North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Smokey (@smokey)
3 months ago

After leading my h2h comp all year my team is now in shambles! Teddy & Haas gone same as everyone else plus McGuire & Mann suspended but now all my Nuffs have made a return to the bench!! 2 trades left, 318k itb.. Mcinnes Jazz Carrigan Hass McGuire musgrove Matto Bateman Jurbo Sironen jhoppa bturbo Cleary wakeham Munster AJ Nofo To’o Yeo Lomax Mann niu coates Teddy RTS This week h2h opponent unique players are Sauce Brown Smith SJ Talakai Klemmer vs my Sironen Yeo AJ Bateman RTS Lomax thinking Teddy>Ponga & McGuire> either Klemmer, JFH, Fotuaika, NAS? ANY IDEAS… Read more »

John the Mechanic
John the Mechanic (@john-the-mechanic)
3 months ago

Anyone keen on playing SJ against a weaker roosters team ?

Brett Sterling
Brett Sterling (@brett-sterling)
Reply to  John the Mechanic
3 months ago

He is the pine for me

The Rookie
The Rookie (@nrlfan)
Reply to  Brett Sterling
3 months ago

Same. I thought it would be a popular move this week.

CSI (@csi)
3 months ago

Also what are thoughts on Turbo do we take the punt or do we not take the punt
Lead my big cash h to h all years and playing the person who won it last year and I am sure he won’t bring him in
Is it worth it or not

Brett Sterling
Brett Sterling (@brett-sterling)
Reply to  CSI
3 months ago

I’m asking the same question, and if confirmed to play I think he is worth it

Kenny Blankenship
Kenny Blankenship (@dfez03)
3 months ago

With all the carnage and a must-win H2H I think I am forced to use my final trade. With this squad below I have two options basically:

Cook / CS9
Carrigan Papalii / AFB Haas
Matto Bateman Yeo / Jazz Nuff Nuff
Cleary / Nuff
Munster / SJ
Nofo Sauce To’o Lomax / To’A
Ponga / Ted

TU: Either Papa or AFB > DSaif, Junior Paulo, Fotuaika
TD: To’A > Sivo

Twist (@r00kie)
Reply to  Kenny Blankenship
3 months ago

Looking at your H2H matchup, do you see yourself benefiting from a guaranteed 60? Or do you see yourself needing a ton to win? Should answer your question.

Kenny Blankenship
Kenny Blankenship (@dfez03)
Reply to  Twist
3 months ago

This will likely be answered after the Penrith game. I’ve got PODs Sauce and To’o. If they both have great games then I’ll go for the safe option. It will be close timing as the Eels play right after but I should have a good enough idea.

knickers (@knickers)
Reply to  Kenny Blankenship
3 months ago

If you have heaps of cash trade your half nuff to a player…you never know cleary may rest next week.

BradsBest (@bradsbest)
3 months ago

Contemplating leaving my frf short a man and coping the AE to be able to bring in another gun for this week.

Who to play:

TU (letting frf ride): DTupou/Manu/ACrichton & (lowest score of SJ, Yeo or Staggs)
TD (filling frf spot): JFH & Yeo

If TU, who of: 2poo, Manu or Crichton?

Cheers for advice!

Wallah Hezbula
Wallah Hezbula (@wallah-hezbula)
3 months ago

If the Sea Eagles and Warriors decide on a player swap, I’m all in on AFB for Tohu. Not gonna happen but a man can dream, right?

DCE2011 (@dce2011)
Reply to  Wallah Hezbula
3 months ago

I’d even be happy with EKatoa (would come cheaper than Tohu and free up money to strengthen the team elsewhere).

Wallah Hezbula
Wallah Hezbula (@wallah-hezbula)
Reply to  DCE2011
3 months ago

If only it were like the NBA – AFB for Katoa & Hiku

Hitro Okesene
Hitro Okesene (@antonposa)
Reply to  Wallah Hezbula
3 months ago

No chance. They’ve already resigned themselves to releasing him, which means they’re in no position to negotiate a swap. Warriors will never release Tohu. Burr is available though. Blair and Bunty have been told they’re surplus to requirements also, but they’ve got options in their favour to stay.

polarbear (@polarbear)
3 months ago

Who would you guys play?
TU Staggs
TD Yeo

tk (@tk)
Reply to  polarbear
3 months ago

Clearly I’m in the minority here but I would play Staggs over Yeo due to concerns over Yeos minutes after his head injury. I’m tipping Staggs for a big bounce back game. But u need to follow your gut. Good luck

Beta Bateman
Beta Bateman (@beta-bateman)
3 months ago

Who are my priority trade outs?

Haas, Mann, Lomax & Brimson?

I currently have 16 playing.

Cheers guys

Beta Bateman
Beta Bateman (@beta-bateman)
Reply to  Beta Bateman
3 months ago

I got 150k itb & 3 trades left

Dravid (@dravid)
Reply to  Beta Bateman
3 months ago

Sounds like Haas isn’t playing next week, so he’s a priority sell.

nuffy (@nuffy)
3 months ago

Who to trade in?
TU D Tupou
TD C Graham


stef96 (@stef96)
3 months ago

Anyone help need to win this game 🙂
5 trades h2h $70,300 itb

Bunnnys56 (@bacchetti)
Reply to  stef96
3 months ago

Stef, Haas to Paulo. Eels need to win 2 games to stay in the top 4.
Can you afford RTS to Ponga or Gutho.
You have plenty of trades. GL.
PS. Last minute trading is a must.

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