North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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TU: Gutho > Bula
I Katoa > CNK

TD: think again


What if instead of Katoa> CNK, I do Hosking > Nikora?

The Pretender

Dont mind it, though Hosking probably plays bigger minutes through origin.


In need of a 5/8 with Brown and Schuster out. Thoughts on Burton? Only concern is that he wont play the next bye rounds if someone in the NSW squad gets injured and he gets the call up.

The Pretender

I like Burton personally, great pod.


Wasn’t he named 18th man after Latrell injury?
Should still be available for weekends rounds though.

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Yeh he should still play this round, only concern was that because of that he might miss the next two bye rounds if he is named 18th man again.


He was actually 20th man to start with, been 2 pull out already


What happened to Schuster?

Santa Claus

On the bye




Was thinking Manu would be back at centre when Walker gets back and wont be putting up as good scores


Any reason why so many jumping off gutho? Plays the bulldogs next week and a depleted manly side during the big rd16 bye week the week after.


I imagine it might be to do with fielding 17 players this week if some of the Origin stars don’t back up

The Pretender

Crazy, I agree. Also plays 19 !


Imagining it is people with Latrell and Gutho combo at FB?


Do you think Talakai is a keeper
Avg 63.9 for season and great draw and only misses one more game


currently injured


Yes but I think he is back this week

The Pretender

We will see at 4pm, but I think he will play too. Nice POD !

Sally M

For those trying tp plan ahead – early mail (source sportingnews.com) Tigers team news: Api Koroisau is unlikely to back up from Origin, which will see Jake Simpkin come into the starting lineup at hooker and Rua Ngatikaura join the bench. Raiders team news: Corey Harawira-Naera will be sidelined indefinitely after a scary incident against the Rabbitohs. Hudson Young will return from Origin duties in the back-row. Jarrod Croker will be rested in order to play his 300th game at GIO Stadium the following round, which will likely see Nick Cotric shift to centre and Hohepa Puru join the bench. Seb Kris… Read more »


Having 17 players this round will be gold.

Joe Locke

Thanks for the post Sally!

Not sure where sportingnews get their early sources from but just to warn everyone that most of the above are complete opposites to the official team lists. So make sure you check the actual current team lists and not go as per above.

Wallah Hezbula

Remaining: 494K

Cook, Kodi
Tapine, Tohu, Edwards, Greig
DFifi, Wilton, Hosking, Ford, Hopgood, Schuster
Hynes, Cleary
Calker, DylBags
Garrick, Manu, AJ, Hammer, Turuva, BSmith, Howarth
Turbo, Bula

Thinking of holding trades but may lock in Schuster & Hammer > EKatoa (if named) & Kiraz

TU: Pull the trigger
TD: Hold trades
Comment: Bring in someone else


Schuster still has cash to be made


Downgrade City. Population: these trades


Hold off a week see what Kiraz does. Hasn’t been brilliant. If you held Shuster this long earned his dollars


My Team pre trades.

Scoring 17

Cook, Grant
Tapine, Tohu, TPJ
Fifita, Hosking, Peachey, Ford, BMM
Isaako, AJ, Turuva, Smith


Marzhew, Garrick, Croker

Thoughts on trades?
Croker-> Kiraz?


Which trade option ?

TU: J Ford/I Katoa to S Fainu/C Walker
TD: J Ford/I Katoa to J Bateman/J Bula

the mechanic

Sivo to Talakai too sideways?


Who comes in for Ford?

TU: Koloamatangi
TD: Tapine

Silky Smooth

why sell ford, his named … kolo has 130 BE


He got hooked last week. May be a luxury trade though


Howdy All, how can I find out how much Guthos price will fall for round 15. His break even was 134 in round 13 and he scored 81 but with the bye this week I cant get his current break even…Thanks.


BE looks to be 56 against Bullies in Round 15. Off SC Plus. Don’t know how correct it is if the BE was 134 last week.


Yep, BE is currently 56 but will probably fluctuate a little before 15 pending what the magic number does.


Ok thanks mate.


Cheers Mate

the mechanic

His Be will be 119 for rd 15 if that helps

the mechanic

Sorry I miscalculated but if the magic number is around 9500 as it was last week it should be 100

651000/9500 = 68.52
68.52 x 3 = 206
206 – 25 – 81
Be = 100


Ok, thanks a lot..i forgot about that magic number bisso….thanks again and all the best.


I’ve never really taken the time to understand how the magic number works but SuperCoach Plus has his BE at 56 for round 15.

the mechanic

The sc plus one seems like a glitch as he still has the 25 in his rolling ave which would make 50 odd be pretty low


21 trades 2 boosts
Is schuster a sell if it means getting a keeper

TU latrell , ikatoa couchman
Bula, kiraz, Bateman or 2rf frf ctw 5/8 for 605k or less

TD latrell katoa schuster
Bula kiraz and either talakai Burton or anoyone else for 665k or less


Best trade in for Val Holmes?


A couple of Sharks backs, Kiraz, To’a a good POD if u think Wests can keep it up




So I have Gutho & Turbo as my FBs and I knew this week was coming. One of them probably has to go. Which one?

TU Gutho
TD Turbo

Or I just run this week without a fullback…

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If you have a strong 17 players without those two I’d be inclined to hold both. Gutho still has a great draw ahead with the added bonus of playing the next 2 byes. Turbo with a low be and potentially could get back to his best and might become unattainable.


Free look at the loop

Lil Papi

Ford to:

TU Nikora (79 BE)
TD Katoa (3 BE, but return from injury a slight concern)


I want to bring in e katoa but I can’t find any information about his injury. They play late in the round too and warriors play first game sat arvo so the 24 hour team lists won’t be out yet either….

Lil Papi

Yep it seems risky hey. Late in the round is the killer


Need a ctw for this week and hopefully is one I can keep
Only enough for players like Manu. Talakai kiraz
So which one would be best
Thoughts please


Manu is the best out of the three Especially playing 5/8th. Even if manu eventually moves back to centres I’d probably still have him infront of the other two.

Temple Guard

Are We All believing in the TLT prior to the SoO game… I feel smoke and mirrors… Thanks Strokesy 😉

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Salty Former Owner

Does it matter?

What’s killing me is the need to wait until probably Friday before even pencilling in my trades.

What I know is that I desperately need D Fifita to play. If he doesn’t, I’ll have the weakest SR in Supercoach history.

Colossal Von Crumpet

Happy to live in TLT bliss. Then enjoy the escalating panic of the 24 and 1 hour cuts!

Bring Back The Bears

FRF/2RF nuff
Anyone know anything about Villiami Fifita or Miles Martin?
I’ve heard Fifitas name around the traps but never Martin
Anyone have some info on which best to use as first Nuff?
Thanks in advance


Anyone been keeping a close eye on Okunbor? Starting 2RF spot (temporary?) and DPP. Might be worth a few weeks with -21BE?


I think he played a lot of back row coming up as a kid. If You’ve watched his defensive reads, he is not a winger. He has been very solid in the back row, but I think there are minutes risk as other guys come back from injury


Be surprised if he even starts this week. That team list is a mess. I’d say Edwards starts at lock, waddell and preston second row, Sutton to bench if tpj comes in.

Add to that rfm, Thompson and patolo all not far away from returns, then kikau.


Need help with trades I think the boost is necessary this week

Grant / Mahoney

JDB Tapine / Wiremu Edwards

Fifita Young Preston / TPJ Schuster nuff

Cleary / Hynes

Cody / Katoa

Manu holmes AJ Garrick / Smith nuff nuff

Turbo / Gutho

Any suggestions lads?