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TU: Mam to Teddy
TD: Angus to Harry Grant via DPP


Garrick still not goal kicking, hopefully he will be soon. Good for dce

The Beer Whisperer

Thanks for the update. Answers my q below.


Going a week early on papi so need to pick one guy to make some cash
Hoeter for quick instant cash maybe stay in squad with cobbo out?
Hosking for more consistent cash earning if he gets more game time, probably off the bench?
10 trades left after using the three this week and need 1 more 2nd rower in ideal scenario.
Cash in whoever I bring in this week, pole, and have burbo Anderson and Tass as options with 75k in the bank.

Temple Guard

Hoeter only playing his second game so don’t get too excited so is Hosking

kegs kings

Hoeter playing 3rd game this week
Will make $100k this week and hope for 1 more game

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Temple Guard

ohhh you are right he did play 2 already


Hoeters 3rd


TU matto to tapaine
TD matto to ola

The Duke

Updates at 5pm for Sharks/Cowboys. Cowboys: Tom Dearden won’t play after his Origin heroics on Wednesday night and is replaced in the run-on side by Ben Hampton. Hampton’s inclusion in the halves alongside Chad Townsend sees Tomas Chester join the bench. Tom Gilbert is set to start in the back row alongside Luciano Leilua, with Connelly Lemuelu moving to the bench.  Sharks: Siosifa Talakai has been replaced on the bench by 20-year-old debutant Jesse Colquhoun after sustaining a shoulder Injury in Wednesday’s Origin decider. Nicho Hynes and Toby Rudolf are set to play after the pair missed last week’s win over the Storm… Read more »


Any clue on talakais Injury? Haven’t heard squat. I wonder if he goes back into forward rotation and they keep Tracey as centre

The Duke

Shoulder injury from Wednesday is the only detail. Which is good. No lost money from him.


After watching Wednesdays game it’s clear that his best position is centre

Bring Back The Bears

Fitzy just said he should be back next week.

kegs kings

Talaki won’t lose cash this week I’m holding now


I’m fortunate enough to be trading to Munster! First trade though (to get the cash) was Ravalawa to Pole – d’ya reckon this is okay, or is Hooters a safer bet? Only got 7 trades before these 2 (will give me 5 this week – just enough to get who I want and to have 2 trades left ‘just in case’!!!). Hope you’re all fine and up for this weekend’s action! 😉


I’m torn. Leaning towards Dfifi at the 11th hour…

TU: Manu
TD: Dfifi
Comment: Garrick


Kennedy to?

TU: Teddy
TD: Hynes


Who would you select as your 4th reserve?

  1. Z.Hosking against Titans
  2. F.Brown against Panthers
Sally M

Squad reductions and changes

Sea Eagles still 1-17, Aloiai & B.Trjobevic remain reserves

Knights: Mann OUT, Fitzgibbon IN (2nd row), Barnett (lock), Saulo OUT, Thompson IN (bench), Randall & Croker remain reserves

The Beer Whisperer

Papy > Mam TU
Kiraz > Garrick TD

Sally M

Note Garrick not expected to goalkick this weekend (source Tim Williams)


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The Beer Whisperer

Sorry all, I did my post not knowing Garrick wasn’t kicking.

Part deux?

TU: Mam > Papy
TD: Jing > Tapine


Makes more sense that you want to trade mam to Papy than the other way around (see your previous post) but I think that trade can wait until next week whereas the sooner you pull the trigger on Jing to Tapine the better.

The Beer Whisperer

Thanks, mate.


Go for the 1 with highest ceiling.


What’s everyone’s bet on whether Murray plays or not?
TU: Plays
TD: Rested


100% not playing


Cartwright called into starting 13 then?


You would expect so after his solid performance last week. I suspect that Arrow may also not play this week which should guarantee Cartwright starts.


Failed hia means no game for 7 days

Sally M

Eels: 1-17, El-Zakhem (18)
Warriors: Fonua-Blake (bench), Pene (prop), Katoa (18)

Sally M

Squad reductions and changes

Titans still 1-17, McIntyre & Isaako remain reserves

Broncos still 1-17, Mariner & Jensen remain reserves


Give ronaldo some ball please, a junk try will be nice


too many glue hands inside him these days … bad enough with Moylan and then GRaham and now Tracey as well … killing us that have him …


Yeh talakai is great for him as he draws in a few defenders that are needed to tackle him. Then he has great hands to get it to ronaldo

Bring Back The Bears

wont be benching McInness again. hes an animal


Hey guys

Im playing H2H,

I VC Papali’i, he scored 81, is it enough to use the loophole, i can drop suaali, my AE would be (F.brown or J.Cartwright)? If not, who would you select as C?

Team list attached


Hosking’s keeping his spot or not?

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