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The Beer Whisperer

At risk of struggling to get in Papy next week, I’m considering the following as it allows me to being in AJ as well.

Arrow > Pole
Kennedy > Latrell
Kiraz > AJ.

Surely AJ & Latrell beat Papy & Kennedy? I’m a bit worried with Hynes out, but Souths with Latrell back & AJ against Newcastle could be anything.

TU: Awesome trades
TD: WTH are you thinking?


AJ is likely to be out this week

Santa Claus

Personally I’d rather Papy and Kennedy. And then lock in Kennedy to Teddy or Latrell in a couple weeks time

Benchy Marshall

Hey legends,

H2H focused with 18 Trades left
Was hoping to just do Graham > Pappy via Garrick this week but unfortunatly 2k short. Thinking of take a punt on Munster > Latrell via Mam & Hynes to fund, punt worth taking with the amount of trades?

Grant – Garlick
Ipap, Haas – Ming, Momo
Ola, Matto, Lolo – Talakai, Tago, Piakura
Cleary – Mam
Brown – Munster
Too, Graham, May, Penisini – Kiraz, Tass, Anderson
Hynes – Garrick


Bring Back The Bears

dude – you’ve got 18 trades. Use them!


He might want to carry some over to next season?


Disappointed he doesn’t have 20 trades left.

Benchy Marshall

I’m top of the comp so there is a method to my hoarding ahah


robson cotter
ipap ming haas molo
kikau crichton talakai lolo tago piakura
cleary hynes
brown mam
may to’o ramien mulitalo kiraz tass anderson
papi garrick
12 trades 150k. Kiraz- Trell locked but no idea what else.
Any advice appreciated

The Beer Whisperer

How much ITB?


150k as stated above.

The Beer Whisperer

That’s why I’m not a detective lol.

The Beer Whisperer

Talakai to cheapie for next week’s trades. Cartwright?

Sharky Pete

Hoping for a keeper. Either of these or neither of them?

TU: Frizell
TD: Ofahengaue


Not overly keen on either, but prefer Frizell (cheaper + 80 minutes).


JoeO is putting up keeper scores


Agreed, I don’t understand the hate personally


Ofa costs $598K and is averaging 61.5. Wait another week and you get Murray for $582K (averaging 71.6). I much prefer Murray for the run home.

Last edited 1 year ago by DCE2011

Agreed, but Murray can wait til Rd 19 for me. I am happy to hold Haas for the same

Sharky Pete

Great suggestion. I was thinking initially of upgrading Angus to Murray but if I get Ofa now, I’d have no spare cash to upgrade. If I get Friz now, I’d have cash to spare, which brings me back to my original question.


Hynes, talakai, matto, Graham, TMM and maybe Aj all out. Lucky Freddy picks Newcastle’s third best forward and left klemmer alone or I would of deleted the app.


Had trades of Graham Kiraz Ming OUT
Matto Joe.O Hosking IN

now that Matto is apparently out I’m thinking,
Graham Kiraz Munster OUT
Papz Joe.O Hosking IN

155k itb 10 trades
Ipap Joe.O-Haas JTB
KK Cheese Hosking-Olak Lolo Ming
Ronaldo Tass Anderson Talakai-May Garrick Burbo

Any other trades I might be missing??? Was looking at Lane instead of Matto and hold Munster or DBrown instead of Papz.

Bring Back The Bears

does anyone know anything about this Hosking fellow?


25 years old, 198cm and 97kg and has been racking up tackles and hit ups over the last few weeks. Apparently is a decent workhorse.

Actually just found actual data on him here.

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TU: Kiraz, E Mam, Talakai OUT, for, Papi, Latrell, Pole
TD: Kiraz, T Martin, OUT for , Papi, Pole(and maybe Taunoa brown for Hosking)


Will have 9 trades after this one:
Was getting C Graham out this week, was tempted to go Cartwright to save $$ then get To’o or should I pull trigger on CTW this week to eliminate another trade.
TU: Cartwright this week TO’o next
TD: Katoa/ronaldo


Thinking for a keeper: Katoa, Johnston, Ronaldo, C Oates


With only 9 trades I would wait and trade Graham to To’o next week (just in case To’o picks up an injury in SOO3).


Kiraz, Talakai, Mam & Hiku > Lane, Pole, Jedwright & Lil Papi

TU – Good Trades
TD – Ofa and Hosking instead of Lane and Pole

Comment: something different


TU: Kiraz, munster, mking to Papi, hosking, pole – Leaves me 485k ITB to go mam straight to Cleary next week (hosking and pole would be my only nuffs for now)

TD: Kiraz and Munster to papi and hosking – leaves me 170k itb and means I’ll need to nuff next week to get Cleary anyway when I could at least cop Pole’s points this week

Last edited 1 year ago by Jarvo13

If overall then TU. If H2H then depends on your opponent’s ‘current’ lineup. Pole worries me as an upcoming AE nightmare so you may well need to cut him loose later. Also MKing is a very safe and secure 3rd FRF (or backup) and with recent injuries could be getting 55+ mins safely which with his PPM (always over 1.0) is nice.


TU Pole (don’t have to trade Talakai)
TD Lee (trade Jurbo instead)

thinking Lee gives me money straight away, where I might have to wait an extra couple of weeks for Pole (who could become an AE)

I have 13 trades left after this, so can trade Pole out or Talakai back in.

Was also thinking of maybe Munster to Latrell, but I don’t think I want him for the run home, I would rather Teddy


TD only as you stated that Lee gives you money straight away so you would be looking at trading out soon, plus you have 13 trades so can squeeze that in.

I agree that I would prefer Teddy over Latrell for the run home!


thanks, still so undecided

Sally M

Sharks: Hynes OUT, Trindall IN (half), Rudolf OUT, Fifita (prop), Hamlin-Uele IN (bench), Colquhoun (18)
Storm: 1-17, Nikorima (18)


Thanks Sally – a lot of us can all breathe a sigh of relief that Anderson held spot.


After last week’s display I am surprised that Nikorima was only dropped to 18 – I would have thought he should be the 81st option. Storm will be praying that they don’t pick up an injury as a result of foul play and be forced to give him a run (might be better playing a man short).


LOL so damn true, is why I was quietly confident that Anderson would play.


Hey guys, what’s the team changes needed please?

17 trades, 2 boosts $63k itb

Grant Robson
Ipap lolo haas mking
Olak Crichton Talakai tago peoples momoisea
Cleary mam
Walker wishart
Garrick may lomax too tupou Tass Kiraz
Manu hynes


Santa Claus

Get Pappy and/or Latrell.

Kiraz, Talakai, Tupou and Ming are potential trade outs.

Will need to bring in 2 of Cartwright, Hosking and Pole


Round 17 chat is up and it is Paps vs The Banner. Who will come out on top?


Well BE is 106 and I think the rule of thumb for bettering is 35 pts right and thus 71pts? I can’t see Paps getting anything less than 100 so I think the banner might be banned (yes I did) this week.


Use my last trade boost to bring Pole in for Momoisea.
This will leave me with 9 trades for the run home.

TU – Pole
TD – Hold

Temple Guard

Do you need them extra 15 points… I wouldn’t waste my boost on him


TU- Latrell

TD – AJ???

Last edited 1 year ago by TigerHead

AJ is injured

1 8 9 10