Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Jonesy (@m-jones)
1 year ago

is CNK to burns next week sideways at this time, do we think?

Antony (@antony)
Reply to  Jonesy
1 year ago

Probably, but I am likely to make the same trade. If CNK doesn’t put on a decent score or doesn’t give me the impression he is likely to score well in the future then he is a slow burn cow and I have enough of those. If he does impress, then I will look elsewhere to fund the Burns trade, either way Burns is a must have for me to boost my starting 17.

rockafella (@rockafella)
1 year ago

So I traded simmo – Niukore .
Was able to bring Nikora back to my CTW …
I had to bench CNK as I had already played rava last night .

Read today that Moroea was in a moon boot today as a precaution .
Thinking lane might play some middle if they want taka on the field .?
Just wish I did it last night to play CNK .
Taking a risk but you gotta have a go .

Monty Burns
Monty Burns (@mackeydevils)
Reply to  rockafella
1 year ago

can’t see Lane playing in the front row / middle. Eels have a nearly unlimited supply of islander juniors, surely there’s another Paulo or similar ready to step up

but I like the Simmo to Niu trade. Especially as it brings Nikora into CW, where you really need him at this stage of the season

rockafella (@rockafella)
Reply to  Monty Burns
1 year ago

Having to rest CNK ( not wanting to has already cost me points ..

bigtimebarney (@bigtimebarney)
Borderline keeper
1 year ago

I need to offload Napa this week to fund next week’s trades.

Who’s the best sub-$200K FRF / 2RF / CTW option yet to play this weekend ?

Already have Burr.

I was thinking Mikaele, but worried about his job security, and I’m now thinking about Haas.

What’s Javid Bowen look like as a CTW option ? Feldt’s return should see him out I suppose.

Who am I missing ?

Russo (@russo)
Reply to  bigtimebarney
1 year ago

Is Haas garaunteed to step right back into the side?

Russo (@russo)
1 year ago

Hodgson absolutely killing me… going to bleed cash.

Quaked (@quaked)
1 year ago

Hey team.

Which five would you prefer?

TU lane, Matterson, Surgess, burns and Ravalawa 70 itb

TD lane, surgess, Garner, burns and jo O. 20 itb

sparklzzz (@sparklzzz)
Reply to  Quaked
1 year ago

So garner jo o vs matterson and ravalawa.
Easily not rava. But depends if you play them or just cash purposes

Cloughy (@cloughy)
1 year ago

Any news on Friends injury?
Worth making a trade? Who too?

Stilesy (@stilesy)
Reply to  Cloughy
1 year ago

Both Friend and Cronk should be named and play this weekend. Both only had minor injuries and from what I’ve seen were only held out for extra rest because the Roosters were playing Manly.

The Pretender
The Pretender (@the-pretender)
Reply to  Stilesy
1 year ago

100% they were held out. Smart play from the Chooks to look after two of their elder statesman.

Aizen1986 (@aizen1986)
1 year ago

Hi all I’m struggling for my 2nd trade this week, here’s my team:

C Smith // Friend
Fifita, Joe O // Host, Mikaele
Jake, Arrow, Lane // Murray, Garner, Burr
Cleary // Brown
Morgan // Keighran
Masters, CNK, Nikora, Sivo // Simonsson, Garrick, Ravalawa
Tedesco // Ponga

48.800 remaining

I’ve traded Joe O, shifted Lane up to FRF and brought Bateman in but for my 2nd trade I can’t decide whether I should bite the bullet and trade Smith to Cook or play it safe and trade Simonsson to Burns?

Any feedback is very much appreciated thanks

The Pool Man
The Pool Man (@paulo)
Reply to  Aizen1986
1 year ago

I think it’s best for you to focus on making cash this week so Simonsson to Burns would be the trade to go for. Smith is predicted to loose 30k while Cook about 10k. That’s only a 20k gain so this trade can wait if you want to do it.

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