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icanseeclearynow (@icanseeclearynow)
29 days ago

Not sure if its been posted before but the roosters cowboys game has been rescheduled to a 3pm kick off storm knights game to kick off at 7.30 now

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Damien Cooked
Damien Cooked (@damienc00ked)
Reply to  icanseeclearynow
29 days ago

what were they beforehand?

icanseeclearynow (@icanseeclearynow)
Reply to  Damien Cooked
29 days ago

my bad roosters cowboys swapped with raiders sharks
raiders sharks was originally 3pm now its cowboys and roosters

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gareth (@gareth)
29 days ago

H2H with 6 Trades left & 220k ITB

Brailey, Cook
Haas, IPap, TPJ, Nuff
Fifi, Gus, Matto. Tohu, Taane, Nuff
Niko, Burton
Calker, Munster
Hynes, To’o, Ramien, Laurie, Kelly, Suuali, Timoko
Turbo, Teddy

TU Suuali > Tupou (just enough Cash)
TD Hold trades

Nepal Donkeys
Nepal Donkeys (@nepal-donkeys)
29 days ago

Hey fellas hoping you can give me advice on these trades:

CHN > Lolo
Brailey > Mahony

will leave me with 5 trades left and initially I thought these were sideways but I think both are slight upgrades when I’m chasing depth in my squad.

TU: good trades
TD: sideways, dont do it.


CheekyJacko (@cheekyjacko)
Reply to  Nepal Donkeys
29 days ago

Waste of trades IMO

Markus10 (@markus10)
29 days ago

Injuries have stuffed me leaving me with max 16 players this week if tohu plays and angus,haas, too aren’t rested. Current team with 53k itb: Brailey Watson Ipap Haas tko milne Fifita Angus Tohu Tpj burbo jando hughes sj cody burton garrick too aj ramien holmes simo suaalli turbo hynes Dont need to win my h2h this week but still in it for overall. I am thinking tohu, tpj are definite holds but not sure about holmes who is out 4 weeks and looking like cowboys will be out of finals contention when he returns. I have many options, so… Read more »

treloarski (@treloarski)
Reply to  Markus10
29 days ago

burton to douehi
holmes to ponga via hynes

Markus10 (@markus10)
Reply to  treloarski
29 days ago

Thanks. Will still be 1 short.

holmes -> staggs
simo -> lolo

to bolster depth?

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UnluggyUce (@haaaannnn)
29 days ago

best FRF/2RF nuff that’s no chance of playing?

treloarski (@treloarski)
Reply to  UnluggyUce
29 days ago

milne or moretti

Teddy_g (@bulldog)
29 days ago

Gutho owners – holding or trading? His price may have peaked and looking at cashing in early to get ponga

tofu yarris
tofu yarris (@tofu-yarris)
Reply to  Teddy_g
29 days ago

hes got 1 more game for me

Soundasapound (@soundasapound)
29 days ago

8 trades left with current forwards of:
FRF: Ipap, JFH, Uto, Leniu
2rf: Gus, Tohu, CHN, Curran, Barnett, Kikau
TU: Use one trade and go CHN to Fifita
TD: Use 2 trades keep CHN and sell Curran to Fifita and nuff barnett

Comment: Leave fifita for this week and get Haas/AFB for Uto and curran to nuff then barnett to fifita next week

Rest of team is:
hkr: J Brailey, Cook
H/B SJ, Burton
5/8: Cody, Schuster
ctw: To’o, AJ, Garrick, Tupou, Saab, Suali, Fusi
f/b: Turbo, Hynes
Thanks for any opinions

Trade-a-holic (@trade-a-holic)
Reply to  Soundasapound
29 days ago

Comment – get Haas

Euman (@euman)
29 days ago

Hi all second year for me but first with all this SOO carnage making it harder. So i have 8 trades left $568k in bank sort of keeping for Cleary but. season rank 6,838 so dont think im gunna win the prize, am 8th in my league so probably need a win. Team below, am holding Harris, and Turbo of course. Considering getting rid of James per article buy hold sell as is AE nightmare and maybe upgrading S Johnson because been ordinary or should just hold for now keep trades thoughts please? Also are my **Reserve selections the best… Read more »

Beta Bateman
Beta Bateman (@beta-bateman)
29 days ago

Cant decide between Munster & Douehi
Thinking I need to trade out Foran before he drops cash.
What are the chances of Douehi keeping the number 6??

TU: Douehi No. 6 rest of the season (Foran to Douehi)
TD: Douehi moved to centres (Foran to Munster)

Cheers everyone

Franky_1984 (@franky_1984)
Reply to  Beta Bateman
29 days ago

Tigers run home has the potential of Doueihi to be juicy IF he locks down 6

Beta Bateman
Beta Bateman (@beta-bateman)
Reply to  Franky_1984
29 days ago

Thats my thought exactly. but could cause trouble for my SC season if he does lose the 6

dabblehooters (@dabblehooters)
29 days ago

Hey guys
My team with 126k ITB and 9 trades
Will take any suggestions but thinking hold this week


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