North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Could SOS be worth a shout for Cleary? It would help solve my cash probs and is a good attacking half, cheers


Or should’ve said SOS or deardon


I don’t mind either as a backup half.

Saint and sinner

had a good look at this myself. Has a decent enough average but a tough run home apart from the warriors in round 24. Could be worth it if the extra cash allows you to upgrade to a gun in another position. Hughes isn’t much more expensive though and is a lot less risk IMO


Sound point. Although SOS has been handed the keys (or share keys with salmon) of a topside and will want to impress


Does IoSullivan kick conversion or SChriton


Not sure, can anyone enlighten?


Apparently Chriton’s been at kicking practice


Grant Anderson OUT tomorrow.
Young Tonumaipe’a is IN


I think it’ll be coates who comes in come kick off

Marks Wood

TU – D Brown
TD – A Douehi


Who’s the better pick up this week
TU: Murray
TD: Holmes


few weeks ago I said I would try and build a program to find true ownership data of top 5000 or so players. due to being busy and my poor performance over the last few weeks, i dont have manu, tapine who r killing me every week (I know I am dumb) I have lost ranks and with that the motivation to continue this project. As for progress, the current program works up to around top 500 users but for reasons I wont go into it stopped after that. I have thought about this and think i know how to… Read more »


I have to be honest that I never knew about this site until earlier today.

The data is 100% accurate which reflects they simply do a week on week comparison (simple engine which is what I was doing myself via excel spreadsheet tracking).What was taking me a fair bit of time is now meh … instant!

Temple Guard

That’s how he got Wishart I think lol…. sorry trentmark for that punt 😛

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