen


Just saw this, make of it what you will

I reckon Brimmo’s playing centre for sure. He posted a birthday shoutout to Sami today and wrote “right side �� “ and Sami re-posted it with the caption “new combo ��.”


Thanks for insight mate, legend


Apparently Jimmy was on the news and said that aj to centre is probably more of an off season thing. Didn’t deny it but didn’t confirm it either…


Trade out option for Hynes strictly based on match up this week:

TU: Cleary

Temple Guard

On match up this week only… I would throw in Moses vs dragons as well


Moses is my other HFB, probably will get rid of him soon for whoever I don’t get now.

Temple Guard

Good to know 😉


Selling Garrick and Tedesco , don’t talk me out of it.
Who are the best 600-800k FLB/CTW/2RF/5/8 players? Preferably ctw/flb but feel free to list other positions.

Lil Papi

Marzhew Ponga CNK Trell, no particular order. I like Gagai and DWZ as pods.
2RF don’t mind Matto starting again v dragons, Sorenson going great. D Fifi explains itself – not sure who you have

Salty Former Owner

Ponga hit the million this week, so he’s off that list.

Zooper doesn’t want to hear this, but Garrick is as good as any other player under 800k. I’d rank CNK and Latrell above him, but not enough to waste a trade. Maybe C Walker and Graham also, but they still have a bye.


Teddy- cnk only trade?


Any drinky owners thinking about selling??
Rank 196, wanna make a push for top 100, unsure what to do with him with a tough game and a bye next week.

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Drinky owner but only 1 trade left since rnd 19. Happy to hold but if i had trades ‘id look at Latrell or Walsh/CNK.
Upon reflection is Drinky the best pod so maybe a good hold.

Brick Wall

Not too sure how many are out there


I wouldn’t if I were you unless you are desperate for cash for other positions. Hard to say without seeing your team

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The SOL Man

Yep. But very torn. How many trades? If you have 4+ then I would. My thinking is tough match up this week (still could score well) then bye next week. Would also free up cash for other upgrades. Then there is issue of trades. Mitchell logical choice but there is a bye there two. Gutho for match up this week but the two tough ones. So my main concern would be if I trade Drinky. I’m likely to have to trade out his replacement at some point too (H2H finals)Do you have Ponga or who is your other FB.

Chiefs luck

Teddy for Mitchell??


Literally just watched nrl360 and saw the latrell hype video and I’m now thinking of making the same trade


Do I burn my last trades on
Hynes > SJ and Edwards > Latrell?

I can’t do the second one without the first. But I also have a very healthy lead in my cashy so I don’t have to do anything drastic.

TU: save the trades for emergencies
TD: do it – this is an emergency


H2H, finished 4th. Have Hynes/Cleary HFB and Ponga/Edwards at FLB, 4 trades left. Who’s a bigger priority, getting rid of out of Hynes and Edwards. Thinking SJ in one trade or Latrell using a nuff and Manu/Isaako?


TU gagai (have marzhew and ponga)
TD DWZ (have Tohu)
Comment matterson (have hopgood)
Want cnk but opponent has him

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Brick Wall

Dwz… or CNK and match him


Who should I play for my last ctw?
TU: Meaney
TD: Mulitalo
Comment: Te Whare


Do we know if the Dolphins were successful in challenging Lemuele’s HIA 11 day stand down ?

The Duke

From NRL.com: Forward Connelly Lemuelu failed his HIA on Sunday against the Bulldogs but is named to start in the second row.

Likely wouldn’t allow him to be named if he was stood down.


H2H focused, at the moment I’m looking a good chance to make the GF in week 26. Problem is I have too many south’s players and as it stands would only have 14 players in round 26. I have 3 trades left. So the good news is I can make the 17 barring injuries/suspensions, the bad news is that means the only way I can get Latrell in is if I trade out either Cody walker or AJ… Would love some advice. My other fb is ponga & CNK so would put CNK down to ctw. At the moment leaning… Read more »

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Temple Guard

Comments, You are forcing unnecessary trades, that could back fire on you


If those are the only way I can get a full team in week 26 how are they unnecessary?


If you’re looking a good chance to make it do you really need to make a trade? If I was forced to I would say Walker with his parents or form. You could also find a way to sell a nuff which will help your numbers.. Also no victory is easy. I’ve been in first in a league since round 8 and still lost to 8th and 11th in that time

Reed Baloney

Last Res
TU: ReRo (Reece Robson)
TD: Dylan Edwards


Which trade is getting me more points:

TU: Isaako/Meaney > Gagai
TD: Hynes > SJ

Chiefs luck

Isaako a sell now??


If Hammer is at centre, I think he is a great hold


H2h with 4 trades left. Is Manu to Latrell a good trade (other rabbits are AJ and Cody)?
TU: Yes get Latrell
TD: Hold Manu and save trades


From reading last few pages looks like CNK would be a great buy in for the run home. How would you fit him into this team?

6 trades 150k itb
Hk- Grant Nikorima
Frf – Tapine Horse nuffs
2rf Dfifi hopgood Nikora tohu Bateman nuff
Halves Cleary hynes Munster ponga
Ctw – Marzhew too Garrick AJ Isaako nuffs
Trell nuff

Looks like it’ll have to be Isaako to make way? Or do I drop too because of potential resting? Or AJ?


if your ctw nuff is Howarth then I’d go Bateman to CNK, otherwise Isaako to CNK reluctantly.


Bateman would have been perfect. I agree I see him dropping avg as the season goes on but don’t have the nuff to trade him out 🙁

Isaako I’m tossing is it too sideways but seems like the only option


Yeah, I think it will be worth your while getting a piece of the Warriors for these last 4.