Wenin is one of the founding fathers of the NRLSCTalk website who's Tuesday Teams Analysis has been a feature post on the site for close to a decade. He also loves a good steak bet!

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Bluegoose (@bluegoose)
7 days ago

Banner is up :-0

3rd-man-in (@barry-j)
7 days ago

Given the uncertainty around Grant would a trade to API or Mahoney be a viable option? I have 15 trades so can get back on Harry if he gets on the park and playing minutes.

This funds Curran to Fifita but alternatively I could just Nuff somewhere.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
Reply to  3rd-man-in
7 days ago

15 trades? Has your internet access not been working? Want to sell some?

3rd-man-in (@barry-j)
Reply to  Trade-a-holic
7 days ago

I know. I do it every year and usually regret it. Though this year they may come in handy

Second Year Syndrome
Second Year Syndrome (@dashy)
7 days ago

Verrils – Watson
JFH, AFB – Uto, Leniu
Fifita, CHN, Matto – Tohu, Barnett, Burbo
SJ – Walker
Calker – Schuster
Garrick, Hynes, To’o, Ronaldo – Holmes
Gutho – Turbo

Have cover for Holmes. So can hold
Barnett > Ipap locked in!
Watson > Api?
86k remaining

Last edited 7 days ago by Second Year Syndrome
Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
Reply to  Second Year Syndrome
7 days ago

No certainty that To’o plays this week so hold off on your second trade until he is a confirmed starter if you can’t cover both Holmes and To’o being out.

ClintyHD (@clintyhd)
7 days ago

I’m in a bad spot this week. I was hoping to hold my trades this week due to having to make urgent trades in previous rounds (down to 6 left!!) Rank 485, $460k ITB, My team is: Brailey – Watson L.Thompson, AFB – (JFH), R.James Fifita, I.Papalii, Matterson – (Crichton, CHN), Harris Hughes – (SJ) C.Walker – Schuster Hynes, Johnston, To’o, Holmes – Isaako, Suaalii, Savage Turbo – Teddy If I play savage this week for Holmes I’ll take an AE for Turbo/Teddy which could be a massive problem. TU – Play Savage + AE (save trades) TD – R.James… Read more »

treloarski (@treloarski)
Reply to  ClintyHD
7 days ago

you need to trade either teddy or turbo to avoid ae problem
teddy to ponga if he plays
isaako to staggs or topou

ClintyHD (@clintyhd)
Reply to  treloarski
7 days ago

I was considering taking out the biggest AE problems R.James, Isaako (if Staggs doesn’t play) or even Watson to a lesser degree. which would leave Schuster as the AE

Sally M
Sally M (@sally-m)
7 days ago

Titans: Joliffe (prop), Fotuaika (bench), McIntyre (18)
Eels: Moses OUT, Arthur IN (half), Paulo OUT, Niukore (prop), Smith IN (bench), Pen…ini (18)

nrl (@nrl)
7 days ago

TU burton
TD b Kelly

roaming_goat (@roaming_goat)
7 days ago

TU: Teddy > Dfif (via AJ + Milne)
TD: Simmo > Dfif

TD: will mean AE of probably RJames whilst TU will mean teddy is gone but have deadwood in Simmo… Leaning towards TU…..

kylo klokstad
kylo klokstad (@kylo)
7 days ago

Hey everyone, thoughts are racing through my head as the lockdown is approaching. None are very useful though. Atm my team is

12trades 104itb

Brailey, (Cust)
Ipap, Haas, Welch, (Rjames)
Kolo, Dfif, Barnett, (Tohu),(Tago), (Blore)
SJohnson, Swalker
Calker, Wighton
Hynes, To’o, AJ, Tupou, (Niu), (Fusi), (Marzhew)
Teddy, Turbo

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone for rnd 18

Chaisa (@chaisa)
7 days ago

What should I do about the following side?

HOK: Smith | Simpkin
FRF: JFH, AFB | SST, Leniu
2RF: Fifita, CHN, Thompson | Papali’i, Matterson, Fuiamono
HFB: Johnson | Gamble
5/8: Walker | Schuster
CTW: Hynes, Garrick, Johnston, To’o | Marzhew, Fusitu’a, Iermeia
FLB: Trobjevic | Tedesco

Obviously both my fullbacks out so it means that Leniu + Gamble would both have to play. Is it worth trading Tedesco? Or SST? Have 7 trades & $490k left.

jerryg32 (@jerryg32)
6 days ago


TU: Hughes
TD: Hynes

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