North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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With Turbo not playing another game till Origin 2 any chance he gets dropped and Blues go for Critta/Trell in the centers?

Would be tempted to hold him then as a POD for 16


I think about 50/50 but they won’t drop him, they may rest him.

They also could give him a fitness test to decide.

I still think there is something wrong with him so 3 weeks off may be enough to put him back together again.

His numbers in Origin 1 were good he was just poor to the eye.


something wrong with him? he score 165 in his last super coach game. I wish there was something wrong with all my players


I can see a world where all 3 play, highly unlikely they drop Tom. Maybe Critta goes back to the bench utility role? Cambell Graham should be there though too.


imo chricton no certainty for soo2


Anyone else going early on Koloamatangi this week? Thinking most won’t jump on, two golden matchups against Titans and Dragons, even if he makes Origin will probably back up in Round 17 against the Cowboys.

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Think Koala is at very long odds for Origin this year.


That would be nice, obviously would have to have good R16 coverage to get by but he might be a key number in 17 when the Nikoras, Batemans, Papaliis etc have the bye.

The Pretender

Already got him, didn’t show much chop first game back. I would prefer Nikora/Bateman this week and moving forward, but hes a nice pod.


Who is better buy for CTW spot probably have to hold rest of season only H to H
TU. Kiraz
T D. Talakai


Going Talakai mainly due to the injury concerns around Kiraz, the exception would be if you already have a Mulitalo/Kennedy, Kiraz might be better to avoid being too reliant on the Sharks. Kiraz also has a bye in the first week of h2h finals.


TU: Bateman
TD: E Katoa

Lil Papi

Turbo to Bula and I Katoa to E Katoa, no brainer?


Massive upgrade of Katoas mate and with the number of games that he will miss over the next 6 weeks it is time for Turbo to go.

Lil Papi

Thanks man yep needed to keep a Katoa around but this one is better haha


Hi Guys,

Playing H2H, ITB $9,200

I need to sell Latrell and Croker; selling these two players opens up many positions via dual players. I will be able to purchase from the following positions: fullback, CTW, 2nd Row or Front row


Just trade Latrell & leave Croker for next week,
straight swap: Latrell > Dylan which takes up all the money

What would you do in my position? I have attached my team list

The Pretender

You need to hold Latrell if you are H2H. There is no world that I can see him being a trade unless you are outside the 8.

I would be looking at Croker and Gosiewski out, to a cheapie and a keeper.


If I Keep Latrell & sell Goswieski instead & Croker, I can only buy the following.

Keeper: Tahu Harris
Cheapie: Blake Wilson

Leaves me with $14intb after the trade

Lil Papi

Hey man good team! I think your 2RF needs some beefing up. I’d be looking at Nikora, Koloamatangi or Katoa. Season long keepers imo who can go big in H2H matches

Croker to E Katoa and Latrell to Isaako might sneak in the budget. Or Kiraz if you want to pair with a Nikora type. Personally hesitant with Kiraz cos of the injury


Thank You


H2h only. Need a backup hooker as Soni Luke not cutting it and Harry might sit out this week.

To fund the trade – TU sell Val, TD sell Walsh, Comment sell Teddy.

The Pretender

If I was H2H, in a bye week like this, I would just run Luke. Don’t force a trade to cover a week. Have a clear plan to do it.

On top of that, I wouldnt be selling any of those 3 as I think theyre all keepers to do it. Teddy maybe.


23 Trades – 139k itb

H2H player and I only have 16 playing this week (Incl VTW) 🙁

Do I trade to cover for 17 or keep the extra trades.

Thinking of possibly Walsh + IKat + Paseka > Bula + Kiraz + Nikora


The Pretender

Hold trades, esp Walsh and Paseka who are keepers or borderline keepers.


Wanted to go Ale > Bateman but 5k short. Is Walsh a hold though. I saw he still isn’t cleared to play this week if so he plays next week vs knights, assume he misses r17 also like after SOO 1, plays r18 then next game r20. Idk seems borderline.

Also selling Paseka allows for locked in 2rf of Nikora, Ekat, DFif and preston. FRF of Tohu + JDB with Edwards as FRF 3

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The Pretender

I heard hes in. Only Cobbo would miss.


Stilesy a few hours back said TSailor is travelling as cover and they are still assessing Walsh.

The Pretender

Makes more sense – I still like Walsh as a H2H hold, but if you dont see him as a keeper, I get the moves.


Tom Ale also now playing. A lot to think about. Somehow need a CTW upgrade


Hey all. First trade turbo-> Bula.
Second trade is Croker -> 670k to spend. Thinking of
E katoa

Thoughts on best option?

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I think I have to cull croker this week to free up funds for coming weeks.
Is Wilson from dogs a decent option? Thinking perhaps just because he’s bottom dollar and may play this week?
Any particular better options?
I have peachey in 2fr so can be forward too.

The Pretender

He is, assuming the Kiraz news is legitimate.

Chiefs luck

What is the news on Kiraz??

The Pretender

I don’t want to go spruiking poor quality info on here, so better that you wait for legitimate confirmation, but its going around that he has an elbow tendon injury.

Chiefs luck

Thanks mate. Have to wait and see!


C and VC options this week?
Currently VC Manu & C Cleary

The Pretender

Not a bad option. I like Hynes, personally – he has to sniff a potential shot at a role at 6.


Would love to C Cleary but not confident he won’t be rested and being last game would be stuffed if he is. Unless you have a good VC of course


If Kiraz is injured which shark to bring in?

TU Talakai
TD S Katoa

Already have Muli. Comment any other good shouts in similar price range. Cheers!

The Pretender

Katoa cheaper. I dont mind the Tigers boys but I like Katoa more.


Gday all – am still in mourning after Origin and the injuries to all 3 Trbojevic bros, but life goes on!
Just wondering if IKat + Ford back to Hynes (+ a cheapie under 314k like Richie Kennar) can be justified? Whattayareckon?

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The Pretender

I dont think now is the time to get Hynes. Wait 2 weeks and see if Hynes is picked for Game 2.


Okay mate!Thanks.


Hey guys, just to clarify, if I have Croker traded out to Kiraz currently and the Raiders play tonight, am I then able to swap Kiraz, if injured, to another player who hasn’t played yet or am I locked with Kiraz? Cheers everyone

The Pretender

Yes, you can trade Kiraz on to someone else, but not back to Croker.

Chiefs luck

Does it cost a trade?


Only the original trade. Doesn’t cost an extra one

Chiefs luck

Wow did not know this! Thanks a heap


Thanks pretender and Sonny!

SC Rookie

Croker to E katoa worth my last boost? Other trades are turbo to Meaney and keppie to saulo to generate cash. The boost gives me a playable 17 instead of playing soni luke/saulo and a potential keeper in katoa. Just worried about too many trades

TU: boost
TD save the boost

Afro Monkey

Double trade week this week. Settled on Ford to Bateman, still undecided on my 2nd trade.

TU – AKP to Kiraz
TD – Mahoney to Robson


TU Bula
TD Talakai


H2h player $5.6k ITB

Grant, Luke,
Haas, Tohu, Tapine, edwards
Nikora, Fifita, ford,peach, gosiewski, schu
Hynes, cleary
Kodi, brown
To’o, Ronaldo, Smith, Turuva, Garrick, Marzhew, eisenhuth
Bula turbo

Trading out
turbo and gosieski

Thumbs up-
Kiraz and Aj

Thumbs down
Issako + Saulo

Kiraz + E.Katoa
Or other suggestions


Thoughts on keeping Ford and going Keppie > Horsbrough and Turbo > Nikora via duals

Or should upgrade Ford or elsewhere ?

TU: Trades:
TD: Ford needs to go

Strongest team would be 20 trades/20k in bank

Grant Mahoney*
Haas Harris (Edwards Afoa)
Fifita Nikora Hopgood Horsbrough* (Ford Schuster)
Hynes Cleary*
D Brown (Olapu)
Marzhew Isaako Mulitalo Manu (B Smith Dunster Howarth)
Garrick Bula*


I think Ford is a trade out but if you can keep him this week and make the other two trades without selling Ford i dont see the harm in giving Ford another week to see how the minutes play out.


When Martin gets back into the starting lineup, who do you reckon gets moved to the bench, Sorensen or Hosking? Sorensen has looked better recently