North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Epitome (@unbreakable)
1 month ago

Joel Dark (The cousin of Boyd Cordner that copped a head knock on the weekend playing first grade in the Newcastle RL comp) passed away overnight.

Terrible stuff. Don’t really care about SC when stuff like this happens, but it’s certainly possible that Cordner will be a withdrawal tomorrow night, for obvious reasons.

weebs (@weebs)
1 month ago

Would Moses or Fermor be a play over Klemmer this week?

grantyraider (@grantyraider)
1 month ago

Help on last trade please

Nathan Brown
Angus Crichton
David Fifita
Kotoni Staggs?

Who scores more?

James (@james)
Reply to  grantyraider
1 month ago

Tossing up a similar last trade, and of that list I’m leaning towards Brown. I don’t think Crichton goes back to 80 in the short term, with Sitili having a good run of games and SBW potentially being given time on the edge. Fifita on the way out and with Glenn back and likely playing 80 (compared to Te’o playing ~45 when Glenn was injured), Fifita may receive reduced mins. And while Staggs looks great on the field, I (although an owner) reckon there are better CTW options for the run home.

Soundasapound (@soundasapound)
1 month ago

Best trade in and who scores most for next 3 weeks?
TU: Tohu Harris
TD: Nathan Brown

James (@james)
1 month ago

3 Trades left.

TU: Trade JFH to either Jazz/N.Brown/DCE/Johnson
TD: Save a trade and play JFH

Any Panthers whisperers out there that know how many mins he’ll likely play (or better yet, overall involvement since mins ≠ points for him) with Yeo back at lock? Hate to trade him out at his current price based on past SC pedigree and the Panthers upcoming games, however feel there could be some points gained here. Currently will need to play either him/Lomax/Fermor with Ponga rested this week.

BroncosGirl (@broncosgirl)
Reply to  James
1 month ago

I originally went TU – then changed to TD … id play lomax & save trade with only 3 remaining

Backi (@backi)
1 month ago

Was planning Luai > dce and then hold 2nd trade for SJ > Munster if he is a late out, or to match h2h then was planning SJ to Munster next week…

Should I just go Luai to Munster straight up and look to keep SJ for the final 3 games?

TU: Luai > DCE, SJ > munster
TD: Luai > munster, hold SJ

Last edited 1 month ago by Backi
hazarch (@hazarch)
1 month ago

Very tight H2H

TU: GWill>DCE (10k left ITB)

TD: Mcguire > N Brown / Bateman

Last edited 1 month ago by hazarch
DCE2011 (@dce2011)
1 month ago

SJ > DCE? – other halves are Cleary, Munster, Brimson

TU: Yes
TD: No

willshillbillies (@willshillbillies)
1 month ago

H2H player with the week off in all leagues that matter to me.
4 trades left and $329k ITB
CS9 Jazz
Hass Carrigan Rudolf Nuff
Matto McInnes Bateman
D.Fafita Lolo Fermor
Cleary 1/2 5/8 Nuff
Munster SJ
Nofo Lomax To’o Staggs 3xNuff
Teddy Ponga
Do I
TU Hold trades for last 2 weeks
TD Make 1 trade
Comment if TD who for who?

gareth (@gareth)
1 month ago

CS9, Jazz
Haas, Klemmer Carrigan
Bateman, McInnes, Matto
Cleary, MOSES
Munster, Brimson
Mann, Nofo, Lomax, Yeo, CRICHTON, TO’O
Teddy, Ponga

TU Moses > DCE
TD Crichton > DFifi/NBrown/Tohu

Comment To’o > Angus

BroncosGirl (@broncosgirl)
Reply to  gareth
1 month ago

I was originally gonna say moses-> dce ….. but thats a prettt decent 19/20 players. Is one of ur nuffs in 2rf a dual frf/ctw ? Id be a bit worried running only 3 2rf depending on trades remaining etc …..

gareth (@gareth)
Reply to  BroncosGirl
1 month ago

No dual to front row but can bring Yeo up.

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