North Queenslander born and bred, Justin is also very much a Cowboys tragic. Rumours have it that his first born son will be named Thurston.

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Head to head only
Thoughts on
I Katoa to Cody Walker

To fund it
TU Latrell to meaney
(with intention to move him to ctw and bring latrell back later)?

I’m just short on Kennedy instead of meaney or

TD m Croker to duel nuff and hold latrell for a few weeks

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The Pretender

Definitely better nuffing guys and holding guns if H2H only.


I’m already holding matterson, so to hold latrell is a lot of cash sidelined, I’m hoping to stay in top 4 of league as long as possible and hold them.

I saw something that latrell will
Only play like 2 of the next 6 weeks which has me worried,


“Only play like 2 of the next 6 weeks which has me worried”

s one of the plays R15 against St George ? IF he is going to play that one it could be a good one to still have him. If the numbers are right he would play 1 or the next 5 and I doubt that. Is he out for R15 ? Saying TBC so still a guess.

Suspect everyone will sell so should not hurt us too much.


source: http://www.bulldogs.com.au
Jacob Kiraz is in doubt for the weekends’ match against the Roosters at Industree Stadium Gosford, after he injured himself during training earlier this week.
Kiraz hyperextended his elbow at training but is yet to be ruled out from the Round 14 fixture. Head Coach Cameron Ciraldo will give him until Captain’s Run tomorrow before making a final decision on the side to take the field Sunday afternoon.


Reverse that trade people!


TU- Edwards and Coates (+100K)


TD- Will Kennedy and Kiraz

Thanks everyone


Talks on the Manly forums that the club is trying to get Turbo back for Dolphins game. Needs to pass certain criteria. Not sure how legit this is or even if it’s possible but some food for thought.

Currently i’m trading out.

Lil Papi

Yeah he may end up playing, I thought CNK and Katoa wouldn’t the other week with their 11 day stand downs but seems to be ways around it. Also trading for what it’s worth

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Really tempted to hold but just misses too much footy and the extra number this week is needed!

Lil Papi

Agreed. If he comes out and scores 100 v the dolphins he’d make like 100k. That’d suck haha


Yes but that was on day 11 this is about day 9.

Was it really a grade 1 – I missed it. I also only traded because he was missing both games.

Lil Papi

Yeah the commentators said grade 1 and all reports are saying he is “set to miss” cos of it


Hi everyone
Have SuperCoach plus. when I optimise team I can move ponga to full back and and centres to second row etc.. is there a way to do this myself? as when I push swap can only swap one player not multiple at a time?
Am on the phone do I need to be using computer?

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Thanks for the down vote lol
just asking a question as I want to move ponga and players back up and around after this round if possible without having to rely on the optimise team if it dosnt work.
Thanks for any help!


Personally, I find laptop / desktop much easier for major changes. 🙂


Thanks mate, just tried on laptop, I don’t think it’s possible without the optimise team does anyone know if this is correct?

Never walk alone

All works fine on the app


Sorry this is getting long winded and doing my head in!
So currently have ponga 5/8
Schuster 2rf
Cnk fb
Williame CTW
Optimise I can get ponga to fb
Schuster to 5/8
Williame yo 2rf
Cnk to CTW

Myself I can only do a straight swap ie via duals not multiple what am I missing?
Sorry to be a pain!


If I understand you correctly, I believe the only way to do this is manually via trade.

Trade Ponga out for a cheap 5/8. Finalise Trades
Trade ponga in for CNK. Finalise Trades
Trade CNK in for Williame. Finalise Trades
Trade Williame in for Schuster. Finalise Trades
Trade Schuster in for cheap 5/8. Finalise Trades

After this should net out as 0 trades but you will have rotated

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Yep that does it! Thanks legend been playing the game for years and now have only just figured this out! Haha


WOW. Impressed.


I think all he means by the down arrow is “no” It’s probably not meant to be critical.


I have had problems seeing how to do it to change trades but it is fine if you reverse trades and do it from scratch. But be careful to reset on field off field and “C” etc.

(Note: the problem was different to what I pictured).

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Cheers, trying to figure it out again next week will be fun! Haha


I added the process to my one note NRL supercoach section as a reference. My memory sucks.


Locked in.
Turbo out for Bula
Croker out for Talaki
Only 19 trades left for the season.
Must hold for next week and then will only need 2 more for a full team R16.
Best of luck everyone! every trade counts now!


Little bit stuck on trades this week:

JMK (Luke)
Haas, Tapine (Uto, Pele)
Fifi, Tohu, Preston (Hopgood, Schuster, Williame)
Cleary (Hynes)
Walker (Brown)
Meaney, AJ, Turuva, Smith (Garrick, Marzhew, Croker)
Bula (Gutho)

Was gonna do Croker > Kiraz but not sure whether to with the injury cloud, but no other <$495K CTW seems attractive

Any suggestions?

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Never walk alone

Gutho to Kennedy?


Kinda feels sideways?

Never walk alone

While only 5 points diff in averages, sharks have 2 less byes to go




Hi all. Who’s better for the run home?Tino, tapine, nikora. Playing overall. Selling ford. Already have dfaf, Harris, hosk, presto, shus. Cheers, best of


Nikora. Plays both byes while Tino is in origin. Tapine doesn’t have the upside of the other two.


Tapine, Nikora,tino

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With that titans bench I’m expecting Fifita to play 80.

Anyone got any info on E Katoa?

The Pretender

Klese Haas is an edge and will give him a rest.


5/8’s are: Brown and I.Katoa
CTW’s are: Manu Johnston Meaney Isaako Marzhew Turuva B.Smith

What is the better trade to create cash?

TU- I.Katoa to Oloapu
TD- I.Katoa to Wilson via Manu


Wilson might not get another game at all if he doesn’t get on this week


Jmk grant
Tino tapine baby Tino moale
Carrigan Fifita Preston peachey williame howarth
Hynes Cleary
Munster katoa
Issako marzhew Garrick Talakai turuva croker smith
Miller turbo

Have milller to Bula locked in to create the cash.

Using a boosts

TU turbo to Kiraz via Issako, Croker to nikora via williame
TD turbo to nofo via Issako, peachey to Bateman



Really stuck on my last trade Ola or Ford to Bateman, Katoa or Nikora any help would be appreciated


My order would be Nikora, Bateman, Katoa. Ola first to go because at least Ford gives you an extra player this week.

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Scott Minto GOAT

Now that Kiraz is out what are you thoughts on these trades for a h2h player:

TU) IKatoa to Mariner via manu and Ford to Nikora.

TD) Ikatoa to a dual nuff via manu and ford to nikora


Didn’t the article say thay would decide tomorrow ? Or am I still behind.

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Croker – Kiraz. I could make the Trade anyway – surely if Kiraz is out it is an easy swap to Blake Wilson who you would think has to play if Croker doesn’t ? Alternate would be to trade to S To’a, Nofo or S Katoa. Toa should make money and be an easy step to Manu in a few weeks? Nofo better pedigree and S Katoa has been up and down also want these guys for the bye rounds where Nico does not play. Could save the trade and keep Croker for next week also has some appeal but it… Read more »


Playing H2H, I bought Harris as my first trade,
tossing between the following players as a keeper

John Bateman or Eliesa Katoa

Both playing 80min

Thank You

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Both have more to offer IMO. I’ve gone EKatoa but Bateman is definitely a watch


I’m Glad I went with Bateman,

I have Bateman, Bula & Tapine in my team.. Last night was a great night


Was planning to go Turbo > Kiraz but now he is under an injury cloud. Thoughts?


$7k itb, 23 trades, 2 boosts.

Was thinking something like Turbo > Bula instead of Kiraz


Thanks temple guard figured it out with some help! have to finalise trades etc and swap players back in. Thanks everyone!
As you were lol


Trying to find a good FRF nuff. Is Jesse Colquhoun any risk of playing? He is dual position otherwise a safer FRF?


V Fifita?


V.Fifita. Handy for the loop as drags have a few later games


Currently have 17 players this week and torn on what to do with Croker playing first game of the round

TU: Hold trades and ride the 17
TD: Croker to Okunbor for a back up plan and cash grab over next few weeks


Now Kiraz is in doubt, what are people’s thoughts on DWZ as a trade in for Turbo?
TU Trade DWZ
TD look elsewhere