North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE
I don't pray to God; I pray to DCE (@nrlsupercoach00)
1 month ago


Cleary is currently on his way to Townsville.

SC Rookie
SC Rookie (@manlysc)
1 month ago

Already used my VC. Any love for a Hail Mary captain of To’o? I do have other obvious choice of Cleary, Smith, Munster etc. but looking to pull an upset in my H2H. Currently it’s on Cleary pending all the rumours. Other pod-ish captains could include matto and Bateman
TU: too risky
TD: throw the Hail Mary

Grave_Digger (@grave_digger)
1 month ago

Last reserve:

TU: Twal
TD: Johnson
Comment: Yeo

Grave_Digger (@grave_digger)
Reply to  Grave_Digger
1 month ago

Johnson against the Roosters? You guys are mental.

kegs kings
kegs kings (@kegs-kings)
Reply to  Grave_Digger
1 month ago

Don’t ask then

Epitome (@unbreakable)
1 month ago

So, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Focused exclusively on my H2H match-up.

With the news that Angus should be starting, I’m 100% getting him in to match my opponent, but I need to decide what moves to make to get him in.

I see two options for myself:

TU: Yeo & Lomax OUT for Angus & Manu
TD: Gamble & Lomax OUT for Nuff & Angus

So I guess in a nutshell it becomes..

TU: Manu
TD: Yeo + VC loophole available

rubyeden (@rubyeden)
1 month ago

last res
TU brimson
TD staggs

Hendo58 (@hendo58)
1 month ago

So my opponent looks to be throwing the C on Cleary. I will VC as think I need to make up points and hope one of the below goes big as Captain. Who is better option?

TU Ponga
TD Tommy Turbo

John the Mechanic
John the Mechanic (@john-the-mechanic)
1 month ago

Angus ?

Angles (@angles)
1 month ago

Captain choice – who scores higher?

TU – Cleary
TD – Ponga

zpazzy (@zpazzy)
1 month ago

My H2H opponent has the Armband on Cleary, he has already played his VC which was on Cook. I’m bringing in Gutho and thinking of throwing the VC on him tonight.

TU: Cleary
TD: Gutho

Captain choice will be either Smith or Munster,

Last edited 1 month ago by zpazzy
BroncosGirl (@broncosgirl)
1 month ago

Happy Friday all,
Just wondering- i know its been confirmed Cleary travelled to NQ but does that neccesarily means he def plays ? Also, do we know if Luai also travelled with the team ?

Secondly- is anyone else nervous that even if he does play if the Panthers get out to a comfortable lead he gets an early shower ?

Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
Reply to  BroncosGirl
1 month ago

I always work on the basis if a team can afford to give a gun player an early shower, it generally translates to providing a decent SC score.

BroncosGirl (@broncosgirl)
Reply to  Sally M
1 month ago

This was pretty much the response i was expecting lol. Hope you are right if it does eventuate. Dont think il be C him this week just incase. I guess my main concern is yeh he could still be playing well irl but luai could be the one racking up the points or setting up tries so coach could decide to leave him out there and give cleary a rest ?! How many times have we all been worried about a players sc performance for half or 3/4 of a game only for some late/ junk points at the end… Read more »

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