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TU: Burton + Leniu > Hughes + Difita
TD: Curran + Schuster > Hughes + Difita


Curran a good chance to play a bigger role if Tohu is out for a while, and Schuster looks a good POD as many would have sold.
I’d go the first option by a mile



kegs kings

Haas I think this week. 14% ownership under $500k. Afb issues today probably force my hand.


Yep, Haas will be 25%+ by Thursday


What AFB issues?


High shot, on report, again


And crusher report as well

The Duke

Crusher might be a problem, that was not a high shot.


Haas on the back up from Origin, in a team that can’t make finals? I prefer to bring in players from teams still going well


Smith – Brailey
Papli’i – Taukeiaho – AFB – Nuff
Fifita – Matterson – CHN – Curran – Crichton – Harris
Johnson – Burton
Walker – Gamble
Garrick – Johnston – Tupou – Mulitalo – Laurie – Nofoaluma – To’o
Hynes – Trbojevic

If Burton is named in the halves and Hynes at fb I won’t do any trades this week.


Didn’t see today’s game but VERY! disappointed with Kody Nik (my new purchase). Any info as to why he scored so poorly?


Listened on the radio for most of it, Warriors started well but Sharks dominated possession for back end of first half. Missed a bit of second half but just overall sounded scrappy with dropped ball on both sides. Worryingly for you, sounded like Niko wasn’t goal kicking. Maybe a consequence of whatever niggle he is carrying and hopefully he regains it soon.


O’Sullivan killed the Warriors attack I thought. Egan also ignored Niko a lot and went to O’Sullivan, Niko was visibly not happy on a lot of plays when he was demanding the ball


yep would agree with that – I saw on a couple of occasions in the second half when they needed go forward AFB charging onto the ball and being ignored and throwing his hands up in the air … it was dumb play by the dummy half and if that was egan then spot on … they needed AFB go forward and offloads at that point


Kodi was showing signs of his bad ankle, he really couldn’t even run. Think it was a case of nobody else that could play and he had to get through the game.
expecting a bit more from him as it comes good. Not sure why SOS gets the left side with RTS on the wing


Need help from some BE experts. Assuming Turbo is rested for R18, plan is to go Gutho > Turbo in R19. But I need to make sure Gutho loses less than $20k in R18 to afford the trade in R19. Anyone tell me what Gutho would need to score?




Tino to Haas is a no brainer right


Prices have changed, lockout should be over soon


Open now


795 moved me up to 122nd Hoffa… 15 spots behind you I think.

I see Damien Cooked (who has posted on here before) had 1036 which shot them up 207 spots to 51st! Brown Hornets 1047 the other big mover… up 338 spots into 92nd so a cracking round 17 score there.

Lastly Extinguisher (posted yesterday) into 55th with a 856 so well played too! Anyway good luck this week mate…


Nice, within touching distance of the top 100. Yeah there were some big movers. I fell to 107th which i’m pretty happy about considering. I’m nervously looking ahead to who if any will back up from origin. Good luck for the run home, I’m pretty low on trades so i’ll just have to hold on for the ride.


Cheers Bluegoose
Time to throw caution to the wind
Good luck this week

Sally M

Magic number this week has increased marginally from 8150 to 8168.

To calculate a breakeven, use the following formula.

Breakeven = ( ( Players salary / Magic Number ) x 3 ) – last two scores

eg. Rueben Garrick = ( ( 893300 / 8168 ) x 3 ) – 169 – 51 = 108


Locking in Lodge to Haas this week.
Not sure what to do with Burton
TU: Munster
TD: Hughes
Comment: Hold


Waiting on TLT for Burton. If he’s in the halves next few weeks I’ll be holding. Will be playing the warriors and broncs


Going to be interesting to see what happens with hubs and families… potential for guys to say they want to stay with their families and not go into a hub. Lucky we’ve all got plenty of trades to deal with it!

CheeKam Schoupp

Who goes for Haas?
TU: Lodge
TD: Luke Thompson
Comment: Dane Laurie or Jack Bird via DPP


Haas won’t play this week, and isn’t a must


I agree, nice to have as a luxury but far from a must have. Before last round his previous 5 scores were 57 or under.


That was before Lodge left and TPJ got suspended

Benny's Jets

any ideas for trades this week gents? 10k ITB

Watson (Brailey)
IPap, Haas (JFH, Leniu)
Crichton, Tohu, CHN (Matto, Curran, Topine)
SJ (Burton)
Walker (Schuster)
Garrick, Hynes, AJ, To’o (Laurie, Marzhew, Suaalii)
Turbo (Gutho)

Never walk alone

If Pappy back
Hynes to Holmes or similar and upgrade burton/shoeie to Hughes


Rumours are that he will start on the bench. If that’s the case I might hold.


what to do with Gutho this week? Already have turbo.
TU – Go early on Pong
TD – move Hynes or AJ down for a week or two and bring in Holmes or Fox?
Comment another option
Thanks for your help


I’d be holding Gutho next two rounds with matchups against Titans and Raiders and going to Ponga in round 20. Also helps that Ponga has relatively harder matchups next two weeks against Melbourne and Roosters




Is Burton a hold with Warriors and Broncs coming up (TU)? Or trade to Hughes (TD)?


nrl.com saying no charges from Sharks/Warriors game. I’m surprised AFB has not been charged after his 2 reports. Happy as an owner though.


That makes two of us. 


I don’t know about you, but i’m nervous about fielding a decent 17 this week so him playing saves me a headache


Oh mate – I’m breathing a million sighs of relief after reading that news! All trades are golden from now on and would’ve been difficult to start replacing dudes straight away! I want to get in Haas, but under normal conditions, not under duress! 😉


Yep, this would’ve forced my hand on going Uto to Haas but I’m not yet convinced on him and want to have another couple of looks first.

Karma Keg

As an NRL fan I had no issue with the high tackle crackdown but I feel we can all agree all we want is consistency. It’s stupid to have a couple week “crackdown” that changed from game to game. Now even the suspensions don’t match what was happening a couple weeks ago.


Yep, they really are all over the shop


now i can trade out jfh over tpj

Kenny Blankenship

Looking to trade TPJ this week. Mainly H2H now with overall out of reach. Opponent has both Haas and AFB. Who is the better target:

TU: Haas

Comment: other? I’ve looked at Taupau as well playing a possibly reserve-grade Dragons


Do you need to trade? TPJ due back round 20. Haas might not back up or will likely play reduced minutes. If you can cover TPJ for another couple of weeks he should be a handy POD for H2H and a trade saved could be crucial come finals.

Kenny Blankenship

I can cover him with IPap and TKO, but I’ve got Schuster and Barnett included in my 17 atm who are far from ideal plays (Schuster possible bench role, Barnett with Frizell back = unplayable) so I guess it depends on team lists at this point. I also don’t trust TPJ to play 80mins on an edge which has been his only positive. If he moves to the Dogs or Tigers does he have the same role?

Last edited 1 year ago by Kenny Blankenship

Fair enough, go with what’s best for your team.

Finals Run

Hey guys, How important is it to have ponga/Paps over teddy for the run home?
Im limited on trades & my other FLB is Turbo

TU: must trade Teddy to Ponga/Paps
TD: Keep teddy for the run home



If you’re limited on trades, I think there’s wisdom in holding Teddy for a few weeks at least. Ponga and Paps both seem so injury prone this year, last thing you can probably afford is a double-trade by having to sell them again due to injury. Same can be said for Turbo. Having the extra trade up your sleeve could end up being a bigger POD move in the last few weeks.


Teddy is still a great option but I’m just not sure he has the same ceiling as the other 2 based on the current Roosters form. I just can’t see him banging out anymore 150+ scores this year. I think he’ll probably average about 80 to finish the season.


imo turbo the only must fullback, who knows about the 2nd one?? we have time to sort that out as pong tough 2 rounds and papi who knows…………walsh goalkicking would be nice im looking at him as 2nd fullback pod

Karma Keg

To be honest we don’t know what capacity Paps will come back. He’s missed a lot of footy and could start from the bench. He could play limited minutes, they really don’t lose much with Hynes there and the Storm are flying so don’t need to rush him. I’m sure Bellamy, knows more then me, but I’d look to ease him back and have him at 100% for the finals. Teddy to Ponga feels sideways, Teddy hasn’t clicked with Walker and they seem to be getting in each other’s road. I don’t see Ponga as a buy vs the Storm… Read more »


Only trade this week
James > Fifita

Leaves me with
BSmith, Bunt
IPap, Taupau, AFB, Moretti
Fifita, Angus, Matto, Tohu, CHN, TPJ
Hughes, SJ
Cody, Gamble
Hynes, To’o, AJ, Ramien, Marzhew, Suaalii, Cini
Turbo, Gutho

My plan is Gutho > Ponga RD20 and then fix my CTR’s by trading Hynes to whoever, plus I was planning to get Haas but not sure if I need him.
Any suggestions much appreciated, after this week 4 trades left, $43,000 itb.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sniper

what happens if to’o does not back up and pappy is back this week and hynes is on the bench


If that happens i trade Hynes and cop an AE for either Bunt or Gamble.


You definitely need Fifita
Curran > Fifita for me.

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